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Sifu Cordova's Phoenix Summer Camp Breaks Attendance Records!

Fifty-five people gathered at the Renaissance Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona to celebrate the art of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas. Sifu Edgar Cordova and his beautiful wife, Maggie, hosted the teaching team of Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus for this premier event. The event was the pinnacle Camp due in large part to the team work by Modern Arnis instructors, including: Guro Chester Brown, Guro Kevin McManus, Master Chris Mitter, Guro Fred Wegner, Guro Mateo Merrell, Guro Roberto Yroz, Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro Marcia Gobeil, Sensei Steve Liegghio, Sensei Dean Romanelli and Guro Daniel Khalil. These Modern Arnis black belt instructors devoted their time and energies selflessly to create an atmosphere unparalleled.

The accommodations for the Arizona Modern Arnis Camp were incredible. The training hall was spacious; the lodging clean and elegant, and the poolside gatherings were warm and friendly. Sifu and Mrs. Cordova saw to our every need. All we had to do was show up and train; and that is just what we did. The Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team (D.A.M.A.T) was well represented by Sensei Steve Liegghio, Sensei Dean Romanelli, Guro Daniel Khalil, Master Bill Barker, Mr. John Perpendicular Doss, Neal Rifkin and Dr. Keith Khalil. Nava-Sticks from New Mexico also had a large contingent at the including Guro Chester Brown, Vangee Nez, Louie Velazquez Jr., Louie Velazquez III and Gabriel Velazquez. Michael Burch was accompanied by his team, including: Sensei Marlene Harris, Sensei Jeff Harris, Sensei Jerri Shaw, Bryce Field and Jun Saguid. Sensei Jonathan Shapero and Adam Marcus traveled from Pennsylvania while Claudia Perez, Noel Villarreal and Elma Rose Campbell came in from Texas.

At the training sessions, Nick Simmons, Evan Ronnerud and Bryce Field developed skills quickly under the tutelage of Sensei Keith Packard and Jeremy Lobdell. A.J. Puedan and William Chafoya’s advancement was rapid with the able assistance of several instructors including Robin Etheridge from England. Victor Ktorkis, also from England, assisted many students throughout training having a dramatic impact on Ms. Elma Rose Campbell. Dennis Estrada and David Rodrigues worked the fine points of all the techniques together while Guro Marcia Gobeil dedicated her Camp to those newer to our Art. Maggie Cordova, affectionately referred to as “Mrs. Sifu”, enjoyed the tutelage of Sensei Jerri Bruno and Dr. Keith Khalil. Jorge Molina and Arthur Soto displayed incredible skill, a credit to their instructor, Sifu Cordova. Don Nelson and Bill Jarding worked diligently with the help of many of the instructors on the floor. Sensei Jerry Shaw dedicated much of his time to Sergio Cordova from Mexico. This was a genuine “TEAM” event.

Grandmaster Delaney emphasized foot work throughout this Camp. His delivery and expertise was appreciated by experienced, advanced students as well as the first time martial artists. His light hearted presentation and sincere love for Modern Arnis created an optimal learning environment for all. He and I alternated teaching sessions maintaining a high level of energy and productivity. Basic curriculum was covered throughout Camp with emphasis on proper alignment and technique. But the main emphasis of the entire Camp was UNITY, purpose and fun!

Grandmaster Delaney, Sifu Cordova, Guro Brown and I delineated the responsibilities of people in leadership positions within the organization; defining the ultimate goal for the IMAF with first consideration to the people. Sifu Cordova explained that in our organization we will maintain the highest standards of respect for others and develop leaders who are patient, kind and devoted to the serving the students.

The Arizona Camp was productive, warm and friendly. It was incredible to watch students flourish under the guidance of our instructors. Sunday’s test was proof of the quality of teaching at the event by IMAF team instructors. Kevin McManus tested for and earned his promotion to Lakan Dalawa; Master Chris Mitter, Guro Fred Wegner, Guro Mateo Merrell and Guro Roberto Yroz earned their Lakan Isa while Sensei Stephen Liegghio, Sensei Dean Romanelli, Mr. Daniel Khalil, Mr. Robin Etheridge and Mr. Victor Ktorkis earned their rank of Lakan. Congratulations to you all and welcome to the leadership team.

At an emotional closing ceremony, Grandmaster Delaney thanked the host and all the IMAF instructors and participants. It was an unforgettable event.

Camp Chronicles are written by Professor Lisa McManus. If you have questions or comments, please contact the her at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Cromwell Camp Produces Six New Black Belts!

Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, Professor Lisa McManus and Sifu Edgar Cordova along with their team of New England Modern Arnis Instructors assembled in Cromwell, Connecticut to deliver yet another superior Modern Arnis event. Hosted by Sensei Frank and Sifu Debbie Shekosky, the Camp enabled 21 veteran Modern Arnis players and 5 newcomers.

Grandmaster Delaney presentation of right on right tapi-tapi was perhaps the most skillful and deliberate teaching of his career. Students were performing the 7-6-12 drill and disarms from that drill with smooth, efficient movements by the end of Camp. Grandmaster Delaney also presented Professor Presas’ knife drill, disarms and many other techniques that form the foundation of Modern Arnis. Newcomers were enabled by the large number of veteran instructors on the floor including: Sensei Dave Quinlan, Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro Mike Antunes, Guro John Connors, Guro Alan Rawson and Guro Brian Hubbard. Professor McManus presented palis-palis, Abanico Corto and a cane comfort drill that was developed to assist newer students utilizing the cane with the left hand as well as the right. Guro Connors assisted throughout awing students with his Ukemi skills. Sifu Cordova spent his time working with the students individually. His ability to adapt to the learning style of each individual was commented upon and his patient teaching very much appreciated. Sensei Shekosky taught a flow drill with disarms with an assist from Jimmy Navarro and Darcy Richardson.

This Camp was one of the most purposeful I’ve ever attended. Clearly, the leadership team has had a large impact on the up and coming leaders as the entire group was kept on task and with the instructor no matter the level of the student. Advanced students provided guidance and patient instruction; therefore, the newer students were never left to flounder.

The board of directors of the IMAF under the direction of Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney is pleased to congratulate Sensei David Quinlan who earned his 2nd degree black belt; Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro Michael Antunes and Guro John Connors who earned their 1st degree black belts, and to Guro Alan Rawson and Guro Brian Hubbard who earned their probationary black belts. Each of these individuals demonstrated skill and power during their black belt tests; however, the most noteworthy accomplishment was the way they united to make camp successful for all in attendance. These people have really distinguished themselves as leaders. Well done Modern Arnis Team!

Camp Chronicles was written by Lisa McManus. If you have questions or comments, please contact the author at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Modern Arnis Embraced in the Pocono Mountains

Kathi, Frank and Trevor Tasetano hosted their Annual World Karate Union Hall of Fame Banquet and Awards Ceremony at the magnificent Chateau in the Pocono Mountains at Camelback. Modern Arnis was well represented with Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, Professor Lisa McManus, Guro Kevin McManus and the team of Karate 5 from Tennessee: Master Willie Wilson, Master Melbert Lee, Sensei Daryl Cox and Instructor Melbert Lee Jr.

Saturday, June, 28th, 2003 began with Grandmaster Delaney’s seminar on disarming techniques followed by Karate 5’s cross training seminar that incorporated their styles with Modern Arnis. Students delighted to work Modern Arnis techniques taught by the Grandmaster and the cross training presented by Master Wilson and Instructor Lee. Karate 5’s entire team spent most of their weekend enabling students on the floor throughout the seminar events. Grandmaster Delaney, Professor McManus and Guro McManus inspired the masses with their delivery of Modern Arnis. Other exciting seminars were presented by Grandmaster Fusei Kise and Shihan Greg Lazerus; Neal Schiesske of Koreja Do Christian Martial Arts Association, Shihan Maurice Moore, and Master George Bierman.

The WKU banquet that evening was a gala event with Master Melbert Lee Sir’s induction to the Hall of Fame for his “Golden Lifetime Achievement Award of Honor”. Additionally, Professor McManus was recognized by WKU as a distinguished leader and elected to the Board of Directors. Later that evening, Grandmaster Delaney was presented an award from IMAF members for “Martial Arts Leader 2003”. Other awards given were to Master Willie Wilson and the Karate 5 as “Martial Arts Leadership Team 2003” for leading by example; and “Master Instructor of the Year” for Professor McManus.

Sunday morning found Grandmaster Delaney, Professor McManus, Guro McManus and the Karate 5 team poolside conducting training for a group from Connecticut. The entire weekend was filled with camaraderie and the true spirit of Martial Arts, sharing and concern for others. “We do not come to compete with one another; we come to complete each other.” Bravo Modern Arnis Team!

New England Hospitality and Great Training

What could be better than training with a great instructor at a great school with great people? Not much. Saturday, May 31, 2003, Sensei Joe Sherwood and Mrs. Denise Sherwood, owners of MLK Self Defense Academy hosted Professor Lisa McManus for another excellent seminar. Professor McManus invited me and Mr. Rawson to come along to assist in her seminar at MLK. She told us that the people there are wonderful to work with and true martial artists in ever sense of the word. Her comments were confirmed during her seminar at which I had the honor of assisting her along with Sensei Sherwood, Mr. Rawson, Shihan Mark McPherson, Paul Boucher and Tracey LeFrancois.

Professor McManus covered a variety of techniques including block, check, counter with follow-ups, redonda, and the basic disarms with advanced takedowns from Filipino Dumog. Those of you who have studied with Professor McManus before know her for her hard work ethic, patience and preparedness. This seminar was no exception. She began training in the parking lot prior to the seminar!. During the seminar she tied techniques together and demonstrated the flow-several times on Sensei Sherwood and Shihan McPherson who became close friends with the mat! (A wonderful mat that covers the entire training area of Sensei Sherwood's great school.) People are always surprised to see her take big guys down so quickly and without effort. Mrs. Kazakis said it was incredible to see her in action and cheered for more. Professor McManus politely obliged.

Tracey LeFrancois and Paul Boucher trained many of the advanced techniques that they have been working on since the last seminar they attended. "I worked with Tracey at the last seminar, reported Mr. Rawson, she learns fast." Michelle Sherwood and Brandon Sherwood had a great time developing cane comfort while Dan Sherwood and Mario Trinidad renewed their excitement for Modern Arnis. Amanda Kazakis, one of Sensei Sherwood's Modern Arnis students, and her brother Joshua had plenty of assistance during their training. Amanda's efforts were well rewarded and recognized when she and Shihan McPherson demonstrated a disarm drill for the class. Joshua Kazakis also got to demonstrate a drill for the group guided by the Professor herself. It was great to see how readily these kids took to training and clear that the level of instruction was the reason. In years of training with Professor McManus I've come to know the calibre of people she surrounds herself with; people like Sensei and Mrs. Sherwood, Shihan McPherson and Mr. Rawson. People who truly invest themselves in the students on the floor which I think is a direct result of her leadership.

Sensei Ken Woodside and Sensei Steven Robillard attended their first Modern Arnis seminar driving up from Leominster, Massachusetts. They both said that they enjoyed the seminar and were looking forward to future events. Sensei Mike Marston, despite his battle with Leukemia, showed his support and assisted many of the younger people at the seminar. Under his tutelage, Michelle Sherwood and Amanda Kazakis covered a great deal of material.

"It is a privilege for me to lead so many incredible martial artists. I'd like to express my thanks to Sensei Sherwood for his commitment to our team and hosting our events. I'd like to thank Sensei Bruno, my most senior black belt student, for all her contributions. And special thanks again to Sensei Sherwood, Shihan McPherson, Mr. Rawson, Mr. Boucher and Ms. LeFrancois for leading the seminar teams to success. Their contributions make each event a success story," said Professor McManus at the close of the seminar.

Sensei Sherwood will be hosting Professor McManus again on June 20, 2003 and for his first mini-Camp September 19th and 20th in Manchester, New Hampshire. See www.professorpresas.com for more details.

Seminar Shorts was written by Sensei Jerri Bruno of Newport, New Hampshire.

Dawud Muhammad Host Exciting Seminar in Philadelphia!

On Sunday, May 18, 2003, Guro Dawud Muhammaad and his wife Camilla hosted grandmaster Jeff Delaney for a seminar on Professor Remy Presas' Modern Arnis at Muhammad's Martial Arts Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The school was packed with new and experienced students and instructors who came to learn the art of Modern Arnis.

Delaney, with help from Dawud Muhammad, Carl Minkel, Les Kiersnowski and Jonathan Shapero, presented a Tapi-Tapi footwork and disarm drill that focused on controlling the opponents position and ability to defend and attack. At the same time Delaney demonstrated the many disarms and traps that were created from the footwork and resulting body positioning. Rob Kobell, Harry Sansaracq and Chris Bernido quickly picked up the techniques and Jonathan Shapero and Adam Marcus coached Muriel Hons, Tony Dibello, Jackie Kellehier and Gwen Soffer through the drill. David Friedman and Jason Watts digested and experimented with the techniques while Geoff Anders and Jeanne Gable worked to master the material. Les Kiersnowski enabled his students Steve Hanni, Steve Flfller and Mike Flood while junior students John Battle and Steven Smith were guided by John Price. Also hard at work were Troy Felder, Will McClister, Anthony Dintine, Lee Wetsford, George McDermott, Robert Bowie, Kevin Kuliga, Shawn Gaynor, Malik Karim, and Patrick Morrison.

After a short break Grandmaster Delaney introduced a number of disarms and traps that varied depending on the response of the opponent. These techniques required a great deal of sensitivity, relaxation and awareness and were facilitated by correct foot work and body position. Techniques wee explored from the number 2 strike and the right hand sweep entry.

A special thanks goes out to Dawud Muhammad and his wife Camilla for opening their school, providing snacks and refreshments and working hard to assure that Modern Arnis grows and prospers in Philadelphia. After the Seminar plans were made for Mr. Delaney to return in November. Check the events page for details.

Military Arnis at NROTC Norwich University

On April 29, 2003, the leadership team at NROTC Norwich University paid tribute to Colonel Mark Costa, United States Marine Corps in their demonstration of Military Arnis, the art of Professor Lisa McManus and a division of Modern Arnis. Colonel Costa, Commanding Officer at NROTC and a 30-year United States Marine, retired that day, leaving behind a legacy of leadership and enthusiasm that will long be reflected in the students he empowered during his command at NROTC. Colonel Costa, with his wisdom and leadership ability, is representative of the true martial spirit and our code: "Honor, Courage and Commitment to Others".

Military Arnis was developed by Professor McManus in 1999 with the blessing of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas, founder of Modern Arnis. Military Arnis was specifically designed by McManus to meet the needs of our United States Military teaching leadership and communication skills in addition to combative techniques from Modern Arnis, Small Circle Jujitsu, Wing Chun and Judo. Grandmaster Presas was thrilled to know that his art would be a valuable part of training the United States Military through the efforts of McManus. Military Arnis, the art of Professor McManus, is recognized as a division of the IMAF; therefore, the students are acknowledged by Grandmaster Delaney and the IMAF Board of Directors.

Mr. Ryan Mount, Mr. Kevin Wong, Mr. Stephen Johnson and Mr. Ross Abramowitz trained with Professor McManus beginning in the freshman year at NROTC Norwich University; now three years later, they are the first brown belts in the style. "Our standards are very high. The students in our program must first distinguish themselves as leaders in addition to mastering the martial skills of our Art in order to qualify for testing. Mr. Mount, Mr. Wong, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Abramowitz trained diligently for 3 years and surpassed our expectations. They raised the bar for the entire Command," reported a very proud McManus.

At the April 29th ceremony, Professor Mcmanus was recognized for her contributions to the development to the students at NROTC as leaders and awarded a plaque by the Commanding Officer NROTC Norwich University, Colonel Mark A. Costa, United States Marine Corps. "Honor, courage and commitment to others"

Detroit Area Modern Arnis Seminar A Huge Success!

Christmas came early to the metro Detroit area as Professor Lisa McManus, assisted by Sifu Edgar Cordova, shared the gift of Modern Arnis with a capacity crowd on May 3rd and 4th. The event brought 50 people together to share in the wonderful art left behind by Grandmaster Remy Presas. With a range of experience spanning from seasoned veterans such as Mr. Enoch Carlton, Mr. Dan Korzeniewski, Ms. Enola Norville, Mr. Ron Vaughn, and Mr. Daniel Khalil to those who have never picked up a stick before, including Jeff Charles, Neil Rifkin, Troy Hagerty, and Mike Hewkins (who all did a fantastic job), a fun and exciting experience was had by all who were present.

Several founding members of the Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team (D.A.M.A.T.) including myself, Master Bill Barker, and Mr. John “Perpendicular” Doss were on hand to offer their support as Professor McManus presented this beautiful art in a most organized manner. Master Barker will be hosting Professor McManus and Sifu Cordova in October, allowing the growing Detroit team to continue building on some of the skills they acquired this weekend such as the six count drill, knife drills and disarms, and a five step single sinawali drill Professor McManus learned many years ago from Grandmaster Presas.

“I was amazed to see a woman, especially one as little as Professor McManus, throw all those big guys around almost without effort,” commented newcomer Joe Chiazzese as he experienced Modern Arnis for the first time. He was impressed not only with her skill, which was obvious to all, but also her ability to communicate with everyone, regardless of their age or ability level.

