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2008 New Hampshire Summer Camp

Camp Chronicle coming soon!

Newport, NH Summer Camp Chronicles 2007

Over forty people gathered in Newport NH July 13-15 to work with Grand Master Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus to make this the second of what promises to be many successful and exciting Modern Arnis/
Military Arnis Summer Camps. Grand Master Delaney, successor to the late Professor Remy Presas, partnered with Guro Kevin McManus to demonstrate dynamic skills and finesse. The fluidity of talent shown by these two gentlemen was nothing
less than amazing!

Professor McManus exposed us all to her own exciting art of Military Arnis. The combination of these two sister arts made this summer camp an event unparalleled by any in the past. Professor is a woman known for her affiliation with honorable people as was seen by the presence of her students and board members.Colonel Mark Costa, USMC and his wife Kathy trained vigorously for 3 days, always ready to learn and teach more. Commander Mark Farley, USN, missed Saturday to do a Century benefit ride for cancer research, but gave 100 % both Friday and Sunday. Professor's Norwich students, Instructor Spagone and Mr. Lewis were monumental in passing on their skills in Military Arnis.

TheNH Camp was further honored by the presence and talents of Grand Master WillieWilson , Master Mason and their incredible Karate Five team from Morristown TN. The entire Furino family drove from Tennessee to NH to attend camp.
Sadly, Lydia was still on crutches, but rumor has it that GM Delaney kept her occupied working the chair drill.Vincent, Gary, Michael Rickson and Doc took over a corner of the room and had a great time working together. Jami kept up with her brothers every step of the way! The entire Karate Five team brought enthusiasm, dedication and hard work to a whole new level. Their presence made this summer camp very special!

New Hampshire natives appeared from all over the state. Newcomers Susan Smith and Mary Pillsbury quickly picked up the nuances of figure eights and knife techniques. Several members of the Elements Martial Arts school of Portsmouth- Master TimOrr, Sensei Jolie Foucher, and Tim Young not only brought their talents and enthusiasm, but also demonstrated great bravery in camping out at Doc Laurie's - even with the stray moose and bears hanging around! Lunch breaks were shortened to 1 hour this year with Lunch provided by Professor McManus. Even during breaks, Brad Lane, Lymon Prior, Guro Brian and others reviewed forms while eating pizza. Brad's growth in the past year has been exciting to see! Jackie Rickson, Professor's neice...known to some as 'little Professor McManus' , demonstrated great skill as she lead many new students through complex techniques. She and her brother Michael, who had previously traveled with Professor to Tennessee to train, further developed their close relationship with Grand Master Wilson at his event.

2006 NH Summer Camp Chronicles

Forty-five people attended this year's New Hampshire Modern Arnis Summer Camp instructed by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, successor to the late Grandmaster Remy Presas, and Professor Lisa McManus, founder of Military Arnis. Sensei Joseph Durette was the co-host of this Camp run by Professor McManus and staffed by Guro Chester Brown, Sensei Dean Romanelli, Guro Kevin McManus, Sensei Jerri Bruno, Adam Marcus, Sensei Les Kiersnowski and Guro Steve Hanni, Guro Brian Hubbard, Vic Fredlund and Sensei Joseph Viera. Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus supplied the crowd with lessons that kept them working into breaks and late into the evening. The Philadelphia group, Muriel Hons, Lee Welsford, George McDermott, Dr. Cynthia Dembofsky and Tony DiBello enjoyed the excitement and vigor of the training. In fact, George and Tony both commented on this being the best Camp they'd ever attended. New Jersey showed up in force with David Clark, Dave Boyer, Brian Tillinghast, Guro Steve Hanni and Sensei Les fired up and ready to train. Dr. Laurie Farrell, a true team player in every sense of the word, trained, supplied snacks and chauffeured kids from Camp where they needed to go. Adam Marcus warmed up the crowd before training and Sensei Romanelli reviewed basic falling skills for the group. Uncle Joe (Sensei Joseph Durette) had his family on board for training including Peter, Nick, Brody, Thomas, Brian and Nathan. Lyman Prior enjoyed a great deal of time training with Sensei Viera while Gregory Viera worked with most of the people on the floor. IMAF photographer and father of the year, Ed Engalan captured memories at Camp for all to share while his son, Christian demonstrated incredible growth in skillfulness. Timothy Young and Brad Lane, perhaps the newest members of the team delighted at the excitement of training. Gina Shea, Dr. Cynthia Dembofsky and Jackie Rickson all put serious effort into training. Young Michael Rickson found working with Guro Chester Brown to be fun and stimulating. Kim Compo and Lindsey Currier manned the t-shirt table and helped out tremendously with all the administrative details under the direction of Sensei Jerri Bruno. Shihan McPherson was like a kid at Christmas when he and Professor McManus demonstrated little tweaks to techniques as he turned 40 years old at Camp on Saturday. Donuts and coffee provided by Sensei Bruno and a tune barely recognizable as 'Happy Birthday' launched Shihan into the 40th year of his life! Michael Iaquinto, Professor McManus' Military Arnis student, also celebrated a special birthday-turning 21 at Camp. Michael's skillfulness and eagerness to be a part of the team gave the civilian students an appreciation for the professionalism and team spirit that comes from being affiliated with the United States Marine Corps. Sensei Bronson took and gave some thumps while sharing in the vigor and excitement that only Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus can provide. It is simply impossible to give credit to everyone who contributed to this marvelous Camp event.