There were many youths present including Kelly Miko, Tara Sliwinski, Jon Michael Rybicki, Christian Engalan, Chelsea Pascoe, Gerrud Noonan, and Emma Liegghio. Professor McManus and Sifu Cordova welcomed all of them with open arms. Mr. Scott Pascoe who along with daughter Chelsea attended the seminar commented, “I was so impressed with how much attention she gave the kids. She made them feel really special and made it fun for all of them. It is obvious to me that she and Sifu not only love what they do, but they love the people as well.”

Many new members to the D.A.M.A.T. had some previous arnis experience and they too offered their help to the many first timers. These individuals made a huge impression on me. Most people go to a seminar saying ‘what’s in it for me’. We had a group of guys who showed the true martial spirit by investing their time with those who needed help, giving of themselves knowing that their only gain was the joy in giving. I want to extend a special thanks to these individuals: Mr. Jon Davis, Mr. Khalil, Dr. Keith Khalil, Mr. Dean Romanelli, and Mr. John Wasilina. In addition, a special thanks goes out to Mr. Ed Engalan, the father of one of our young participants, for his great photography work over the course of the weekend.

Mr. Wasilina, who has a dojo scheduled for opening later this year proclaimed that he “can’t wait to become a member of the I.M.A.F. under Grandmaster Jeff Delaney and Professor McManus.” He added further that he always enjoyed arnis but after the weekend he would definitely be pursuing it as a secondary art. Many other local dojo owners supported the weekend’s efforts by bringing students as well including Mr. Romanelli, Mr. Lonnie Shoemake, Master Barker, Mr. Carlton, and Mr. Kelly Combs. A note of special recognition goes out to Mr. Combs who allowed the use of his facility after registrations exceeded the original site and Ms. Stacey Testasecca who helped with registrations.

The weekend of May 3-4 will go down as a pivotal one in the development of Modern Arnis in Detroit. New friendships were formed, old ones were renewed, and the skill of all who attended was expanded many times over. Professor McManus and Sifu Cordova have committed themselves to the growth of Modern Arnis in Michigan and quarterly events are in the works as well as a yearly camp featuring Grandmaster Delaney.

I’d like to finish by saying from the bottom of my heart that I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to call Professor McManus my Modern Arnis instructor. Her caring for me, my family, as well as the organization here in Detroit lets me know the future of Modern Arnis is now and all who were here this weekend will make it happen.

This seminar short was written by Sensei Stephen Liegghio. Please send comments and questions to the author at liegghio@hotmail.com. Following the successful seminar Mr. Liegghio was named Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team Leader by Professor Lisa McManus.

Boston University Welcomes Modern Arnis Team

Saturday, April 26, 2003, Professor Lisa McManus returned to Boston, Massachusetts to teach her third Modern Arnis self-defense seminar this year. This event at Boston University was hosted by BU's own dynamic, Heather Gold. Heather, a business major and resident of New York, attended her first self-defense course with McManus in January. She said that she was so impressed with the training that she had to bring Professor McManus and her staff back to Boston. The event hosted by Miss Gold was attended by 26 students at Shelton Hall on the Campus of Boston University. At the event, students learned a variety of techniques, including escapes from grabs, chokes and several knife defenses. Students also learned dynamic striking techniques under the skilled tutelage of Guro John Connors, Sensei Joe Sherwood, Mrs. Denise Sherwood and Sensei Raymond Dougherty.

The women of Boston University worked diligently to master the techniques presented. Students like Heather, Michelle, Corrie and Ariella demonstrated great finesse in redirecting the path of the knife during weapons training. Amy, Ali, Shanna, Lindsey, Lauren, Fallon, Leslie and Melissa all broke a sweat during striking practice. Rebecca, a veteran kick boxer, assisted her partner in learning the correct position of the body during punching exercises. Michelle put her partner through the paces taking her to the ground with each defense technique. Aleza, Ariella, Corrie, Heather and Michelle spiritedly pressed themselves by delivering successive powerful punches to Professor McManus who welcomed their zeal and applauded their endurance. Ms. Gold told McManus that she was delighted with the event and was thrilled to see the confidence level of these Boston University students. Triumphant would best describe the attitude of these young women at the end of training. The students expressed satisfaction with what they learned and with the level of commitment of the instructors present. When queried about her staff, Professor McManus provided a brief description of the members:

Guro John Connors is a native of Vermont with an extensive background in multiple martial arts; including Kempo which he studies with Sensei Dave Quinlan at Martial Way in Vermont, Judo and Modern Arnis. He is a former Army Airborne Ranger and a valuable member of the Modern Arnis leadership team. Mr. Connors not only assists me with our program at NROTC Norwich University but travels extensively with me dedicating himself to the betterment of others. Sensei Joe Sherwood is also a member of our New Hampshire Modern Arnis leadership team. He, too, earned his position on the team as recognition for his incredible dedication to others. Sensei Sherwood trains and teaches a wide variety of Martial Arts and owns and operates MLK Self Defense Academy in Manchester, New Hampshire. Mrs. Denise Sherwood is an enthusiastic team player who provides a unique blend of encouragement and support for less confident students. Her willingness to help coupled with her effervescent personality enables everyone with whom she works. Sensei Raymond Dougherty is a visiting Martial Artist who eagerly jumped in assisting students with their striking techniques.

At the conclusion of the session the students thanked Professor McManus and her Modern Arnis team for empowering them. Plans for additional events at Boston University were initiated. See the Events section for further information regarding future events.

Sierra Vista Double Impact Seminar a Fun Time For All!

By Guro Fred Wegner

March 22nd found Sensei Chris Mitter and Sifu Edgar Cordova teaching their first of hopefully many double impact seminars at Sensei Mitters new location in Sierra Vista, Arizona. In attendance were Guro Fred Wegner, Guro Mateo Merrell, Guro Carlos Tolsa, Dennis Estrada, Argyle Bumanglag, Michael Burch, Mel Young, Natalie Pilats, David Benson, Jim Byrd, Rob Jones, Todd Kline, Jeff Mont-Eton, Mike Reynolds, Julio Ramirez, and many more.

At 1:00pm the class bowed in and Sifu Cordova began the Modern Arnis portion of the four hour seminar. Since many students had little or no Arnis experience, Sifu started off with a couple of basic wrist locks off angle #2 . After the students got comfortable with these techniques Sifu then taught the empty hand applications, that impressed many who had no idea that Arnis was much more than just a stick art! As Sifu Cordova demonstrated techniques students were amazed at how effortlessly he flowed from one technique to another. Time goes much too quickly at Sifu Cordova's seminars but he was able to cover a variety of locks, compressions (ouch!!), throws, ground work and chokes. With the skilled assistance of GuroWegner, Guro Merrell and Sensei Mitter Sifu had the students performing and having fun with all the techniques. Modern Arnis is a beautiful flowing art and Sifu Cordova demonstrates that masterfully. Great job Sifu!!

The second half of the seminar was just as exciting. Sensei Mitter was happy to point out that everyone was already "lit up" from the arnis training. Sensei has the ability to break things down to the fundamentals and make them extremely easy and fun to learn. The humor he brings to these seminars works right in with his wonderful teaching style. But don't be misled because Sensei means business. Sensei started by demonstrating pressure point strikes that work right in with Modern Arnis' block, check & counter. After he explained the theory behind why they work, he very skillfully demonstrated a knock out using these strikes. Throughout the two hours Sensei Mitter demonstrated a variety of pressure point attacks and showed their effectiveness on the amazed students. Everyone had fun inflicting pain on their partner and I am sure that there were many sore bodies the next day! If anyone doubts the effectiveness of a knee to the outer thigh all you have to do is ask Mel who dropped like a fallen tree (Mel is a big man) and had to be dragged off the mats! Sensei Mitters ability to cut to the chase and not muddy things up with too much technical jargon made this a hugely successful pressure point seminar! Sensei knew it was time to stop as he stood in front of the class and saw nothing but glazed eyes staring back at him.

After the seminar we dragged our tired, hungry bodies to the local Chinese buffet and put on the feed bag. Good company, good chow, and a great seminar! Pressure point fighting and Modern Arnis fit together so well and Sifu Cordova and Sensei Mitter demonstrated that quite effectively. We look forward to the next one!

Modern Arnis Team Lights up Knoxville

Master Willie Wilson and the leadership team from Karate 5 hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus for the first Knoxville Modern Arnis Camp. This four day extravaganza began Thursday, April 10, 2003 with a guest appearance on the show, “What’s going on?” Master Wilson enlightened viewers about the code and spirit of martial arts and the benefits of cross training. He introduced Master Msarsa, Master Lee, Master Faulkner, Sensei Whitehead, Sensei Cox and Modern Arnis guests: Grandmaster Delaney, Professor McManus, Guro Kevin McManus and Guro Duwad Muhammad.

Grandmaster Delaney detailed the history of Modern Arnis and the late Grandmaster Remy Presas. He performed multiple techniques from our art with the assistance of Guro Kevin McManus. Professor McManus, assisted by Instructor Junior Lee, demonstrated the efficacy of Modern Arnis in self-defense. Guro Muhammed, assisted by Instructor Lee Sloan, gave a presentation of his art of Kempo combined with cane skills. Grandmaster Delaney and Guro Kevin McManus then dazzled spectators with their ‘hard and fast’ rendition of tapi-tapi and Filipino Dumog. Finally, Instructor Junior Lee and Instructor Lee Sloan gave a provocative presentation to deliver the meaning of martial studies. Master Wilson explained that martial arts training is meant to develop self-discipline, humility, and to enhance our lives as human beings, not to turn us into bullies. He explained that when we misuse our training or fail to recognize the code of honor or the responsibility of being a martial artist, we cheat society and ourselves. The broadcast will be aired in the near future on Knoxville public television.

Friday training was held at the Knoxville Expo. The Karate 5 leadership team, including Master Willie Wilson, Master Melbert Lee, Sr., Master William Faulkner, Sensei Jon Whitehead and Sensei Daryl Cox, attended to all the details of the event. Karate 5’s unique flare for hosting events was evident by the attention given to the comfort of their guests and the Modern Arnis event in lights outside the Expo center. Master Wilson dedicated this day of training in memory of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas by opening the session with a viewing of some of his video footage.

Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus co-taught the entire day. “The two of you compliment each other well and have a knack of designing the program so each piece fits together. The instruction was right on target and the enthusiasm at the rooftop,” said Shihan Dan Strickler, an Army veteran, accomplished Martial Artist and integral part of the Modern Arnis teaching team. William Chafoya of Las Vegas, Nevada, remarked how delighted he was with the training and impressed with Shihan Strickler’s work ethic. “I definitely learned a lot,” said William. Doug Engle achieved amazing success under the tutelage of Guro Kevin McManus. Master Msarsa enthusiastically acknowledge each partner with whom he worked, praising their efforts in the spirited fatherly way for which he is so admired. A.J. Puedan, Peter Keko, Brian Johnson, Delbert Todd and Master Phil Little worked diligently to assimilate the information that was skillfully presented by Delaney and McManus. Guro Duwad Muhammad and Guro Kevin McManus provided animated instruction to their partners keeping the energy level high. Sensei Cox manned the cameras and attended to administrative details for the entire event and managed to get in some good training, too. (Thank you Sensei Cox for all your efforts.) Master Willie Wilson presented Master Little and Master Hill with plaques in recognition of their efforts to cross train and their lifetime of support of the Arts.

Saturday was another full day of training at which Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus covered most of the principles and basic techniques found in the Modern Arnis curriculum. Master Wilson dedicated this day of training to Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney who has dedicated himself to the propagation and preservation of the Art of Modern Arnis and to the students who choose to study and work on his team. Guro Chester Brown from Gallup, New Mexico was on hand to provide quality training for training partners, including: Dennis Martin, Master William Faulkner and Delbert Todd. Master Butch Hill received purposeful instruction from Professor McManus and Grandmaster Delaney. “This is the one of the best events I have ever attended. The quality of instruction and the genuine concern for the participants is unequaled,” said Master Hill. “It is unusual to see a Grandmaster get on the floor and work the entire event,” remarked Sensei Cox after having the opportunity to experience precision teaching of Grandmaster Delaney. “Working with Kevin was great;” Junior Lee reported, “he’s a lot of fun and very skilled.” Everyone involved in the preparation and support of this event gave their all; success was affirmed throughout the event by the participants. Saturday night the group met at the hotel for beverages, a lively card game and an evening of friendship.

Sunday morning came all too quickly for Camp goers who were already anticipating the next Modern Arnis event scheduled for October in Knoxville. Sunday was primarily a review of the materials covered in Camp including: basic disarms; basic entries; two canes-to-one, block, check and counter; windmill techniques; single Sinawali; De Cadena; and tapi-tapi. Master Wilson dedicated this day of training to Professor Lisa McManus who has distinguished herself as a leader and committed her energy to enabling each and every student at Camp. At the end of the first session, Guro Kevin McManus and Guro Chester Brown dazzled the group with their tapi-tapi skills. During the closing ceremony, Grandmaster Delaney applauded Karate 5 for their teamwork and all their efforts to make this Knoxville Camp an incredible success. Sunday after training the team made their way back to the hotel and then to Logans for dinner. Bravo Karate 5 for all your efforts, your open minded approach, and your commitment to enhancing the lives of others. Plans for the October Knoxville mini-Camp are underway. See the events section for further details.

Camp chronicles are written by Lisa McManus. If you have comments or questions regarding its contents, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Newport Team Hosts Successful Mini-Camp

This year’s mini-camp, featuring the dynamic teaching team of Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus, engaged and challenged 30 participants from New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Chicago. Sensei Jerri Bruno from Newport stepped up to co-host the martial portion of the weekend, with the capable assistance of Kim Compo and Lyndsey Currier. Guro Marcia Gobeil was on hand and worked almost exclusively with people new to Modern Arnis. Sensei Dave Quinlan brought his crew including: Guro John Connors, Darcy Richardson, Rick Murray, Belinda Hathaway and Charles Petra. Sensei Joe Sherwood brought his lovely wife Denise, his daughter Krystie, his brother Dan and four of his students: Paul Boucher, Amanda Kazakis, Tracey LaFrancois and Stephanie Brown. Guro Michael Antunes, his son, Sean and Lyman Prior were also present to train and enjoy Newport hospitality; while Brian Hubbard, Alan Rawson and Andrew Chrostowski offered a great deal of assistance to those just beginning their journey in Modern Arnis. Les Kiersnowski and Marla Flaer traveled in the poor weather from New Jersey and Randy Nichols and Trirata Earmimuth came from Chicago to train with the Grandmaster and McManus. Professor McManus’ students from NROTC Norwich, Kevin Wong and Ross Abramowitz were also on hand to add to their already vast armamentarium.

Friday night McManus opened training with basic DeCadena skills. Students learned to bait and recognize openings. Denise Sherwood had the privilege of partnering with Grandmaster Delaney during that session. She said she was impressed with his patience and approachability. Grandmaster Delaney then taught a variety of entries and blocking techniques that invariably led to ground work. Delaney, who is known for his skillful transitions from standing to ground work, impressed the crowd with the efficacy of all his Dumog techniques.

Friday night participants were hosted dinner and lodging at the home of Dr. and Professor McManus. Cars had to be parked at Dr. McManus’ office as a snow storm of significance made parking impossible at the McManus home. Despite the foul weather conditions, spirits remained high. This event has earned the “most family, most friendly, most affordable event” in great part due to the generosity of Dr. Richard McManus who enthusiastically supports the Modern Arnis team. Pizza, beverages and dessert were enjoyed as new friendships were made and old friendships renewed. After dinner air mattresses and sleeping bags came out. There was not a bare spot in the living room, family room or gym; a good time was had by all!

Saturday morning Sensei Bruno and Mr. Connors shuttled everyone to breakfast prior to training. (Thank you Sensei and Guro) McManus began the session working her favorite material, ‘windmill techniques’ followed by her basic ‘changing hands’ drill. Grandmaster Delaney then took off with tapi-tapi. Students were taught applications from the 7-6-12 drill, tip awareness and proper footwork. Lyndsey Compo, a student of Kenshan Kan Karate and Modern Arnis, had the privilege of demonstrating her skill before the group with Grandmaster Delaney.

For lunch the group enjoyed a buffet hosted by Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus. Everyone stayed at the gym to enjoy each other’s company and good food. Following lunch training resumed as McManus reviewed the windmill techniques and direct entries. Grandmaster Delaney continued the session by demonstrating the effectiveness of these techniques and many more in tapi-tapi. With all the capable help on the floor from skilled Modern Arnis practionners like Sensei Bruno, Sensei Quinlan, Guro Marcia Gobeil, Guro John Connors, Guro Michael Antunes, Alan Rawson, Brian Hubbard and Andrew Chrostowski, students quickly learned the skills being taught. Guro Marcia Gobeil and her protégé, Stephanie Brown demonstrated just how quickly one can learn under capable hands like Guro Marcia! Stephanie’s father, Gary Brown said, “I am so impressed with everything Sensei and Mrs. Sherwood have done for my daughter. I am also excited to have Stephanie exposed to strong, kind, and skilled martial women represented here on this team like Guro Marcia.” Amanda Kazakis won the lottery in her training as she not only got the chance to work with Andrew Chrostowski but also enjoyed part of a session working with Grandmaster Delaney. Amanda, also a student of Sensei Sherwood’s at MLK Self Defense Academy was absolutely empowered by her training and the entire experience. Krystie Sherwood and Tracey LeFrancois gleaned a great deal of information from the teaching team in Newport and had an especially good time training with Belinda Hathaway from Vermont. Sensei Quinlan and Les Kiersnowski rocked as they demonstrated some advanced skills throughout the training on Saturday. Kiersnowski, a student of Professor McManus, has plans to open his own school in Modern Arnis in the near future. (Bravo Les!) One of the highlights of Saturday’s event was a demonstration by Grandmaster Delaney and Kevin McManus. (Kevin became the youngest black belt ever promoted by the late Grandmaster Presas in 1999. At that time, Kevin was 10 years old and had been studying with Grandmaster Presas since the tender age of 5.) Grandmaster Delaney and young McManus dazzled the crowd with the beauty and efficacy of tapi-tapi. “I want to be able to move like Kevin,” said Les Kiersnowski, “he is smooth and relaxed, yet powerful.”

Following Saturday’s training, Grandmaster Delaney, Professor McManus, Kevin McManus, Sensei Bruno, Guro Gobeil, Sensei Sherwood, Sensei Kiersnowski, Paul Boucher and Marla Flaer traveled to Newport’s Boxing event. (Gobeil and both McManus’ are boxers as well as Modern Arnis practionners and belong to Newport Boxing Club) During intermission, Professor McManus and Sensei Sherwood gave a brief demonstration of the self defense skills of Modern Arnis. The crowd went silent as they watched McManus inflict the ‘dance of pain’ on Sensei Sherwood. Boxing fans cheered as McManus introduced her son, Kevin and Grandmaster Delaney who dazzled the crowd with advanced tapi-tapi. “I never saw anything like it,” said Coach Bob Obdrazalek, “it is incredible.” Boxing fans went wild calling Kevin’s name as he and Grandmaster Delaney moved powerfully throughout the ring. Modern Arnis was well received by this crowd of 300 people and well represented by our Modern Arnis Team.

Special thanks Sensei Jerri Bruno for all her efforts and to all the instructors who made training worthwhile for participants at our mini-camp. Clearly this group lives by the saying, “We come to complete each other rather than compete with each other.” See the seminar section for the next mini-camp scheduled in August.

Camp Chronicles are written by Lisa McManus. If you have any questions or comments regarding the contents, please contact the author at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Jonathan Shapero's Media, PA Seminar Draws a full House at Bodyworks Karate!

On the weekend of September 29, 2003, master Jonathan Shapero hosted a four session Modern Arnis seminar featuring Grandmaster Jeff Delaney. The weekend consisted of four adult sessions and one junior Brown and Blackbelt session on Saturday morning. Due to space limitations each session was limited to 30 people and all sessions were filled to capacity. Dawud Muhammad, a Black Belt from Philadelphia, was Mr. Delaney's guest and helped everyone master the material presented. The junior session featured an introduction to trapping with the stick and empty hand. All the students were focused and disciplined and picked up the techniques quickly following the examples of Cedric Sanchez, John Flowers and Clifford Woodbury.

Adult sessions were held on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and once again the room was filled with enthusiastic and hard working students. The material presented covered sweeping entries, traps and submissions. Once again Dawud Muhammad was on hand to help as well as instructors Tony DiBello, George McDermot, Muriel Hons, Gwen Soffer and Jorge Muniz. Once again everyone picked up the techniques quickly. A special thanks goes to Master Shapero and his students for opening their school and hearts to Modern Arnis.

Frank Shekosky's Annual Cromwell Seminar Features Advanced Material!

On Saturday and Sunday, March 15 and 16, 2003, Sensei Frank Shekosky host his annual Modern Arnis seminar featuring Grandmaster Jeff Delaney. Since the seminar was attended by advanced students such as Marcia Gobiel, Luke Smith, Andrew Chrostowski, Mike Antunes, Phyllis Divins and James Navarro the techniques presented were advanced and complex. Belinda Hathoway and Charles Petra from Vermont and Joe Grzgorczyk were also present and worked hard to master the material presented.

Traps and entries were explores from both the left and right hand and the two sticks against one stick drill was explained and expanded upon. The seminar was an excellent warm-up for the three day Summer training camp to be hosted by Sensei Shekoski in Cromwell on July 18, 19 and 20, 2003. For more information on the camps see the Events page.

Family Affair at MLK-Self Defense

Sensei Joe Sherwood, his lovely wife, Denise and his daughters Lyndsey and Kristie Sherwood hosted Professor Lisa McManus on Friday, February 21, 2003. The school was packed with parents and children who came to learn the art of Modern Arnis; together.

McManus, with an assist from her son, Guro Kevin McManus, Guro John Connors and Sensei Les Kiersnowski, guided the team through a series of knife self defense techniques from the Filipino Martial Arts and the 5-6-7 knife drill from Modern Arnis. Sensei Sherwood enabled his student Amanda Kazakis during most of the session while Jeremy Burton assisted Gary Brown. Stephanie Brown had the encouragement of Denise Sherwood and the combined skills of Sensei Bob Bronson and Sensei Mark McPherson. Mario Trinidad had the capable tutelage of Guro Connors and Paul Boucher. Ralph FireEagle and Don Logan discovered the magic of Modern Arnis while Dan Sherwood renewed his interest in our Art. Travis Gelinas impressed Sensei McPherson with his quick mastery of the blocking and passing skills of the knife drill. Bravo Travis!

Professor McManus introduced the group to Crossada techniques from the #1 and #2 strike. Lyndsey and Amanda delighted the group with demonstrations of their newly gained skills. Stephanie Brown assisted her father, Gary, in developing sensitivity and relaxing during practice. These young women were amazing. They had achieved success and their enthusiasm was palpable.

During a water break, Mrs. Brown said, “I never thought I’d see Stephanie so confident. Sensei and Mrs. Sherwood have had an incredible impact on our daughter. They said that Stephanie should come to meet you, Professor McManus. Mrs. Sherwood told Gary and I that you are a powerful, skilled and caring instructor and would be a great role model for our daughter. I'm so glad we came,” she added with a big smile.

After the break students reviewed a variety of windmill disarms and locking techniques during the training. Upon request, Guro Kevin McManus and Guro John Connors performed some freestyle tapi-tapi. Students watched in awe as Kevin repeatedly disarmed and disabled Mr. Connors. “He never even looked at the sticks,” remarked Sensei Sherwood. Following the demonstration students discussed their desire to learn more of this beautiful Art of Modern Arnis. Plans were made to attend the Newport mini-camp April 4th and 5th at which Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor McManus will teach basic and advanced tapi-tapi.

Near the end of the seminar, Professor McManus reviewed abecediario and alternatives to the slap-off technique. Sensei McPherson had the opportunity to work his ‘heavy hand’ on McManus, who delighted at his skillful delivery. Sensei Sherwood then presented McManus with a dozen pink roses in celebration of her recent promotion to 5th degree black belt.

McManus thanked everyone for their efforts, Sensei and Denise Sherwood for hosting the event; Guro Connors for devotion and continued support; Sensei McPherson and Sensei Bronson for generosity with their skill and all present for their participation. Les Kiersnowski added his appreciation stating that he came all the way from New Jersey to study with Professor McManus and this New Hampshire based TEAM and gave us our closing remark: TEAM-together everyone achieves more! See the seminar section future events.


San Antonio, Texas hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney for the 3rd annual Modern Arnis winter Training Camp. High powered martial artists from around the United States came together to train and share. Professor Lisa McManus, Sifu Edgar Cordova and Guro Chester Brown were on hand to teach and assist at the event. Karate 5 from Knoxville, Tennessee, was well represented with Master Willie Wilson, Master Melbert Lee, Master Fredrick Brabson, and Sensei Daryl Cox. Florida's Shihan Dan Strickler and Soke Robert Mann were also there to share techniques from their extensive backgrounds and enjoy the excitement and skill of Grandmaster Delaney. Dan Suchon, Craig Dishmon and Troy Wilson, students of Grandmaster Delaney and black belts in other arts, added their dynamic energy to each session. Ed Loomis, Larry Billingslea, Les Kiersnowski, Claudia Tapia, Stewart Naron and Joe Love enthusiastically shared in the weekends events.

Friday Grandmaster Delaney began teaching the basic techniques of block, check and counter and the more advanced Abedeciaro. Professor McManus taught Palis-Palis and Filipino Dumog follow-ups. Friday evening Grandmaster Delaney introduced the 2-canes to 1 drill and followed it with left-on-right Tapi-Tapi. His brilliant delivery of the material enabled the students to quickly acquire the basic skills of both exercises. Following training, Grandmaster Delaney hosted the group to snacks, beverages and friendly conversation in his suite.

Saturday was a full day of energetic training led by Grandmaster Delaney. He covered a vast array of material from the Modern Arnis curriculum, including baiting, trapping and Dumog skills. Professor McManus taught a session of knife self-defens techniques from grabs and holds. Shihan Dan Strickler masterfully led the group through the Forms section of Camp on Saturday evening. Thanks Shihan! Saturday evening Grandmaster Delaney and his wife Robin hosted the group to another evening of snacks, beverages and friendship. The camaraderie in this group was incredible. The Karate 5 team brought their brand of Tennessee hospitality to Texas-it was a memorable evening. Karate 5 will also be hosting Grandmaster Delaney and the IMAF Board for the first Modern Arnis Camp in Tennessee on April 11, 12 and 13, 2003. Please see the events section for further details.

Sunday morning Grandmaster Delaney presented more tapi-tapi and Filipino Dumog with the assistance of Sifu Cordova and Guro Brown. After lunch the traditional Modern Arnis "celebration of knowledge" was officiated by the Grandmaster. Following that event, Grandmaster Delaney announced the appointment of Guro Chester Brown from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to the IMAF Board of Directors. Guro Brown will be the fourth member of the board and the Spiritual Director. This position was created to enhance the organization and insure that "the art serves the students." Grandmaster Delaney also announced the promotions of: Guro Brown to Lakan Dalawa, 2nd degree black belt; Sifu Edgar Cordova to Lakan Apat, 4th degree black belt; Lisa McManus to Lakan Lima, 5th degree black belt. Grandmaster Delaney stated that these promotions were granted on the basis of skill, effort, dedication, loyalty and leadership abilities. These promotions were unanimously approved by the board and seconded by Shihan Dan Strickler, a senior member of the black belt team.

In an emotional closing ceremony, Grandmaster Delaney thanked his board of directors and all in attendance. He reiterated that the mission of the IMAF under his direction is to preserve the unique nature of the Filipino Art of Modern Arnis founded by Grandmaster Presas and to insure that the art serves the students.

Following the ceremony, Shihan Strickler, a Master of several arts, stated that he thought Professor Presas would be proud to see the way Grandmaster Delaney and the IMAF Board of Directors worked as a team; giving all in attendance the feeling of success and belonging.

Camp Chronicles is written by Lisa McManus. If you have questions or comments, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com

McManus Recognized as Top Instructor in Boston

Yankee Dental Conference 28, a 5-day event drawing thousands of Dental Health Care Professionals, Educators and their families, hosted Professor Lisa McManus and her assistant, Guro John Connors, to teach Modern Arnis self-defense. McManus’ dynamic teaching style, skill and preparedness won her an invitation to teach at this prestigious event two consecutive years. People attending her seminars described her as “engaging” as she and Mr. Connors skillfully taught a variety of self-defense techniques found in the IMAF curriculum. Law enforcement officials at the seminars were impressed with the efficacy of the material presented by McManus and Connors. At the conclusion of the Conference, Professor McManus was presented with a formal letter of appreciation from the Massachusetts Dental Society and was recognized by attendees as one of the most compelling educators at the conference. Plans are underway for her return to Boston to teach law enforcement officials this spring. Congratulations Lisa and John for another job well done!

McManus teaches Dartmouth College Students

Saturday, January 25, 2003, Professor Lisa McManus and Guro John Connors taught a seminar on self-defense for Dartmouth College Students. Students learned a variety of fighting skills, including, boxing techniques, knife defenses and escapes from grabs. Class began with a review of punching and open hand strikes. Students learned to hit, hit and hit. The enthusiastic crowd included Jessica Clem, Lina Ngo, Andrea Stava, Lauren Ferrano, Erin Arnold and Diana Geisser all students attending the prestigious Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Jessica Clem, an enthusiastic participant, delivered powerful punches and kicks as did Diana Geissner. Erin Arnold, a tennis player, skillfully applied her powerful hips into every uppercut she delivered. Andrea Stava and Lauren Ferrano dug down deep to deliver knee blows that set Mr. Connors on his heels. While Nina Ngo showed incredible determination to continue punching long after her muscles were tired and sore.

By the end of this aggressive training session, students had gained confidence and knowledge. “I put my hip power into every punch by the end of practice,” reported Erin Arnold, with a big smile on her face. “I didn’t know how to hit before I came to class, I'm glad I came,” Erin added. “I really enjoyed the training and feel good about what I learned,” said Diana Geissner. All the students thanked Professor McManus and Mr. Connors for their efforts and expertise.

Plans for future classes with Dartmouth College students are being discussed. See the seminar section for further information.

Modern Arnis Family Grows

January 24, 2003 brought Professor Lisa McManus to Manchester, New Hampshire to MLK Self Defense Academy for another exciting seminar with Sensei Joe Sherwood and his engaging wife Denise. The exchange of energy in the room was nothing short of incredible as Professor McManus taught baiting skills, abedeciaro, and entry techniques of palis-palis to the attendees. This advanced group of martial artists, many with their black belts in Kenpo, Aikido, Goju Karate and an array of Jujitsu skills expanded their armamentarium with the information taught. When you called out the title, “Sensei”, more than half the room answered. It was an unparalleled privilege to work with so many skilled practionners.

Kevin McManus demonstrated the slap-off drill (abedeciario) with John Connors from Burlington, Vermont. Our youngest black belt now 13 years old, learned and trained this drill directly with Grandmaster Presas since the beginning of his studies at age 4. He delighted the crowd with his unique blend of humility and skill rarely found in a youngster his age. Students rapidly grasped the art of baiting found in Modern Arnis. Sensei Mark McPherson and Sensei Bob Bronson quickly developed a great flow and incorporated effective joint locks from their art as follow-ups. Sensei McPherson took to the air when Professor McManus demonstrated a counter attack that catapulted him across the room. (Nice fall Sensei!)

Lenny Demers and Rob Cowan added their Kenpo magic to the techniques while Paul Boucher and Tracey LeFrancois worked every move to the ground. (Go Tracey!) Jeremy Burton and Diane McCown honed their new skills while Randy Durst and John Connors explored the finer points of abedeciario. “Randy didn’t need any instruction with his slap-off drill,” reported John Connors. His expertise with the heavy-hands technique was rapidly apparent. Maggie Hays and our good friend Dan Sherwood diligently worked through each technique determined to see the fine details that made them effective while Sensei Rich Myers of Raymond, NH and Sensei Sherwood developed finesse with each move. Kevin McManus partnered with Denise Sherwood whose vibrant, enthusiastic approach to training added much to the energy on the floor.

“It took me a long time, but I’ve finally found two arts I enjoy,” said Maggie Hays, “this is great stuff.” “I really enjoy the way Professor McManus teaches, she has great energy and makes the techniques look easy,” said Diane McCown, “Randy and I are definitely coming back.” “This art works so well with our Kenpo,” said Lenny Demers, the owner of Demers Kenpo in Londonderry, NH. This top notch group sustained high-energy throughout nearly four hours of aggressive training. “I am honored to teach and learn from so many skilled martial artists,” said McManus. “This is what being a martial artist is about to me; sharing what we learned through hard work and self-discipline. Our sincere interest in each other distinguishes us from so many others. Sensei Sherwood draws sincere, highly skilled practioners to his school because of his open-minded, welcoming attitude. People respect him, as do I,” McManus added.

After the seminar half of the group went on the Cactus Jacks for a late dinner and celebration of friendship. At the close of the evening people exchanged hugs and it was unanimous: “WE LOVE THIS ART”.

Professor McManus is scheduled to teach another seminar at MLK on February 21, 2003. For more information contact Sensei Joe Sherwood at 603-625-4MLK.

Tucson Seminar: An Awesome Experience!

Written byGuros Fred Wegner & Mateo Merrell

January 18, 2003 found Professor Lisa McManus teaching one of the most exciting seminars ever held in Tucson Arizona. The seminar, hosted by Sifu Edgar Cordova, covered a variety of Windmill techniques, knife defenses, disarms, takedowns, and submissions. Among the 30 in attendance were Guro Chester Brown (Albuquerque, N.M.), Sensei Chris Mitter (Sierra Vista, AZ), Dennis Rodriguez (Deming, N.M.), David Rodriguez (Tuc.,AZ), Sensei Jerry Shaw (Phoenix, AZ), head instructor for the Phoenix group Michael Burch, Maggie Cordova (Tucson, AZ) and our good friend Michael Riggilo who once a year drives 2,100 miles from Ohio to train with Guro Wegner and Sifu Cordova. Also in attendance were some old and some new friends, including Joshua Trigo, Yvette Valencia, Andrea Cordova, Chris Burr, Burt Angelman and his two children Shay and Jaycee, Richard Rhiew, Peera Singh, Daniela Acuna and Art Soto.

The seminar began at 1pm with the enthusiasm and excitement which Professor McManus is renowned for as she demonstrated a takedown and submission on Art Soto. Her energy rubbed off on all in attendance as she gracefully demonstrated some of the techniques that the class would be learning.

It was pure joy to watch younger male and female students with no martial arts experience perform disarms and takedowns on blackbelts Fred Wegner, Matt Merrell, Chris Mitter and Roberto Yroz. These four blackbelts spent over four hours working with the younger students who were all smiles as they flowed through techniques with ease. It was an inspiration to watch.
Towards the end of the seminar, Professor McManus turned class over to Guro Chester Brown who beautifully displayed a series of knife escape techniques. It was a real treat to observe the amazing flow and power of such a gifted martial artist. Guro Brown's presentation and teaching style brought not only confidence and understanding, but also the true spirit of Modern Arnis. Thanks Guro Brown. Job well done!

After the seminar was over, we dined at El Mezon del Cobre restaurant where everyone enjoyed great Mexican food and celebrated Professor McManus' birthday. Without the aid of the Mariachi band, the entire group sang "Happy Birthday" to Lisa as she smiled and enjoyed the sentiment and shared her birthday flan with Guro Wegner. (Actually, Fred enjoyed most of it!)
Professor McManus put a lot of thought and effort into developing a lesson plan where each technique tied into the next. By doing this, students not only seemed to grasp the techniques with ease, but more importantly they remembered them. And they'll definitely remember Professor Lisa McManus.
Thank you for your hard work Lisa! We are eagerly looking forward to your next trip to Tucson.

(Professor McManus has agreed to make this January seminar an annual event, so we'll see you all next January!)

Modern Arnis Is Alive and Growing in New Hampshire!

Sensei Joe Sherwood of MLK Self Defense Academy hosted Professor Lisa McManus on Saturday, December 15th for four hours of exciting Modern Arnis training. Sensei Joe had top martial artists from New Hampshire and Massachusetts to welcome McManus and her capable assistants, Guro John Connors from Burlington, Vermont and Les Kiersnowski from New Jersey.

McManus taught a variety of empty hand and cane disarms with Filipino Dumog follow-ups. Sensei Bob Bronson and Sensei Mark McPherson delighted McManus and the crowd by sharing some interesting and painful techniques from their art during this advanced training. Daniel Sherwood and Mike Marston trained enthusiastically while Rosie Noel and Jeremy Burton recognized the similarities of Modern Arnis to some of their Aikido moves. Lenny Demers and Robert Cowan practiced their dynamic Kenpo style during this session while Dennis Cregier, guided by John Connors, added Modern Arnis to his already extensive Filipino Martial repertoire. Tracey LeFrancois and Robert Cardow worked diligently to learn the techniques taught while Paul Boucher and Les Kiersnowski aggressively approached the ground fighting techniques.

“Sensei Sherwood is a skilled martial artists whose demeanor encourages other skilled martial artists to train with he and his students. The people at the seminar were skilled, enthusiastic and open minded. I’m delighted by our affiliation and look forward to our time training together,” reported McManus. “I had a great time; the techniques Professor McManus teaches are direct and effective” said Les Kiersnowski from New Jersey who recently affiliated with the New Hampshire Modern Arnis Team. The response to the seminar was so great that plans are being made for monthly seminars in Manchester, New Hampshire. See the seminar section of this site for updates as they are posted.

Nava Sticks in Remote Location in Kayenta, Arizona

NAVA-STICKS FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS is an affiliated school in Albuquerque, New Mexico of the International Modern Arnis Federation. Guru Chester Brown Jr. is the owner and instructor of NAVA-STICKS. Anthony Peterman of the Kayenta Township invited Guru Brown to conduct a one-day Filipino Jujitsu seminar for the Kayenta Township Law Enforcement Personnel in Kayenta, Arizona on December 14, 2002 at the Boys & Girls Club. The following ten people attended the training: Gwendolyn Greyeyes, Bobby Denny, Martin John, Robin Gray Mountain, Francine Bradley, Margarite Holladay, Chris Kescoli, Verna Nez, Anthony Peterman, and Vangee Nez.

Guru Brown started the seminar by introducing the following techniques: footwork & balance, Modern Arnis stick work, knife, Jujitsu, pressure points (i.e., Modern Arnis Connection and Small Circle Jujitsu Connection), for the law enforcement and volunteer fire fighter personnel - pressure points, and the Yin & Yang pressure points. The participants received instructions and then they were able to use the techniques on each other. At the end of the seminar, the participants were exhausted but their smiles never disappeared. They were presented with a beautiful certificate from NAVA-STICKS.

This is the first of its kind to be held in Kayenta in the heart of the Navajo Nation. The participants were very excited and talks of inviting Guru Brown on a monthly basis were initiated. Guru Brown and his companion, Vangee Nez, stayed at the Goulding Lodge with a breathtaking panoramic view of Monument Valley. Photos and writing contributed by Vangee Nez.


Egdar Cordova's Growing Tucson Group Hosts Exciting Seminar!

Saturday, December 7, 2002 Found Grandmaster Jeff Delaney Teaching an exciting all day seminar to Edgar Cordova's growing Arizona modern Arnis club. With the help of skilled black Belts such as Chester Brown Jr., Fred Wegner, Roberto Yroz, Chris Mitter and Mat Merril, Grandmaster Delaney and Sifu Edgar Cordova, I. M. A F. Membership Director, were able to cover a lot of material ranging from block, check, counter to advanced trapping, takedowns and submissions.

The twenty five people in attendance represented four schools affiliated with the International Modern Arnis Federation; Edgar Cordova in Tucson, AZ, Chester Brown Jr. in Albuquerque NM, Chris Mitter in Sierra Vista, AZ, and Mike Burch and Jerry Shaw in Phoenix, AZ. Last summers phoenix Camp participants Jun Saguid, David Rodriguez, and Jeff and Marlene Harris were also on hand to demonstrate their growing Arnis skills.

After 5 hours of hart training the group dined in mass at the Mezon de Cobre Restaurant to enjoy good Mexican food and live Mariachi music. A special thanks goes to Chris Mitter's wife Sarah for fixing Loompia and Pancit and Flan, Filipino Specialties, that we enjoyed together before the seminar. If you are going to train you have to eat!

London Seminar Boasts Improved Students and Instructors!

On November 23, 2002, Victor Ktorkis Hosted Grandmaster Jeff Delaney for a six huor seminar in North London. The group, led by instructors Bob Ethridge, Brian Slaker and Victor Ktorkis, has been working hard on Professor Remy Presas's Modern Arnis for the last two years.

Bob Ethridge's school in Edmonton is currently the only club in London teaching only Modern Arnis! Techniques covered ioncluded Abanico Corto, Left Hand Tapi-Tapi, Abecedario and Dumog entries and take-downs. Several private sessions were also held over the weekend to fine tune the instructors skills and teaching methods.

Philadelphia Seminar Pleases Old and New Students Alike!

Grandmaster Jeff Delaney returned to Philadelphia on Saturday, November 9, 2002 to teach a seminar hosted by Dawud Muhammad at his spacious and inviting school. Techniques taught ranged from block, check and counter drills to complex traps, throws and chokes. The techniques were quickly grasped by those in attendance including long time Modern Arnis Black Belt Carl Minkel and his students Rob Korbell, Harry Sansaricq, Karen Landry, Chris Bernido and Bill Loudon, all skilled Modern Arnis regulars. Jason Watts and Alyssa Schaeffer worked hard to hone their skills and appeared to have fun doing it! Jeanne Gables and Geoffrey Anders also worked hard in spite of injured wrists and knees.

After a short lunch break of pizza and soft drinks the training focused on Tapi-Tapi applications. Jonathan Shapiro, Harold Oglesby, Ron Darrison, John Price and Jacob Wiseman, attending their first Modern Arnis seminar, were impressed with the complex techniques and received lots of help from master Muhammad. Take-downs ending in knee bars, heel hooks and ankle breaks were explored as well as choking and striking follow-ups. After the seminar it was decided that Grandmaster Delaney will return to Dawud Muhammad's school in May to help guarantee Modern Arnis's presence and success in the Philadelphia area

Lisa McManus' NROTC Norwich University Modern Arnis Program a Resounding Success

The Modern Arnis Program at NROTC Norwich University, developed in 1999 by Professor Lisa McManus and Colonel Robert Beaudoin, USMC, has become a pivotal point in the education of The United States Marine and U. S. Navy Officers candidates assigned to NROTC at Norwich University. Lt. Eddie Crossman, USN and program coordinator believes that the Modern Arnis Program has changed the entire NROTC program by establishing the group as a team. Students learn leadership and communication skills in addition to the martial skills of the art of Modern Arnis. The students are currently in their second year of training with Professor McManus and receive special training on teaching and advanced leadership skills. Professor Mcmanus may be contacted at mcmanusl@srnet,com .

McManus, Cordova and Barker form "Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team"
November 2 & 3, 2002

Professor Lisa McManus, NROTC Norwich University and N.H. Modern Arnis, Edgar Cordova, Tucson Modern Arnis and Master Bill Barker of Progressive Tactics, formed the 'Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team' this weekend in Detroit, Michigan. Professor McManus, assisted by Edgar Cordova, taught a variety of stick, knife and empty hand techniques from the Modern Arnis curriculum incorporating Filipino dumog as follow-ups. Students quickly learned how to enter, reverse the direction of an opponent and apply submission locks.

Training began early Saturday morning with host Master Barker, and Instructor John Doss at the spacious Brownstown Recreation Center in Detroit. At the official seminar, students were taught basic disarms cane-to-empty hand, which were translated to cane-to-cane and always taken to submission. Basics stressed were body mechanics, balance and point of contact and discussion of 'selecting options' based on how the opponent reacts. Master Barker said that he liked the 'practical nature' of the Art and its presentation by Professor McManus, who takes every technique to the ground. In addition to Master Barker's students: Bob Gray, Ken Moore, Manny Trevino and Glen Crook, two of our good friends from Modern Arnis: Guro Enoch Carlton and Guro Randy Nichols arrived to show their support. Both these skilled practioners added a great deal to the seminars. Guro Nichols shared some elbow positioning techniques that facilitate the backward throw more readily while Guro Carlton shared the fine points of sweeping from Pencak Silat. Sensei Steve Liegghio also came to lend support and energy to the training. The newer students to Modern Arnis greatly appreciated the assist from these three experienced, quality instructors. The camaraderie and chemistry of this group was unbelievable.
That night after training the group went out for Mexican fare. It was a relaxing evening out and then back to the hotel to rest for the next day of training.

Sunday morning training was held at John "Perpendicular" Doss' facility, the Wyandotte Club in Detroit. McManus, Cordova, Barker, Doss, Sensei Steve Liegghio and Guro Randy Nichols began training two hours prior to the seminar. Sensei Liegghio said he appreciated the extra time and liked the 'hard work ethic' of this team. (Sensei Liegghio is hosting McManus and Cordova in May 2003 and Master Barker will be hosting the McManus/Cordova team on an annual basis in late October, early November). At the official seminar more of the basics of Modern Arnis were covered including McManus' version of "passage to tapi-tapi". As a professional educator and martial arts instructor, McManus' presentations were well prepared and progressive. Students quickly learned the techniques with her methods of instruction and appreciated her practical approach. When comments were made regarding her skill as an instructor, McManus responded, "We don't succeed alone. The successful presentation is in great part to Sifu Cordova's support and assistance. Our goal is to develop a strong team of people who are sincerely invested in each other. We are personally invested in each member of our team."

After the seminar, Master Bill and Professor McManus went for a bite to eat and discussed plans to build the 'Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team'.

For information regarding the both the May and October/November Detroit Area seminars, see the Seminar section of this site. Edgar Cordova wrote this edition of seminar shorts. If you have any questions or comments please contact him at edgarcordova@yahoo.com

Karate 5 – Southern Hospitality at It’s Best!

The Master Instructors of Karate Five hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Lisa McManus October 11, 12 and 13th at their dojo in Knoxville Tennessee. Master Maurice Msarsa, Master Willie Wilson, Master Melbert Lee, Sr., Master William Faulkner, Master Fredrick Brabson, Sensei Daryl Cox and Sensei Jon Whitehead opened their dojo and their hearts to us on our first trip to Tennessee.

During this three day event, Grandmaster Delaney taught many basic techniques from the Modern Arnis curriculum in addition to advanced dumog. Friday night we worked block-check and counter from all twelve angles. We also worked on the sweep entry and pass from right-on-right tapi-tapi. Sensei Whitehead quickly grasped the sweep stroke and pass from Friday night’s lesson and was teaching it to others the very next day. Melbert Lee Jr. treated us to a brief demonstration of the group’s ukemi. This young man can fall! Following Friday’s training we enjoyed a brief repast at the sub shop with Master Wilson and Master Lee and then adjourned to our luxurious quarters at the Knoxville Hilton. Saturday morning Master Wilson, Master Lee and Master Brabson met us for a wonderful breakfast buffet at the Hilton. We enjoyed the meal and the wonderful company of these southern gentlemen, then went on to train at their dojo. Grandmaster Delaney taught abanico corto techniques at Saturday’s training session. Sensei Daryl Cox and Caleb Cox along with Germaine Hendricks took photographs and video footage for future study and preservation; thanks guys! Melbert Jr. and Barry Houchins both served as ukes during training. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this group was the way the team worked together, “all for one and one for all”. Master Msarsa worked with Sensei Whitehead to perfect the techniques demonstrated while Delbert Todd and Brian Johnson received a great assist from Melbert Jr. and Barry at Saturday afternoon’s session . In fact, they all worked to assist each other and us throughout our stay. We were treated to 5-star hospitality from the moment we arrived.

Saturday night the entire group gathered for dinner and festivities. We enjoyed dining with the team and their wives, Linda Wilson, Deloris Brabson, Yvonne Cox, Suzie Lee and Johnnie Msarsa. We celebrated our friendships and an extraordinary performance by the children of Karate 5 at a tournament held earlier that day. Following dinner Master Wilson and Master Lee presented Grandmaster Delaney with a beautiful hand carved staff symbolic of his journey as successor to Grandmaster Remy Presas, the founder of Modern Arnis. Grandmaster Delaney was also given a beautiful trophy and t-shirt making him an official part of the Karate 5 family. Master Lee recalled our first meeting in Pennsylvania at the Hall of Fame, thanking God for putting us all together. He gave me a beautiful trophy and t-shirt signifying my admittance into the Karate 5 family as well. Grandmaster Delaney and I were delighted to be welcomed into the family by this unforgettable group who are now officially members of the IMAF and part of the Modern Arnis family, too.

Sunday morning Master Wilson and Master Lee arrived at 5:00 a.m. to bring me to the airport, but first they treated me to a trip to the Waffle House where I enjoyed a delicious waffle with blueberries and syrup. The food we enjoyed throughout this trip was fabulous. It was difficult to say goodbye to my new Tennessee family, but we discussed coming back in the spring to share more Modern Arnis with the people of Karate 5. Later that morning the group reconvened for training and sharing with Grandmaster Delaney. At that time official plans were made for the first Tennessee Spring Modern Arnis Camp.

For those of you who have never experienced Southern Hospitality, I urge you to attend Tennessee Spring Modern Arnis Camp. Those Tennessee folks of Karate 5 really know how to treat a guest! See the “Camp” section www.professorpresas.com for further details on the Tennessee Camp.

Seminar Shorts are written by Lisa McManus, NROTC Norwich University and a Master Instructor of Modern Arnis. If you have questions or comments regarding the contents, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Newport Mini-Camp 2002 - A Real Kick

Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney taught yet another successful mini-camp in Newport, New Hampshire August 23 and 24th, hosted by
Lisa McManus, Sensei Jerri Bruno and their team. Friday night training began with techniques of the number one strike and basic number one disarm. Grandmaster Delaney built on these basic techniques giving students the opportunity to perform follow-ups on the ground. He then taught the same techniques translated to empty hand against cane. "This is awesome", reported Alan Rawson of the New Hampshire team. The energy was high and students had the privilege of working with many experienced instructors, like: Sensei Bruno, Sensei Dave Quinlan from Vermont, Sensei Les Kiersnowski from New Jersey, Sensei Dan Sherwood from Manchester, N.H. and Guro John Connors from the New Hampshire and Vermont team. Lt. Eddie Crossman, USN and Midshipman Ross Abramowitz from Norwich University were also on board to experience the dynamic teaching of the Grandmaster. "This is great training," commented Lt. Crossman who was impressed with the ease at which Grandmaster Delaney transitioned into the ground techniques. Joe Szelangowski, from the Newport Modern Arnis team and a professional boxing coach, said he especially enjoys training with Grandmaster Delaney because he relates the material in terms he can understand. "Once he puts the technique into boxing terms, I can get it," said Joe.

Awards were presented to two dedicated Modern Arnis black belts at the Newport mini-Camp as voted on by the IMAF Board of Directors in Arizona this year. Sensei Jerri Bruno was awarded "Team player of the Year 2002" for demonstrating the highest level of unselfish devotion to fellow students of Modern Arnis. Guro John Connors was awarded "Assistant Instructor of the Year 2002" for his superior performance and dedication to the Modern Arnis program at Norwich University. The other award, "Instructor of the Year" was awarded earlier this summer to black-belt instructor, Fred Wegner from Arizona, a student of Sifu Edgar Cordova. (Grandmaster Delaney, along with the IMAF Board of Directors, plans to award and recognize those exceptional students who participate in IMAF events and serve others while propagating the Art of Modern Arnis.)
Following training on Friday night Lisa and Dick McManus hosted the group in their home in Newport for a pizza party and 'martial arts pajama party'. Students of the mini-camp were invited to spend the night at the McManus home and enjoyed getting to know each other off the training floor. Ernie Sternberg from Connecticut, who recently resumed training in Modern Arnis, rescued a cricket and gave us some insight into child rearing. John Connors shared some of his exciting adventures and interesting personalities from his military days as an army Ranger. We ate, laughed and joked into the early morning hours. Saturday morning Lisa prepared breakfast for the group and then it was off to the gym to train again.

Students arrived 30 minutes early, so McManus began the session with Professor Presas' knife disarms with follow-ups. Dr. Steve Downs from Maine shared many follow-up techniques from his Art with his training partner. The speed and skill with which his techniques were delivered spoke of years of dedicated training in Martial Arts. Guro Mike Antunes of Antunes Filipino Martial Arts in Massachusetts and several of the others students on the floor also demonstrated great skill in their delivery of the techniques. Grandmaster Delaney began the official session with basic palis-palis but once again quickly took the techniques from basic to advanced and then to the ground. He also explored many counter-attacks and injected Filipino kicking into the drills. It was fun to observe the precision kicking of some of the advanced people, like Sensei Quinlan and Sensei Kiersnowski.

At lunch, the entire group stayed for a buffet lunch hosted by Grandmaster Delaney and attended by Sensei Bruno, Kim Compo and Lyndsey Currier. Students enjoyed a light but satisfying lunch and began to train in less than 40 minutes. This mini-camp was a serious workout, no wasted time here. McManus began training with entries off single sinawali and counter attacks. Again, counter-to-the-counter attacks had students taking very basic techniques and applying them to completion (ground work). Grandmaster Delaney gave expert instruction the students on the effective use of the knee bar and the ankle break off the sit-down takedown. He demonstrated many reversals that rendered the opponent vulnerable and helpless. He also reviewed some of the techniques from Friday's seminar. Lyman Prior, a dedicated regular at the all New England events and most Camps, trained diligently with his training partners. Darcy Marczynski and Sensei Joe Sherwood demonstrated skill and enthusiasm while performing these techniques. Sensei Les Kiersnowski, Brian Hubbard and Alan Rawson worked hard taking every move to completion, undaunted by the gym floor. Dan Sherwood, an attorney from Manchester, New Hampshire, also demonstrated great enthusiasm for his new Art. Kevin Greeley and Paul Boruso vigorously applied each technique while Karen Greeley, a relative newcomer to Modern Arnis, got a technique down so well that we named it Karen's technique. Bravo Karen!

The energy at this mini-camp was incredible. In fact, the energy, quality of instruction and participation at all IMAF seminars and camps has been exceptional this summer. Clearly, Grandmaster Delaney and the IMAF Board of Director's plan to create a solid, enthusiastic TEAM devoted to serving the students of Modern Arnis, has begun to take shape. Bravos to all whom contribute to the success of the TEAM and thanks to everyone who helped make the Newport Mini-Camp a success again this year. The next mini-camp in New Hampshire is scheduled for April 4 & 5, 2003, see Events for more details.

Lisa McManus writes Camp Chronicles. If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, please contact the author at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Fred Wegner Named Modern Arnis Instructor of the Year!

Fred Wegner of Tuscon, Arizona was named Modern Arnis Instructor of the Year by the I. M. A. F. Inc. board of Directors. Mr. Wegner has worked hard to promote and sustain Modern Arnis in the Tuscon and Southwest U. S. area. His excitement and commitment to the art and his students has made him a valuable member of the International Modern Arnis Federation. Mr. Wegner currently holds the rank of Lakan (Black Belt) in Modern Arnis.

Phoenix Camp A True Celebration of Modern Arnis!

Edgar and Maggie Cordova hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney for the 2nd Annual Remy Presas Modern Arnis Camp at the magnificent Marriott Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on August 2,3 & 4, 2002. Twenty-eight people attended this celebration of Modern Arnis. Sifu Edgar Cordova, Kevin McManus, Chester Brown, Fred Wegner, Chris Mitter, Mateo Merrell, Roberto Yroz and Carlos Tolsa demonstrated the true spirit of martial arts. This team of black belts, directed by Grandmaster Delaney gave their all to insure the growth of the students at Camp. (Click here to see the nice letter drafted by Marlene Harris )

On Friday, Grandmaster Delaney taught the fundamentals of block check and counter, reviewing the correct foot work and body position. He then instructed the group on palis-palis techniques as taught by Professor Presas. He finished off the session with dynamic entries and Filipino dumog. The next session I taught single sinawali-two canes to one, block, check and counter. We reviewed the basic pattern and then added the pokes and traditional left and right sweep entries. To the delight of my very capable assistant, Fred Wegner, I demonstrated techniques that allowed the single stick fighter to react and disarm the double stick opponent upon each entry, pointing out that they were no longer left and right entries but cross hand and parallel entries. From that point in the training we began to explore counter-to-the-disarms within the drill. The students, with the help of the black belt team, acquired skill in disarming, changing hands and counter attacking.

Friday evening Grandmaster Delaney lead the group in a variety of empty hand techniques off the sinawali boxing drill. The evening flew by and the energy on the floor was incredible. Friday night we assembled by the pool to snack and relax together. Roberto and Lisa Yroz treated the group to snacks and drinks. Sarah Mitter, a competitive swimmer who is also expecting the Mitter's first child, gave Kevin and I swimming lessons. I learned from Sarah's husband Chris to "breath more air than water!" Good advice. Thanks Coach! We swam, ate and visited into the very late evening.

Saturday we covered a variety of materials including abanico-corto, traditional disarm and counters to the traditional disarms. Grandmaster Delaney also demonstrated various ways to counter-attack by abandoning the cane and following the opponents energy. We included a session on ukemi techniques. Chris Mitter brought his mats to allow students to practice falling comfortably. Chris wowed the students will his dynamic ukemi skills when he assisted me in teaching the dance of pain as initiated from the choke. Sifu Cordova and Roberto Yroz coached students in several judo drills to promote safe falling techniques. This was a great addition to the curriculum. So many students appreciated the opportunity to learn these falling skills that are often neglected in training. Saturday afternoon Grandmaster Delaney taught trapping skills, empty hand and with canes. I had the pleasure of working with Master Bill Burch, who mastered those locks in no time. Master Burch's student Gilbert Houseax worked enthusiastically with the assistance of Michael Burch. Jun Saguid, David Rodriguez and Dennis Estrada were demonstrating skill and speed in acquiring the locks from this drill by the end of the session.

Saturday evening came all too quickly, but as usual, my favorite part of Camp. The entire group worked diligently on Forms. We had an energetic evening during which students quickly learned the basics of four Forms. Chester Brown gave special instruction to Vangee Nez, Maggie Cordova, David Rodriguez and Dennis Estrada. Thanks Chester! We all practiced, worked hard and enjoyed our time. This section of Camp was the most incredible evidence of teamwork and camaraderie I've ever seen. (It just keeps getting better!) At the end of the session Fred Wegner was named Modern Arnis Instructor of the year in honor of the energy and commitment he has demonstrated in sharing the Professor's art with others.

Saturday night we all met by the pool. Sarah Mitter, Maggie Cordova and several others brought snacks and drinks. The entire team, including Grandmaster Delaney's guests from Italy, Flavio and Anna Maran and their friend Gabriella, came to 'hang out' and enjoy each other's company. We sang and celebrated Jimmy Welch's twenty-sixth birthday. Flavio Maran, an accomplished Martial Artist and a Professor of Chemistry remarked how amazed he was at the closeness of the people in our group. He was impressed with the true 'family' atmosphere, which was the essence of the entire Camp.

Sunday morning Margaret Wiles was hard at work reviewing Forms with several of the other students before Camp. Margaret, as student of Sifu Cordova and Fred Wegner said, "I was nervous that Camp would be too difficult for me, but everyone, especially Kevin helped me to really learn the techniques and I think I will be able to retain them." She was delighted to attend the event and reported that she is already planning for next years Camp in Arizona. Jeff Mont-Elton was also hard at work with me prior to Sunday training. Marlene Harris and Jeff Harris worked side-by-side with us until the official commencement of Sunday's session. Sunday morning we worked knife disarms and body angling. This session was fast-paced and dynamic with many follow-ups to takedowns and locks.

The Sunday celebration of knowledge (test) was a great event. Fred Wegner and Mateo Merrell rallied in exceptional form throughout testing as did our good friends Chris Mitter and Michael Burch. Chester Brown assisted Grandmaster Delaney as uke throughout the test and then put Roberto Yroz through the paces. They performed all techniques to takedowns and finishing moves. It was exciting to observe.

The closing ceremony officiated by Grandmaster Delaney and his directors, Sifu Cordova and myself, was again reminiscent of Camps directed by Professor Presas. There was a genuine outpouring of affection and appreciation by all Camp participants. Professor Presas would have been proud of the accomplishment of the members of his team. This is one Camp you don't want to miss next year; it's a true celebration of Modern Arnis. Great job Edgar and Maggie! PHOTO GALLERY!

Lisa McManus writes Camp Chronicles. If you have any questions or comments you may direct them to her at mcmanusl@srnet.com.

Edgar Cordova Teaches Modern Arnis in Phoenix

Saturday July 27th 2002 Sensei Jerry Shaw ,owner of Arizona Shaloin Kenpo Academy in Mesa, Arizona hosted an Arnis and Shinkendo seminar. Edgar Cordova taught Modern Arnis cane disarms, takedowns and locks. Sensei Jeff Harris and Sensei Marlene Harris taught the beautiful art of Shinkendo. The seminar ended with an awesome cutting demonstration by Sensei Jeff and Sensei Marlene Harris and their students. Thank you to Sensei Jerry Shaw for his hospitality.

Shekosky Summer Sensation 2002

Cromwell Modern Arnis Summer Camp was a tremendous success this year with 28 participants and plenty of good will on hand. Sensei Frank and Sifu Debbie Shekosky hosted what should be known as the "summer sensation" as it was possibly the highest energy Camp I've ever attended. The Camp was held at Cromwell Martial Arts, the Shekosky's school in Cromwell, Connecticut July 19, 20 and 21, 2002 and dedicated to the late Grandmaster Remy Presas. Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, successor to Professor Presas, conducted the majority of the teaching with assists from Sensei Shekosky, Sifu Edgar Cordova and I.

Grandmaster Delaney began the Camp by reviewing basic palis-palis techniques. He then added dynamic dumog techniques. Students worked diligently on the progression from the all-important 'entry' to the takedown. "I liked the progression from the basic entries to the takedowns," reported Rob Kobell. Rob also remarked on the "quality instruction" given throughout this Summer Camp. "It's great to work the basic techniques and see where they are going", he added.

I had the privilege of teaching abanico corto on Friday afternoon. We worked primarily on the details of the entry skills and control. John Connors, Sensei Bruno, Marcia Gobeil, Mike Antunes, and Andrew Chrostowski all assisted in the uke position for this section of training.

During the evening session on Friday, Sensei Shekosky, assisted by John Connors, worked with us on his speciality, the joint locks of Modern Arnis. At that session, we worked individual locks and then linked them up into a series. Sensei Shekosky also taught abedeciaro (obstruction removal) skills during Friday's evening session. There is something energizing about the 'slap-off drill'. Students were amazed at the power and speed demonstrated by Sensei Bruno during this drill.

On Saturday, Grandmaster Delaney taught basic right-on-right tapi-tapi. Brenda Forsyth and her partner Darcy Marcyznski, David Quinlan's students, took to this drill quickly and became quite skilled at it by the end of the session. Darcy also had the honor of tutelage by Sifu Edgar Cordova from Arizona. Frances Lorenzi received some special instruction from Sensei Bruno and Sifu Shekoski while Chris Belloro worked with John Connors. Sensei David Quinlan from Vermont helped Mike Riggilo from Ohio to make connections and work the basics while Michael Antunes II worked a great deal with Eric Howe and Lyman Prior. Luke Smith was a big help to several people on the floor including Ernie Sternberg and Rajir Huria while Marcia Gobeil also made the rounds to help out where needed. Sifu Shekoski, Wayne Mackey, Phillis Divins and I worked on fine tuning ground techniques on and off throughout this segment of training. It was a real team event.

Saturday night brought us to the usual Forms Training, my personal favorite part of Camp. Sensei and Sifu Shekosky taught the cane forms. Grandmaster Delaney worked with those who preferred not to do forms on right-on-right tapi. Brenda Forsyth and Darcy benefited from an hour of his personal instruction. Sifu Edgar Cordova worked with students on and off throughout this session in areas where they requested his assistance. I had the privilege of leading the group through Forms 1-7. We practiced with enthusiasm and energy so the 3-hour session was over before we knew it. Rob Kobell and Harry Sansaricq's hard work ethic encouraged the group to practice, practice, and practice! They were great motivators. The good cheer of Sensei Quinlan made this a most delightful part of Summer Camp.

Sunday morning Grandmaster Delaney conducted a review of the majority of techniques covered in Camp. I also did a quick review of abanico-corto for the group. Test time, as usual, was filled with a bit of trepidation from the participants. However, the tension in the room relaxed quickly as the test began. Sensei Shekoski, Sifu Cordova and I viewed the eight people testing. The Forms presentation of the test was nothing less than magnificent with dynamic, powerful performances of all eight empty hand forms and all four cane forms by Sensei Bruno, John Connors. The test, as the entire Camp, was a real statement of teamwork and unification.

Grandmaster Delaney ended Camp with the traditional ceremony as done through the years by Professor Presas. The attitude and camaraderie present at this Camp would surely have made the Professor proud. Bravo to all whom assisted and participated in the sensational Cromwell Modern Arnis Camp 2002. Thanks Frank and Debbie, well done! PHOTO GALLERY

Lisa McManus writes Camp Chronicles. If you have comments or questions, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney Honored as Arnis
Grandmaster of the Year-2002

On Saturday, June 29, 2002, Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney was awarded the title of "Grandmaster of the Year" at the 7th Annual World Karate Union Hall of Fame Banquet and Awards Ceremony hosted by Frank, Kathi and Trevor Tasetano. Nominees present had been nominated throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia and Australia. The more than 450 martial artists present were truly deserving of respect and recognition. This year's ceremony was dedicated to the late Kyoshi Gallon a WKU Board Member and all the heroes of 9-11.

The weekend started out on Saturday morning with demonstrations and instructional seminars taught in the training room of the beautiful Chateau at Camelback in Tannersville, PA. Many fascinating seminars were presented by renowned martial artists like: Grandmaster Steven Sun, Grandmaster Fuse Kise, Grandmaster Gary Alexander, Master Maurice Moore, Master Robert Kristensen and Modern Arnis by Grandmaster Delaney just to name a few. The day was one of sharing and caring in the way of true martial artists. Everyone exchanged ideas and showed appreciation for the differences in styles and techniques. During the breaks Grandmaster Delaney and I had the privilege of working with Master Garfield (Willie) Wilson, Master Melbert Lee Sr, Sensei Danielle Tripplett and Master Alan Golberg's student, Rich on Modern Arnis techniques. People assembled in the halls to watch these skilled martial artists enthusiastically practice our style. It was a great experience.

During the lunch break, several of us went to the Chateau's lovely pool and recreation area to relax in the sun. A young girl about 4 years old had slipped off the step into the water. She obviously didn't know how to swim and her parents had lost sight of her. Without hesitation Grandmaster Delaney jumped in to save the little girl. Although the girl was shaken, she was fine. Bravo GM on a job well done!

That evening the Banquet and Awards Ceremony was an incredible event with gourmet dining and live music by former United States Marine, Joe Mannino from North Carolina. Kathi, Frank and Trevor Tasetano saw to every detail, including gifts for inductees and honored guests. We all had a marvelous time. We had the pleasure of sitting with Master Garfield (Willie) Wilson and Master Melbert Lee Sr., who both teach Isshinryu Karate in Knoxville, Tennessee. Master Wilson was inducted into the Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the Year that evening as well. This black tie event was one of the premier events of the year and quite a memorable one.

Sunday, June 29th, 2003, was the 5th Annual WKUHOF Karate Tournament. Although we were unable to attend the tournament, clearly it was an event that the younger people enjoyed and anticipated. All festivities were held at the Chateau at Camelback. Congratulations to all the inductees for 2002. Thank you Frank, Kathi and Trevor for a memorable event. Hope to see you next year!

Questions or comments regarding the content of this article should be directed to the author, Lisa McManus at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Tucson Seminar Caters to a Growing Group

Edgar Cordova Hosted the annual June Arizona seminar with two days of training. Saturday featured advanced training and curriculum review beside the pool at Edgars house and was attended by Chris Mitter, Chester D. Brown, Vangee Nez, Roberto Yroz and Fred Wegner. Edgars wife Maggie provided drinks, snacks and made us welcome ain her home.

Saturdays seminar featured lots of ground work focusing on takedowns ending in a variety of chokes, knee bars, heel hooks and arm breaks. Chris mitter brought students from his sierra Vista School including Frank Maynor recently back from Bosnia. Mike Burch also brought his students from Phoenix.. Chester Brown and Vangee Nez traveled from New Mexico. Edgar Cordova and Fred Wegner are now teaching Modern Arnis in three locations in Tucson and are attracting more students each day. The 2002 Phoenix Summer Training camp hosted by Edgar is sure to be a success. For more information on the camp Click Here!.

Lisa McManus's California Modern Arnis Seminar, Another Success!

Guro Jim and Simu Lorie Trapani and Guro Richard Baciarini of Pallen's Martial Arts School hosted Lisa McManus for an exciting weekend of training in Davis, California. On Friday, May 31, 2002, Guro Andre Gaorian met Grandmaster Delaney and I at the Oakland Airport. He drove us to Davis, CA, where we met Simu Lorie for a delightful lunch at Café Italia. We relaxed by the pool for a few hours and then went on the Pallen's Martial Arts School to observe Friday training. Guro Jim taught advanced Senkotiros to the black belts that night. Guro Richard taught squad leaders techniques for teaching and leadership skills. Guro Russ instructed a group in sparing techniques followed by advanced sparing class with Guro Jim and Guro Richard. The level of commitment and skill demonstrated by these instructors and the students at Davis school was remarkable. The leadership training conducted by Guro Richard was particularly interesting as the teaching of these skills are often neglected. Bravo Davis School on conducting such a thorough program! Friday night after training the Guro Jim and Simu Lorie treated us to a delightful meal of exotic pizza and spirits. Several of the students and instructors, including: Guro Richard, Marie, Guro Russ, Barry, Beth and Susan joined us for this nights experience. We had a great time.

Saturday morning after breakfast we arrived at Davis School about 8:00 a.m. where we trained some of the students in advance of the seminar to assist other students. Simu Stacy had the honor of working one-on-one with Grandmaster Delaney. I taught Guro Richard a few techniques and had him work them with John. Then I taught Guro Andre a few techniques and had him work with other students on the floor. By 9:00 a.m. several of the students had a good grasp of Professor Presas' 2 canes-to-1 cane drill. At 9:00 a.m. I began to present the beginning of the curriculum I developed specifically for this seminar. Students were taught disarms, takedowns and chokes from static strikes. As they progressed, they were able to apply those same techniques from the 2 canes to 1 drill. It was wonderful to watch students like: Jason, John, Jocelyn, Nathan, Hailee, Sandy, Shawn, Beth, Barry, Susan and Anthony grasp the material so quickly when assisted by Davis' top notch instructors: Guro Jim, Simu Lorie, Guro Richard, Guro Andre, Simu Stacy, Simu Shawna, Guro Russ and Simu Jenny. Hailee, the youngest student on the floor learned techniques with relative ease and near the end of the seminar worked them with her dad, Mike Wiggins, also a student at the Davis School. The entire team enjoyed both the stick work and the dumog as presented and the opportunity to train one-on-one with Grandmaster Delaney throughout the seminar. At the end of the seminar we were delighted to be invited to become an official part of the Davis family of Pallen's Martial Arts.

Saturday night the entire group met at Sudwerks, where we enjoyed fine dining on the patio. Professor Max Pallen joined us following dinner for spirited conversation and relaxation. Sunday night Professor Pallen, Grandmaster Delaney and I enjoyed an exquisite meal at Hobarts in San Leandro. Professor Pallen, the ultimate host again showed us a wonderful time. Thank-you Professor Pallen, Guro Jim and Simu Lorie for your incredible hospitality and for making our trip a magnificent one. Plans are being made to hold another seminar in Davis, California in January 2003. Watch the Seminar section of this site for further details.

Seminar Shorts are written by Lisa McManus, Professor at Norwich University and Master Instructor. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to the author at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Jeff Delaney to be Inducted into WKU Hall of Fame as Arnis Grandmaster of the Year.

On June 29, 2002 Jeff Delaney will be inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame as Arnis Grandmaster of the Year. The event will be held at the Chateau at Cammelback in Tannersville, PA. Mr. Delaney will also be a guest instructor at the Saturday Sseminar.This black tie event is attended by over 450 people each year. For more information please visit the Events page.

York, Maine and Newport New Hampshire -A Dynamic and Exciting Weekend of Advanced Training.

Dr. Steve Downs from York, Maine, hosted Grandmaster Delaney and Master Lisa McManus for advanced training at his new dojo on Saturday, May 18, 2002. Grandmaster Delaney blended tapi-tapi techniques with excellent follow-up ground fighting skills (Filipino Dumog) for this training session. Present at the seminar were: the Grandmaster, Lisa McManus, Dr. Downs, his student, Dennis, Marcia Gobeil, John Connors, Alan Rawson and Brian Hubbard. This enthusiastic group worked the full gamut of techniques with many takedowns and submissions for four and one half-hours. Dr. Downs, with years of Martial Arts experience in Judo and JuJitsu and his own well-equipped, Shoshin Dojo, remarked how much he enjoyed the ability to take the cane techniques to the more advanced dumog, which is frequently neglected. He said that he saw many similarities and complimentary techniques to his other Arts and enjoyed the delivery by Grandmaster Delaney, successor to Professor Presas. "I really like the way Grandmaster Delaney presents the ground fighting," said Brian Hubbard. "I've learned so much from his teaching", he added. "This is some of the best training I've ever had," said Alan Rawson, "I have made so many connections at this seminar. Steve's dojo is perfect for advanced training, I hope we can come back," he said.

Following the Maine seminar, the group proceeded to Newport, New Hampshire where an intimate dinner and quite lively card game was hosted by Dr. and Master McManus. The next morning the group convened at Sensei Jerri Bruno's dojo for more advanced training. Present at that session were: Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, Datu Halford Jones of Claremont NH, Master Lisa McManus, Sensei Jerri Bruno, Marcia Gobeil, John Connors, Brian Hubbard, Joe Szelangowski, Kim Compo, and Lyndsey Currier. Grandmaster Delaney demonstrated some traditional Arnis techniques adding multiple takedowns and submissions. The students enjoyed the masterful presentation of this material by GM Delaney. Datu Halford Jones, renowned writer and Martial Arts historian, was McManus' first Arnis Instructor, and is a good friend of Grandmaster Delaney. He came to lend his usual support and enthusiasm for the Filipino Martial Arts.

"Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus are the finest Modern Arnis instructors, without peer", said John Connors, who stated that he felt very fortunate to have two instructors who worked as a team committed to delivering the Art with concern for the people. John Connors, the teams 'right-hand-man', practiced many judo techniques with Dr. Downs during and after training. His enthusiasm and willingness to work hard added greatly to this seminar. Marcia Gobeil demonstrated great skill in entries and follow-up ankle locks and destructions. Her determination and willingness to assist was noted by all. "The ground techniques have always been difficult for the students, especially the women. Grandmaster Delaney provides the detailed information that enables women to do the techniques successfully," said Sensei Jerri Bruno. "Professor McManus is one of the most enthusiastic instructors I've ever worked with. She adds the patient woman's touch in working with the female students which enables them to succeed without fear of being hurt. Her energy level and hard work ethic keep us all pumped. Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus are a wonderful team encouraging and enabling everyone with whom they work," reported Sensei Bruno, "I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such skilled instructors who really care about the students. I think together they will bring more women to Modern Arnis," she added. The weekend of training went by quickly. Sensei Bruno continued review with the group as the Grandmaster was taken to meet his flight back to Texas. The training was tremendously successful. Everyone worked hard and gleaned much from Grandmaster Delaney's visit to York, Maine and Newport New Hampshire; a rewarding weekend for all..

Seminar Shorts are written by Lisa McManus, Master Instructor and Professor at Norwich University. If you have comments or questions, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Austin Seminar a Full House!

Twenty-four Texans attended the April 27 seminar at Jeff Delaney"s studio in Dripping Springs, TX. Attending from Austin were Matt Badowski, John Cazares and two of his students as well as Ed Loomis, Amos Hunter, Jessica Allison and John Taylor, a native of Dripping Springs from Brian Duffy's Kenpo, The oldest martial arts school in Austin. Bryan/College Station was represented by Veterans Kim Sullivan, Frank Shipman, Chris Ball, James Schroder and Mary Conway. A special thank goes to Kim and her group for helping others understand the Techniques presented. Greg Harris and his student John drove down from Dallas and brought Texas Karate legend Master James Toney with them. We were honored to have this pioneer of the Martial Arts in Texas in attendance. Walter Delaney drove up from San Antonio and Claudia Tapia's school in Alice Texas was represented by her Husband and three students including Mona Avilar who's personality brightened the San Antonio winter camp. Camp veteran Alan Cheung and Johnny Magana made the trip from Tyler, Texas.

The techniques presented ranged from entering skills to chokes, takedowns and submissions and extra attention was paid to the fine details that make the techniques effective against a larger and stronger opponent. During the five hours of training old friendships were renewed and new ones were started, all in the family spirit of Modern Arnis.

Deno Cain Hosts Record Seminar in Detroit!

Sensei Deno Cain hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney for a one-day seminar in Detroit, Michigan on April 13th. Fifty people attended this action-packed seminar. Grandmaster Delaney taught dynamic disarms to aggressive takedowns that were enjoyed by all participants.

In the last few years of his life, Professor Presas didn't work on many of the ground techniques of his style due to knee and leg issues. However, before he left this earth, he instructed his successor, Jeffrey Delaney, to revive the ground techniques of his art and infuse them into the already exciting curriculum. Delaney rose to that challenge and presented material from basic to advanced in an easily understood format. His knack for detailed information and patient teaching skill impressed those who had not experienced his brand of instruction. Several of the women participants expressed that, "I never thought I could take a man to the ground, he showed me that I can". Their excitement was palpable.

Sensei Cain, whose organizational skills are second to none, attended to every detail. In addition, his staff of energetic black belts was on hand to assist those newer to Modern Arnis with their training. This event, with 50 enthusiastic participants, leads me to believe that the October Camp hosted by Sensei Cain will be one we won't want to miss! For further details about the October Detroit Camp, please see the events section of the Webpage.

Seminar Shorts are written by Lisa McManus. If you have any questions or comments about the material, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com .

Lisa McManus Holds successful mini-Camp in Newport, New Hampshire

On Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th, Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney held another successful mini-Camp in Newport, New Hampshire hosted by Lisa McManus. Twenty-six people attended the mini-Camp including students from the Modern Arnis program at Norwich University.

On hand to assist with newer students were the "usual devoted group", including but not limited to: Marcia Gobeil, Luke Smith, John Connors, Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro Kevin McManus, Dr. Steve Downs, Alan Rawson, Brian Hubbard, Lyman Prior, Joe Szelangowski and Kim Compo. Marc Richard joined the group from South Boston and Scott Litewski, from Indiana was on hand to enjoy the dynamic teaching of Grandmaster Delaney.

On Friday night Grandmaster Delaney taught traps to immediate takedowns. The students enjoyed the aggressive training and the fine details skillfully delivered by Delaney. The group then assembled at the home of Lisa McManus for refreshments and good conversation with much of the food prepared by Marcia Gobeil. (Thanks Marcia) Over snacks, Marc Richard discussed his training with our long time friend, Alix Liveau. He was impressed with the impact that Grandmaster Presas had had on so many people. As last year, students were invited to stay at the McManus home overnight, which coined the mini-Camp as a Martial Arts pajama party.

On Saturday, the group explored yet more entries and the concept of commanding the 'center line'. The Grandmaster also introduced some of the Modern Arnis knife defenses, explaining the impact that the Filipino's had on the military because of their stealth with bladed weapons. He discussed many of the valuable, but often missed concepts like disarming the weapon toward or into the opponent instead of merely disarming. He also explained that like Grandmaster Presas' teachings, it is better to avoid the confrontation and get away. This full day of training was closed with an exciting tapi-tapi demonstration given by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Guro Kevin McManus.

The next New Hampshire Mini-Camp is scheduled for August 23rd and 24th. For further information, please contact Lisa McManus at mcmanusl@srnet.com

Cromwell Martial Arts Annual Modern Arnis Seminars successful again this year.

Frank and Debbie Shekosky hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney for a two-day seminar in Middletown, Connecticut on March 16 and 17, 2002. Twenty-six people participated in Modern Arnis training at these seminars. Grandmaster Delaney taught a variety of advanced material with locks and takedowns. Emphasis was placed on the initial entry and body mechanics to facilitate full control of the opponent. Grandmaster Delaney, who possesses great ground fighting skill, demonstrated how to follow the opponent to the ground and pin their arms and legs while maintaining chokes and locks. This group really enjoyed the takedowns and advanced material.

By popular demand, Frank Shekosky taught a section on joint locking. Sensei Shekosky's mastery of the ju-jitsu of Modern Arnis and his expert delivery, with the assistance of John Connors, added a nice dimension to the training. In addition to the 'usual devoted crew': Frank and Debbie Shekosky, Marcia Gobeil, Luke Smith, John Connors, James Navarro, Bryson Coopersmith, Gordon Geiger, Robert Klezum and Andrew Chrostowski, there were excited newcomers to Professor Presas' Art: including but not limited to: Patrick Carufe, Byron Divins, Eric Hale, Joe Muscatello, Joseph Grzegorczyk and Wayne Macke. Many of the newcomers possessed great skill in other Arts as was evident during the training. These individuals immediately began to integrate Modern Arnis to their bank of knowledge. Also present were several young students who immediately fell in love with the 'clack of the canes'. These kids, Victoria, Kristen, Michael, Sarah and Patrick all enthusiastically worked block, check and counter and empty hand trapping skills from single sinawali prior to the adult seminar. Victoria, the oldest of the children said, "I really like this. When can we do it again?"

Grandmaster Delaney's team, above referred to as the "usual devoted crew" applied their positive energies and skills to helping those less familiar with the art during both seminars. The camaraderie on the floor was reminiscent of seminars with Grandmaster Presas, everyone helpful, everyone interested in the other and that of palpable excitement. 'Hats off' to these true Martial Artists. They enabled the newer people to grasp a great deal of material in a short period of time. Bravo to Grandmaster Delaney and Frank Shekosky for assembling a worthy New England team to carry on the legacy of Grandmaster Remy Presas. Plans for next year's seminar are already underway. Picture Gallery. For further details, contact Sensei Shekosky at Cromwell Martial Arts at 860-632-8188 or visit their website at www.cromwellmartialarts.com

Seminar Shorts are written by Lisa McManus. If you have any questions or comments please write the author at mcmanusl@srnet.com

"Do not make even one enemy, make everyone your friend and we shall all grow together." Grandmaster Remy Presas 1998

Youngest Modern Arnis Black Belt Earns Second Black Belt

Kevin McManus recently earned his Black Belt in Gojo-Ryu Karate. He now has earned 2 black belts and holds a brown belt in Shoinryu Karate. Kevin was the youngest person to ever earn the rank of Lakan under Grandmaster Remy Presas. He began his arnis studies at age 4 under the tutelage of Datu Halford Jones a long-time friend of Grandmaster Presas. Grandmaster Remy Presas took Kevin under is wing at the tender age of 5 devoting a great deal of time to this enthusiastic youngster one-on-one. Kevin has attended 28 Modern Arnis Camps, many seminars and trained with the New Hampshire Modern Arnis team on a regular basis. By age 10 Kevin successfully passed the Black Belt test in Modern Arnis to become the youngest Black Belt in our Art.

Kevin's achievements don't stop there. He is a High Honors student with straight A's three years in a row. He studies Yoga and has taken adult massage therapy courses. Kevin has proven himself to be an excellent assistant instructor in both Modern Arnis and Karate. He taught a section of training in Modern Arnis at the Arizona Camp in 2001 and has been invited to do so again by Camp Director, Edgar Cordova. "People loved him, he is humble and skilled," reports Cordova. The late Grandmaster Presas said the very same thing about Kevin. Kevin credits both the late Grandmaster Presas and Grandmaster Delaney for his success. His humility and hard work ethic make him a valuable member of the Modern Arnis team. Congratulations to Kevin and to all those who enabled him to succeed.

Professor Max Pallen's Sama Sama Seminar and Banquet

On Saturday, February 16, 2002, Grandmaster Max M. Pallen hosted the SAMA-SAMA Martial Arts Seminar in San Leandro, California. Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and I ( Lisa McManus) were invited to represented Modern Arnis at this very special event.

We arrived Friday afternoon in Oakland, California and were greeted by Professor Pallen. This was the beginning of our adventure in Filipino hospitality. Professor Pallen took us to lunch at the Hilton where Professor Ed Lake and his assistant, Mark, met us. We enjoyed pleasant conversation and a wonderful lunch. Following lunch, we drove to the home of Professor Wally Jay. There we were greeted by Mrs. Jay and thrilled to the lively but brief demonstration of techniques by Professor Jay. It was wonderful to see the excitement on Professor Jay's face as he manipulated Sifu Goldade to the ground with the palm of his hand. It was also inspiring to capture on film three Grandmasters, Grandmasters, Jay and Delaney and Pallen, together in the Jay's home. After our visit with Professor and Mrs. Jay, we checked into our hotel and rested for a few hours. Following our brief period of relaxation, Grandmaster Pallen, Grandmaster Delaney, Sifu Dean Goldade, Professor Ed Lake, his assistant Mark, Mark Wiley, Guro Andre Gaorian and I spent a relaxing evening enjoying authentic Filipino food, desert, wine and wonderful conversation at the Manila Star restaurant. We celebrated our friendships until the early hours of the morning.

Saturday brought with it crisp California air and anticipation of the SAMA-SAMA Martial Arts Seminar. Grandmaster Pallen has hand picked the Instructors for this year's event, explaining that he has selected what he believed to be the most skilled, dynamic instructors in the United States. 60 of Professor Pallen's students attended the seminar. Prior to the seminar I gave Simu Shauna Okusako a brief introduction to palis-palis. Following that session, I had the privilege of working with a small group out on the sidewalk. Tuhan Jordan Pallen and Guro Andre Gaorian along with several of their students joined me in a brief session of palis-palis techniques. The excitement in this group was palpable. Grandmaster Delaney joined us on the sidewalk, working with Guro Jim Trapani on advanced trapping. Simu Stacy Desideri was also very pleased to get a private lesson on trapping with Grandmaster Delaney.

The seminar began with Michael Bates who taught some empty hand techniques and applications found in Kata. Grandmaster T.R. Crimi gave a dynamic presentation of his art using large canes to subdue and neutralize his opponents. Students were taught to disable their opponents quickly with seemingly little effort. Grandmaster Crimi's demonstration was both powerful and stimulating. Simu Lorie Trapani, Simu Shauna Okusako and Simu Stacy Desideri taught a segment on women's self-defense. Seminar attendees appreciated their skillful presentation and enthusiastic manner.

During the lunch break, Grandmaster Pallen took us to visit the school of Master Max Pallen, Jr. During our brief visit we watched some of Master Pallen's young female students prepare for their demonstrations at the Banquet to be held that evening.
Following the visit to the school, we enjoyed a pleasant lunch at a nearby café. Grandmaster Pallen, the consummate host, made certain that we were never hungry during our visit to California.

After lunch, I taught my portion of the seminar, in which we covered palis-palis techniques taking each technique to the ground. The students were thrilled to find the ease that Modern Arnis transfers from standing to grappling positions. Tuhan Jordan Pallen, a powerful man, assisted me in demonstrating that these takedowns are very effective on larger individuals with the appropriate body mechanics. Simu Shauna Okusako assisted with the children in the group. (Great job, Shauna!) Professor Ed Lake was up next. During his segment, Professor Lake taught the George Dillman method of pressure point fighting. Students were excited to learn that with the correct application, they could subdue opponents quite a bit larger than they with little difficulty. Professor Lake's presentation was energetic and informational. He also demonstrated how the Dillman pressure point system of fighting was very compatible with other martial arts, including Modern Arnis.

Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney taught the final segment of the Seminar. This was the first time the group had experienced the trapping of the art of Modern Arnis. Students were amazed at the applications of this fascinating Art as delivered by Grandmaster Delaney, successor of the late Grandmaster Presas. Delaney's ability to convey the fine details of the Art, explaining leverage and body positioning make him an excellent instructor for all level.

Following the Seminar, we prepared for the gala banquet that was attended by over 300 students and families from Professor Pallen's 5 schools. The gentlemen were dressed in suits or tuxedos, while the ladies wore formal evening wear. Again, in the "first class fashion" of Grandmaster Pallen the meal was served, awards were presented and demonstrations were all on time. Each of the Pallen son's schools put on incredible demonstrations including flying kicks, throws and beautifully executed Forms. Dancing followed the banquet and awards. Again, to my great surprise, Filipino hospitality didn't end after the dancing. Grandmaster and Mrs. Pallen invited Grandmaster Delaney, Sifu Goldade, Master Wiley and I to their home for more authentic Filipino fare. By 1:00 a.m. and we were enjoying yet another fine meal. At 2:00 a.m. Grandmaster Pallen brought us back to the hotel. That gave me time to pack, get 20 winks and catch the shuttle to my plane at 4:00 a.m. Again, to my surprise, I was met by Grandmaster Pallen's assistant, Guro Andre Gaorian to see me off…….yes, at 4:00 a.m. Filipino hospitality at it's best!!!!! Nobody does it like the Pallen group!

To sum up our experience at Grandmaster Max Pallen's SAMA-SAMA: delightful, inspiring, exciting……..PERFECT. Thank you Grandmaster & Mrs. Pallen, Tuhon Jordan Pallen, Master Max Pallen, Master Joseph Pallen and all who made our adventure to California an experience to remember.
If you have any questions or comments about this article, please contact the author, Lisa McManus at mcmanusl@srnet.com.

42 People Attend Philadelphia Winter Camp!
Forty-two people enjoyed the 2nd Annual Grandmaster Remy Presas Modern Arnis Camp in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 8, 9th and 10th at the Ramada Inn taught by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, successor to the late Grandmaster Presas. Grandmaster Max Pallen of Senkotiros, one of Grandmaster Presas first students in the United States, and Tuhon Chris Sayoc of Sayoc Kali provided special guest instruction in their arts as well.

Friday morning Camp began with Grandmaster Delaney giving basic instruction in palis-palis disarms. He followed up with dynamic applications and demonstrated the uses of the techniques in tapi-tapi. Jason White, Joe Reyes and Chris Karounos enthusiastically assisted newer students with these techniques. Professor Pallen introduced the students to the exciting combat twirling found in the art of Senkotiros with the assistance of our good friend, Michael McFarland. Students gathered after the seminar to enjoy Professor Pallen's warmth and listen to some of his accounts of Grandmaster Presas.

After lunch Friday Lisa McManus led the group through some crossada drills and the slap off drill for strikes one and two with the expert asssistance of Chad Dulin. Many of the students were relatively new to Modern Arnis, so they were eager to learn some of this basic but exciting material. Later that afternoon Grandmaster Delaney taught a variety of trapping techniques leading to takedowns. The follow-ups to the initial techniques were a lot of fun for the students as those with previous experience in other arts flowed to the ground. Les Kiernowski, of New Jersey, skillfully dropped his opponent several times, using his art, Judo, as a compliment to Modern Arnis. Again proving Professor Presas' recommendations to make Modern Arnis the "Art within your Art". Students are frequently amazed at the compatibility of Modern Arnis to all the Arts.

After dinner Chad Dulin of Deleware, led the group in joint locks and groundwork with the aid of Bryan Ehrlich of New Jersey. Marcia Gobeil, from Massachusetts and also one of Professor Presas' black belts, demonstrated great skill in the joint lock portion of training subduing considerably larger opponents. Chad's mastery of the Ju-jitsu in Modern Arnis and the students' eagerness to learn the techniques made for an enjoyable session for all. Add the infectious, raw excitement of Mike Esposito as he learned the techniques and this was one of the most fun sessions of Camp. Grandmaster Delaney then took the newer students to work some basic disarms and counter attacks. While Professor Pallen worked combat twirling with the advanced students in another room. Later that evening, Grandmaster Delaney worked advanced material with the advanced students while Chad and I took the newer students for additional training in crossada and the slap-off abecedario drill.

Saturday morning Grandmaster Delaney began the training with traps off the number one and two strikes. Grandmaster Pallen continued in the morning session with advanced twirling and blocking. After lunch on Saturday, Tuhon Chris Sayoc, taught his 9 pattern knife attack and demonstrated the usefulness of throwing projectile weapons at the attacker. His students worked with campers to insure that the material was understood.

Grandmaster Delaney then taught some advanced tapi-tapi entries and locks. Here again, students enjoyed the takedowns and the grappling entries afforded off the tapi-tapi drill. Delaney's lighthearted presentation combined with skillful explanation of the fine details afforded students to assimilate the material quickly. Ray Dionaldo and Charles Kangas, assistants to Tuhon Sayoc, both joined our group for this portion of training and demonstrated great skill in Kali, flowing easily into Modern Arnis. Mark Wiley, author of several popular books on the Filipino martial Arts was on hand for Camp and added his brand of enthusiasm to this energetic group.

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of instructing basic Forms with the assistance of Bryan Ehrlich. This is always my favorite part of Camp as Professor Presas appointed me to this position years ago. It is a special time where the students come together as a team to learn the forms at a relatively rapid pace. Chad Dulin and Dawud Muhamad instructed the advanced forms. Following Forms training, Michael and Karen Bates hosted a wonderful cocktail party in the hospitality suite of the Ramada. Everyone who attended Camp was present for this evening of pleasant conversation and good food. Joe Bridenstein, Professor Pallen and many of the long time followers of Grandmaster Presas reminisced about the old days with the Professor. This hospitality and relaxation has become a trademark of the Camp.

Sunday morning Grandmaster Delaney conducted a review followed by the testing. Chad Dulin administered the test. The testing board consisted of Karl Minkle, Lisa McManus, Chad Dulin, Deb Friedman and Anthony Solas. Grandmaster Delaney concluded Camp with an emotional reminder of the person responsible for our coming together, the late Professor Remy Presas. This Camp and those in the future will preserve Grandmaster Presas' beloved Art for generations to come. Picture Gallery.

Lisa McManus, Master Instructor of Modern Arnis, writes Camp Chronicles. If you have questions or comments regarding this material, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com.

Febraury 2002 San Antonio Winter Camp a Success!

The first Modern Arnis event of the year is the Annual San Antonio Winter Camp. Now in it's fifth year this camp has become the premier event of the International Modern Arnis Federation. Thirty four people made the journey to Texas this year for three days of fun and training under the instruction of Jeff Delaney and guest instructor Professor Max Pallen of Senkotiros Escrima. Additional instruction on the floor was provided by Jose Bueno, Chad Dulin, Edgar Cordova, Michael T. Bates and Mike McFarland. On Saturday night everyone relaxed in the hospitality suite and enjoyed some good old fashion Texas hospitality, I. M. A. F. style. Everyone made new friends, learned many new and exciting techniques and helped keep Professor Remy Presas Modern Arnis alive and kicking. For pictures of the camp visit the Picture Gallery
Jamil Tarkhani's October 27, 2001Kampfsport Festival in Germany Attended by 1,100 People!
On October 27, 2001, Jamil Tarkhani, International Modern Arnis Federation African Director and European Competition and Tournament Direstor hosted the first annual Kampfsport Festival in Tornesch, Germany. fhe festival featured performances and demonstrations by top martial artists and demo teams from around the world including Jeff Delaney, Grandmaster of Modern Arnis and successor to Professor Remy Presas; Tae Kwon Do'sOktar Cakir and his TANGUN Demo Team; Wun Hop Kuen Do's Dasos Estathiadis and his demo team; Shotokan Karate International's Thomas Varakliolis and his demo team; Brazilian Capoeeira Mestre Superior Jose' Mario Candido, Conta Mestres Marcelo Gomes Candido and Carlos Alberto Silva; The Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu European Team, Hans Richter and Jamil's own IMAF demo team. The 1,100 people attending were thrilled and entertained for over four hours by demonstrationa and seminars. The event generated over $8,000 that was donated to area Charitiiies.
Lisa McManus Teaches Modern Arnis Seminars in Veracruz, Mexico October 12, 13 and 14, 2001!

Professor Remy Presas' Art of Modern Arnis was introduced to the people of Veracruz, Mexico on October 11, 12, 13 and 14 through the efforts of Lisa McManus, assisted by Deno Cain. McManus' visit was hosted by Professor Sinuhe Martinez of the Asociacion Intergral de Arnis y Artes Marciales Mexico A.C. in Veracruz, Veracruz.

The morning of October 12th was an exciting adventure as Professor Martinez had scheduled television interview, newspaper and radio coverage. McManus and Cain demonstrated Modern Arnis self-defense techniques live on the set of the Veracruz television station accompanied by Martinez and Pedro Angel Lopez Ruiz. Reporters then gathered at the city's most popular coffeehouse to interview McManus and Martinez. Later that day, Professor Manuel Heredia, a Master in Tae Kwon Do, joined the group for a photo session. (see photo) Following the photo shoot, McManus conducted a formal seminar at the Imperial Hotel in the historic part of Veracruz. Fifty attendees were thrilled at the opportunity to study the art of Professor Presas as delivered in the energetic style of Lisa McManus. Self-defense techniques of Modern Arnis were taught, including cane defenses, several knife disarms and ground fighting.

During their stay in Mexico, McManus and Cain enjoyed the warm, inviting nature of the Mexican people. They also enjoyed Mexican fare, including boars tongue, squid soup, fish eyes, tacos, Calev Sanchez 'tejuinos drink' and possibly the world's best expresso coffee, called expresso forte. On October 13th McManus and Cain worked their first 'publicity tour' of the city. They did demonstrations throughout the city. Crowds gathered at historic sites and the naval peir to observe and participate in the action. While McManus taught palis-palis techniques of Modern Arnis, Cain gave a public Tai-Chi lesson. This publicity tour lasted all night and into the next day.

On the evening of October 14th, McManus was appointed an honorary director of the Association of Integral Arts of Mexico. Cain was appointed as an honorary technical assistant of that organization. These appointments signified the entry of Modern Arnis into the Mexican martial arts community. On the morning of October 15th, Professor Martinez and his assistant, Pedro Angel Lopez Ruiz, presented McManus with the patch of their organization as a symbol of their alliance. McManus being the only individual other than Martinez and Lopez Ruiz to possess this patch, a very special privilege according to the protocol of that organization. Additionally, Cain was given the gift of a uniform jacket from Lopez Ruiz as a gesture of goodwill and camaraderie.

Professor Presas and Modern Arnis were well represented and well received by the people of Veracruz, Mexico. McManus and Cain are scheduled to return in May and October 2002.

Modern Arnis Featured in October and December Issues of Black Belt Magazine!

Professor Remy Presas' Modern Arnis is featured in the October 2001 issue of Black Belt Magazine. The article, written by Grandmaster Jeff Delaney and containing Photos Jeff Delaney and Edgar Cordova, tells how the Professor developed his system to counter traditional Arnis by incorporating the most effective principles of prevalent Arnis systems. He then added his own Tapi-Tapi and Mano de Tranka innovations to produce his system of Modern Arnis that we know today. The issue will be available on news stands in early August.

Modern Arnis Program at NROTC Norwich University

Norwich University, one of the countries most prestigious Military Universities, is adding a Modern Arnis Program to it's NROTC curriculum. The program, developed and initiated by Lisa McManus with the support of Colonel Robert Beaudoin, USMC, is being taught twice a month beginning in the fall semester with two weekend mini camps each semester. Classes will be attended by 60 Cadets who will become Officers in the U. S. Marine Corps and United States Navy. Congratulations Lisa!


Modern Arnis Goes to Montana!

Edgar Cordova of Tucson Arizona recently traveled to Helena, Montana to introduce Professor Remy Presas's Modern Arnis. Edgar was hosted by Sensi Kenji Nakagawa and David Hartley of the Tong Ti Moo Do Martial Arts Academy and treated the participants, traveling from as far away as Great Falls and Missoula, to three days of training, fun and friendship. We'd like to welcome you to the Modern Arnis Family!


Scottsdale, Arizona's First Annual Summer Camp

Camp Chronicles by Lisa McManus


Edgar Cordova and his lovely wife Maggie hosted the first annual Remy Presas Modern Arnis Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thirty-eight people enjoyed the warmth of the surroundings and the people at this relaxed fun Camp. The Renaissance Scottsdale Resort was the perfect location with beautiful mountain views, swimming pools, spas and a spacious training facility. Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney conducted the majority of the training at this Camp along with Master Chuck Gauss, Master Jim Ladis and Master Ken Smith. Lisa McManus and Kevin McManus also conducted a portion of the group training at the request of Camp Director, Cordova.

The material at this Camp was vastly beginner to intermediate with some advanced training. The trademark of this Camp was more the feeling of warmth and sharing that took place on the training floor. This crowd was fun and relaxed. The Professor's spirit embodied this Camp as everyone had a good time. Who can forget the Professor's words of wisdom, "Have fun and you will learn." Those words were part of the theme for this Camp.

Instead of telling you about the techniques at this Camp, I want to tell you about the people. Let's start of Grandmaster Delaney. His patient, step-by-step teaching style and affinity for the beginners clearly indicate why Grandmaster Remy Presas chose him as successor. He is skilled, observant, quick to praise and always supportive of others on the floor. Then there is the dynamic Master Chuck (freight train) Gauss. I've personally watched his teaching evolve through the years. He is an excellent, excited instructor who obviously enjoys what he does. His enthusiasm makes his techniques memorable. Master Jim Ladis is a quiet teacher who observes and points out details for those who might have missed them. His strengths are clearly in the foundation material of Modern Arnis. Ken Smith has a dynamic all his own. He has memorable verbal cues for techniques that enhance the retention of the material taught. He is adamant about working the basics and expertly performs the advanced material. Kevin McManus, the youngest black belt in Modern Arnis, had the benefit of a great deal of one-on-one with Professor Presas and now Grandmaster Delaney, which has enabled Kevin to flow from one technique to another with skill and precision. His humble demeanor and genuine concern for others make him a wonderful addition to the teaching staff.

Edgar Cordova is a team player. He expects no recognition and works solely to support the Professor's art and Grandmaster Delaney. Carlos Tolsa, Roberto Yroz and Fred Wegner are incredible members of Edgar's team. They went out of their way the entire Camp to insure that the needs of others were met. They, like Edgar, treat everyone with respect and preserve the dignity of others, a truly remarkable team.

At Camp we worked palis-palis, abanico corto, basic disarms, tapi-tapi, striking patterns, footwork, forms and many other basic to intermediate techniques. Friday night was divided up into beginners and intermediates. Grandmaster Delaney instructed the beginner group. Masters Gauss, Ladis and Smith instructed the intermediates in right-on-right tapi-tapi with the help of Karen Callahan. Saturday night is traditional Forms night. Chris Mitter, Keith Packard, Matthew Moore, Matthew Merrell, Vincent Chambers, Carla Tolsa, Dennis Estrada, Carlos Tolsa, Vangee, Roberto Yroz and Fred Wegner worked on forms long after everyone else had quit for the evening. We laughed, joked, invested in each other, became a team and got the job done. For me this was the highlight of Camp. Attending most of the Camps, one might think that they become redundant and routine. Not so, each Camp has a different atmosphere and charm of it's own. This Camp stands out to me as one of the warmest, congenial Camp experiences that I have ever had. Congratulations to everyone who made this first Arizona Camp a resounding success. Do it again, Edgar. It was marvelous.

Lisa McManus writes Camp Chronicles. The opinions in this piece are the opinions of the author. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Lisa at mcmanusl@srnet.com.

Massachusetts Modern Arnis Summer Camp
Camp Chronicles by Lisa McManus

Richard Roy hosted his 13th Remy Presas Modern Arnis Camp at the beautiful Mount Holyoke Campus with the assistance of his son, Travis Roy and Justin Lively. Thirty-eight martial artists attended this event led by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, successor to Grandmaster Remy Presas. Grandmaster Delaney, Chuck Gauss, Richard Roy and Brian Zawilinski conducted the group instruction at this Camp. The participants were primarily intermediate and advanced students from the New England area. Much of the material reviewed was basic material that leads into advanced techniques.

Grandmasters Delaney, from Texas, presented his favorite disarms from the #2 strike with the locked knee takedown to get the action started. Later on during Camp he taught the ground fighting portion of the curriculum moping the floor once again with our good friends: Brett Salafia and Scott VanDerzee. Chuck Gauss, from Detroit, taught a multitude of dynamic techniques off tapi-tapi right on right with advanced takedowns and follow-ups. He also covered changing hands and two-on-one block, check and counter assisted by his students Leon Wilson and Andy DeJesus III. Richard Roy, from Massachusetts, covered basic disarms, footwork drills and positioning. Justin Lively spent a great deal of time on the gym floor as Richard's uke. Brian Zawalinski, from Connecticut, taught abanico-corto with innovations utilizing several people as his ukes, including John Connors from Vermont. The group was divided into advanced and beginner training for the Friday night session. Grandmaster Delaney with assistance from Lisa McManus taught the beginner's portion. Chuck Gauss, Richard Roy and Brian Zawilinski worked advanced material with brown belts and above. Saturday night, the traditional night for Forms was again divided into the advanced and beginners. Lisa McManus instructed the beginners on the basic Forms. The advanced forms were taught by Scott VanDerzee, and others on and off throughout the session. .

Noteworthy contributions to Camp were the team of Wayne Tanguay and Lee Anne Brophy who performed Forms flawlessly while assisting advanced students in fine-tuning their Forms. Also remarkable was the devotion of Andy DeJesus III and Leon Wilson who dedicated their Camp training to beginners Meghan Gardner and Helene Henri. Jay Preisner and Tom Cushing again this year, dazzled other participants with their mastery of joint locks. Travis (on the spot) Roy graciously handled every request and question, assisting with all the details that make Camp such an enjoyable experience for all of the participants. Thank you, Travis for a job well done.

Massachusetts' Camp attendees enjoyed demonstrations throughout Camp. Paul Kirschkum gave an excellent demonstration on disarms with a cane and empty-handed. Janet Aalfs performed her own cane form dedicated to the Professor entitled, "opening the way." Scott VanDerZee showed an introduction to kick boxing using techniques from Modern Arnis. Lisa McManus delivered self-defense material against bladed weapons from a grab and defenses against chokes. Kevin McManus wowed the crowd with his advanced tapi-tapi flow. And newcomer Meghan Gardner shared knife techniques from her style with the group. These demonstrations provided insight into the teaching style of other instructors while presenting a forum for exchange of ideas.

Richard Roy and Grandmaster Delaney ran Sunday's evaluation with an assist from Brian Zawalinski. Many students demonstrated powerfully during the evaluation, including but not limited to: Marcia Gobeil, Justin Lively, Tom Cushing, Deno Cain, Michael Antunes, and Jay Preisner. The Board members were impressed with the level of skill at this evaluation as reported by David Quinlan and Brett Salafia. Congratulations to Richard and Travis Roy on yet another successful Summer Camp.

Lisa McManus writes Camp Chronicles. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to her at mcmanusl@srnet.com.

Michigan State Summer Camp

Camp Chronicles by Lisa McManus


Terry Wharem hosted his 15th annual Remy Presas Modern Arnis Summer Camp at Michigan State University this summer. Fifty people attended this well-run summer Camp. Mr. Wharem and Jeffrey Delaney, successor and Grandmaster of Modern Arnis, welcomed participants to Camp on the first day with an emotional tribute to Grandmaster Presas. Both gentlemen recalled fond memories and relayed anecdotes of years gone by while urging students to keep the Professor in their prayers.

Official training began with Grandmaster Delaney teaching techniques from palis-palis with follow-up traps and takedowns. Chuck Gauss introduced the 1,2,5,12 right-on-right drill with the exuberance that earned him the nickname of the "freight train". He also reviewed a variety of striking techniques and takedowns. Ken Smith taught obstruction removal, double zero twirling and several ground techniques during his teaching sessions. He also introduced a 10 part lock series from a single punch designed to quickly enable students to learn joint locks. Jim Ladis taught techniques from sinawali-boxing drill, joint locks and traps from 1,2,5,12 right-on-right drill. David Converse reviewed empty-hand tapi-tapi as a sensitivity drill. He also demonstrated correct body positioning during the review of basic striking techniques like Rompida and Figure eight. Michael Bates gave a quick segment on "kitchen techniques". These techniques were little gems that the Professor handed down to Michael during morning coffee in Michael's kitchen.

Several interesting demonstrations were given by Modern Arnis students at this Camp. Dan MacConnell and Brian Johns did a demonstration incorporating a variety of leg locks into the Modern Arnis groundwork. Scott VanDerZee gave a dynamic demonstration of kickboxing drills assisted by Enoch Carlton and Michael Sanders. Kevin McManus showed a variety innovations for right-on-right and right-on-left tapi-tapi with the assistance of Jason Gearheart. With the assistance of Michael MacFarland, Lisa McManus introduced a multitude of self-defense techniques incorporating Modern Arnis follow-ups.

Friday night training was separated into advanced and beginner sessions. Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Lisa McManus worked a variety of counters to the basic disarms. These non-traditional counters enabled students to begin to think "out of the box". Chuck Gauss, Jim Ladis and Ken Smith conducted a lively session of advanced tapi-tapi training. Students enjoyed the opportunity to work this advanced material with their peers. Saturday night came all too quickly as it usually does when we are having a good time at Camp. Basic Forms were instructed by Beverly Sullivan with an assist from Brian Johns. Scott VanDerzee, John Doreck, Ed Kwan, and Gary Cunningham all had a hand in teaching the advanced Forms. During Forms instruction Chuck Gauss, Jim Ladis and Ken Smith again conducted advanced training.

Sunday brought everyone out in his or her formal uniforms for testing. Testing was conducted by Grandmaster Delaney who remarked that that "The Professor would be proud of the level of skill demonstrated on the floor." In usual fashion, Camp was concluded in a large circle. This was a sad and joyous event. Sad because it was the first Michigan Camp without the physical presence of Grandmaster Remy Presas; joyous because Grandmaster Presas' art continues to grow and be passed on to many. Congratulations to Terry Wharem on yet another fine Camp. Bravo to all whom contributed to its success.

Lisa McManus writes Camp Chronicles. All information presented is the opinion of this author. If you have any comments, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com .

Modern Arnis Visits Germany
Grandmaster Jeff Delaney taught two seminars in Hamburg and Tornesch, Germany on June 23 and 24 hosted by Jamil Tarkhani. Demonstrations were also given at a number of local Martial Arts Schools. The German hospitality was excellent and everyone enjoyed a wide range of activities including saunas, harbor tours, Keegle (bowling, German style), an outdoor BarBQue and lots of serious training!
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Camp Chronicles by Lisa McManus

Michael Bates and his lovely wife, Karen, hosted the Liberty Bell Modern Arnis Camp 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 9, 10 and 11th. Sixty-four people attended this Camp including Professor Remy Amador Presas, the founder of Modern Arnis. This Camp could be described as warm, friendly and social. Michael and Karen Bates went out of their way to insure that every single individual at Camp felt welcomed.

Master Jeffrey Delaney, Co-Successor of Modern Arnis, along with steering committee members Chuck Gauss, and Ken Smith provided an excellent curriculum for those at Camp. Like Professor Presas, Master Delaney places great emphasis on the people of Modern Arnis. His leadership skills and desire to be "inclusive" are remarkable and were instrumental in the success of this Camp. Master Delaney taught a variety of baits, locks and takedowns in addition to providing guidance and support to all throughout Camp.

Master Chuck Gauss, affectionately known as the freight train, taught numerous techniques including left on right tapi-tapi. His dynamic, enthusiastic teaching style kept the energy level of the room quite high throughout training. Master Gauss has incredible power and skill. His love of Modern Arnis and desire to enable the students are noteworthy traits of this leader.

Master Ken Smith from Chicago taught baits and traps and several techniques from the sinawali boxing drill. Master Smith, with the assistance of one of his top students, Karen Callahan, demonstrated various distraction techniques, which he calls "busy work". His careful explanations and instructions enabled the group to quickly grasp the material being taught.

Michael Bates, Camp Director, taught several interesting techniques for empty hand against a cane attack. Michael's creativity and ability to flow was readily apparent with his presentation of several techniques tied into one defense. Chad Dulin from Delaware taught joint locks on Saturday night. Chad caught my attention last Camp as one of the most respectful team players. This Camp he was utilized by the Masters as their uke. This impressive young man wowed the board with his powers of concentration and focus during his test for Lakan Isa. Well done, Chad!

Some of the other Modern Arnis black belt instructors who provided support to the students at Camp were Dr. Charles Terry, Carl Minkel, Astrid Zimdahl, Glenn Cloud, Karen Callahan, Edward Mengle, Kevin McManus, James Taylor and Mike and Amy Antecki.

Andy DeJesus, Deb Friedman, Doug Fletcher, Lexy Malone and Bruce Benson also provided help and support for many of the newer students during this outstanding Camp.

On Saturday, Professor Presas arrived at Camp. It was a thrill to see this man, the founder of Modern Arnis, this charismatic leader who recently underwent brain surgery, attend Camp to support and encourage his family of students. Professor Presas was greeted with love by his team. He vowed to beat the odds and watch his art grow and flourish under the guidance of Successor Jeff Delaney. He expressed his delight in the success of the two Camps held this year. Professor Presas also encouraged Michael Bates to make his Modern Arnis Camp in Philadelphia an annual event, to which Michael agreed.

Following training on Saturday night, Michael and Karen Bates hosted a social in the hospitality suite of the Ramada. It was a wonderful atmosphere for people to get to know each other off the training floor. This social was a typical activity planned by the Bates who continually go out of their way to connect with people and provide a good time. Personally, I found the Liberty Bell Modern Arnis Camp to be one of the friendliest, well-run Camps I have ever attended. Congratulations Michael and Karen on a job well done.

Camp Chronicles are the exclusive opinions of this author. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at mcmanusl@srnet.com. Remember, "POSITIVE CREATES".



Camp Chronicles by Lisa McManus


The first Remy Presas Modern Arnis Camp of the Winter season 2001 was hosted by Master Jeffrey Delaney in San Antonio, Texas. Seventy people enjoyed the deluxe accommodations offered by the brand new Marriott in San Antonio. The only thing missing at this Camp was the charisma and leadership of our Grandmaster, Remy Presas. Jeff Delaney, the chosen successor of Modern Arnis, provided an excellent curriculum that was taught by Master Delaney and members of the Modern Arnis steering committee including Chuck Gauss, Brian Zawalinski, Jim Ladis, and Ken Smith.

The Camp began with Master Delaney's instruction on palis-palis entries off the single sinawali drill. He reviewed the concept of decisive entry and control within this drill. He also pointed out the similarities of palis-palis and abanico corto. Dr. Randi Schea worked behind the scenes providing direction and support for Master Delaney and the steering committee. He also spent a great deal of time personally assisting students on the floor. One of the most noteworthy traits of Master Schea is that he doesn't just assist a student for a few minutes and walk away, he commits time and energy into each student with whom he works, becoming their training partner for that particular segment.

Master Jim Ladis from Chicago, taught the empty hand techniques of the sinawali boxing drill with the assistance of D.J. Wallace from Texas. Jim provided a solid foundation using creative metaphors to describe techniques. He likened parrying to "pulling the handle of a slot machine". His colorful descriptions and skillful presentation had most students successfully performing techniques within minutes.

Master Brian Zawalinski from Connecticut taught a 10-count joint-lock drill with the assistance of his uke, Chris Drechsler-Martell. Brian's students rallied to guide the group through this interesting drill. Wayne Tanguay, Brett Salafia and Jay Preisner lent incredible support to everyone new to this drill. Brian's mastery of these skills and the incredible support of his students made this an exceptional learning experience.

Master Ken Smith from Chicago taught baiting techniques and a variety of empty hand defenses against an attacker with a cane. For this instruction Ken was assisted by two of his finest black belt students, Karen Callahan and David Greco. Ken's colorful and energetic demonstrations gave us memorable images to take home and practice.

Who could forget the ever dynamic Master Chuck Gauss and his vigorous tapi-tapi demonstrations? Certainly not Brian Johns, who experienced them first hand! Chuck is like a freight train in motion. However, his gentle guidance and encouragement make him one of the most inspiring members of the Presas team.

Master Delaney skillfully taught the ground fighting portion of Camp. His playful attitude delighted the group as Roberto Yroz got an opportunity to count the roaches on the floor and ceiling, depending on which way he was launched. Master Delaney was also assisted by gentleman Earl Tullis and Landry Gray during this session.

Saturday evening was divided into advanced application and Kata instruction. My team worked diligently to enable each other. Carlos Tolsa and Roberto Yroz lent incredible support to Vangie and Carla Martin during our session as did Mike Haygood. Brett Salafia and Chad Dulin also taught advanced kata. During dinner on Saturday night, Michael Bates, a close personal friend of the Professor and one of his senior instructors, reminisced about the Professor over the years. Michael, an extremely loyal and caring individual, had us laughing at times and near tears at others with his stories of the Professor's exploits. Michael is hosting the next Remy Presas Modern Arnis Camp on February 9, 10 and 11th in Pennsylvania.

The major personal support for the newer people at this Camp was provided by the black belts at large. People like Earl Tullis, Wayne Tanguay, Rob Alexander, Chester Brown, Doug and Denise Bock, Mark Koehler, Edgar Cordova and Kim Sullivan spent a great deal of time assisting others. Salute to Chad Dulin who demonstrated incredible courtesy and respect throughout Camp as witnessed by this author.

On Sunday morning, Master Delaney expertly tied together all the material covered at this Camp. His focus, like that of Professor Presas, was on "the flow" of Modern Arnis. Like the Professor, Master Delaney shows great concern for everyone on the floor. He makes the effort to personally touch base with each person attending Camp and shows sincere interest in their success. These are the leadership qualities of a true Master. San Antonio Winter Camp 2001 was a resounding success as witnessed by all whom attended.

Camp Chronicles are the exclusive opinions of this author. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me, Lisa McManus at mcmanusl@srnet.com . "Team building is the key to a successful organization. By investing in each other, we all benefit." Lisa McManus, 2001

Modern Arnis Visits Tunisia

On October 18 through 23 Professor Presas taught his first seminar on the African continent in the city of Sousse, Tunisia. The event was hosted by champion fighter Jamil Tarkhani of Hamburg, Germany with help from Gaby Roloff, director of Modern Arnis Germany, and Jeff Delaney, IMAF Executive Director from Dripping Springs, Texas. Jamil was accompanied by 15 of his students for a week of training, sightseeing, swimming and relaxing. On Saturday and Monday training sessions were held at a local Karate School attended by almost one hundred Tunisians who were so excited by the material presented that they did not want the Professor and his instructors to leave. Over the weekend Jeff Delaney was promoted to Master of Tapi-Tapi, the highest rank awarded under the Professor's system. The week included camel riding, swimming in the Mediterranean sea, sightseeing and a little late night dancing. As a result of the camp Senior Instructors Jeff Delaney will be returning to Germany and Tunisia in the spring to teach additional seminars. Check out the Photo page!


The Professor conducted a 1 day seminar in Tucson Arizona on September 23, 2000 at the Kosho Karate Center for The Martial Arts hosted by Edgar Cordova. This marked the Professor's second visit to Tucson. Edgar Cordova, with the help of the Professor and Jeff Delaney, has established a growing following in the Southwest. The seminar was a success with over 30 participants!. The Professor is scheduled to return to Tucson on June 9, 2001.


June 17, 2000: On the weekend of June 17, 2000 Professor Presas attended the annual Birthday Party and Year 2000 Celebration honoring Small Circle Jujitsu's founder, Professor Wally Jay. The event was held in Oakland, California at the City of Oakland convention center and was attended by over 400 people. The Professor, assisted by Jeff Delaney, gave a jaw dropping demonstration of his Modern Arnis Tapi-Tapi skills featuring traps, disarms and takedowns. The event culminated with the Saturday night banquet, flawlessly organized by Leon Jay, that began with a traditional Lion dance and ended with music and dance by a Hawaiian dance troupe. Awards were presented to Professor Wally Jay's top students and a reunion of the "Big Three", Professor Presas, Professor Wally Jay and Master George Dillman topped off the evening. This was an event worth attending! The picture Shows professor Presas, Linda Lee, wife of the late Bruce Lee, and Professor Wally Jay. How about the Professor's suit!

A Better Way

        Swords and daggers, deadly duels in exotic settings, near misses and heroic deeds, there must be so many exciting adventures. But question after question reveals none of them. Unable to figure out what I am doing wrong, I put down my tape recorder and look the man in the eye, "Are my interviewing skills not up to par?" I ask.
        "You are doing good." The Professor Remy Presas replies.
        "Then why do you not tell me any exciting stories?" I ask, proceeding to explain what I was looking for.
        "The culture was different. It is very violent." The Professor replies after some thought.
        "Exactly." I respond, thinking he understands me. Which, of course, he does. I, however, fail to understand him.
        "Tournament fighting there can be deadly. Some one always gets hurt. I stop, because I thought, why should we hurt each other when we can help each other. After a fight, there is always some one who cannot work anymore. If we help each other, then everybody works and we are all happy. So I teach."
        So that is how the man became a legend. Not only did he find a better way to teach, he found a better way to live.

        This concept of everyone helping each other is a legacy that the Professor hopes to pass on with his art.  As his students, we should not only try to help the Professor, but also each other whenever the opportunity presents itself.   Remember, promoting the art means promoting your fellow students, who are trying just as hard as you to learn and share the Professor's teachings.

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