Camp events run by Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus are often described as exhilarating and exhausting.......but always fun. Be sure to mark your calendar for Winter Camp on February 2, 3 and 4, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas.

The Tennessee EVENT

Knoxville, Tennessee was the location of the 1st Annual Modern Arnis Event as hosted by Master Wilson and the Masters of Karate 5 and instructed by Professor Lisa McManus. Throughout the 2-day event some 40 students shared in the excitement and enthusiastic teaching style that has become the trademark of Professor McManus. Master Wilson and his team of Master’s and black belts demonstrated the purest of “Southern Hospitality” which makes their events so remarkable.

Friday evening the host and his team had in-school training session where Karate 5 personnel were prepared for the next day’s events. Master Wilson, Master Melbert Lee, Master Brabson, Master Mason, Master Ogle, Sensei Daryl Cox, Sensei John, Mrs. Ogle, Instructor Wilson and Instructor Lee worked tirelessly to afford the young students the opportunity to learn. Kayla, one of Karate 5’s top young female competitors, spent a great deal of time grooming Jackie Rickson from Massachusetts while Instructor Lee gave Michael Rickson a vigorous and fun workout. Naomi Mason, Rita Wallace, Albert Wallace, Diana Long and Melinda Reese gave 110% effort to enabling the children and each other. “I was absolutely amazed to observe Kayla. She is a powerful 15-year old girl who could, shall we say, “bring it to you!” in a fight. Her posture and presence gave off an unyielding energy that told of years of training and confidence building under the tutelage of the Master’s at Karate 5. That was not the amazing part; however, the amazing part was when she was asked to teach my niece, Jackie, a newcomer to martial arts, her demeanor changed immediately. Kayla transformed from powerful and unyielding to a patient and attentive teacher. What an incredible testimony of the training this 15-year old girl has received under the tutelage of these incredible Tennessee instructors,” reported Professor McManus. “Powerful to patient,” that speaks volumes about the quality of instruction at Karate 5”, said McManus.

Saturday morning the team gathered at the Knoxville EXPO for a full day of training and awards. Master Butch Hill from Nashville joined the team for this vigorous day’s events. One of the most rewarding things to view was the way the children who had been at Friday night’s session took over and taught the children at Saturday’s session. Students were taught skills from stand-up to ground maneuvers. Little Connie who weights about 50 lbs soaking wet remarked, “my favorite part is when we make them hit the deck!” How quickly the children understood McManus’ military lingo including ‘hitting the deck, launching a strike and engaging ones opponent”.

It was an incredible day. At dinner time Karate 5 treated all 40 participants to a fabulous barbeque dinner. Satiated and happy the team returned to training. Awards and recognition were given to all the students at Karate 5 who kept honors in school. Additionally the prestigious cross training award given by the Master’s at Karate 5 was awarded to Master Chris Spruill for his continued contributions and efforts in Martial Arts cross training. Following training each night after dark Michael Rickson was seen training young Jordan in the parking lot…the kids really couldn’t get enough at this event!

Camaraderie and brotherhood are the lifelines that connect this team from schools across the state of Tennessee. It is nothing short of amazing to be in the presence of these ‘working Master Instructors’ and their students. You don’t want to miss the next Tennessee Event currently being planned for April 2007. For further information regarding that event, please see the events section of this page or go to www.karatefive.com

2006 San Antonio Camp!

Winter Camp 2006

Forty people assembled in San Antonio, Texas to work with Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, Professor Lisa McManus and Guro Chester rown for yet another successful Texas Winter Modern Arnis Camp.

Team leaders from New Jersey, New Hampshire, Florida, Texas, London and Canada arrived ready fired up and ready to train. Sensei Joseph Durette, Guro Scott Smith, Guro Jordan Dellabough, Victor Ktorakis, Shihan Dan Strictler, Sensei Les Kiersnowski, Guro Steve Hanni, Vic Fredlund and Gilbert Chavez were all on hand to guide newcomers through this 3-day event. Darrell May, Lezanne Amow Ali, Noel Villarreal, Brian Tillinghast, Abel Martinez, Peter Bell, Kyle Neely, Vangee Nez, Trevor Fredlund, John DeMattia, Gregory Harris, Dr. Cindy Dembofsky and Jenny Dellabough enthusiastically worked each technique that was expertly delivered by Grandmaster Delaney. Christian Engalan surprised Alberto Almeida with his skillfulness as he lead a group through the basic disarms. Duane Kight, Jericho Guzman, Ben Bloomfield, Chris Walker and Felipe de Jesus Pantoja seemed to have a wonderful time throughout their training.

Grandmaster Delaney dynamically presented material including palis-palis and Sinawali boxing drill; Professor McManus engaged the crowd with windmill applications giving Sensei Les and Darryl May quite a view of the floor while Guro Chester Brown lead the group through basic knife disarms. Scott Smith lent a huge hand throughout Camp showing the benefit of that great foundation and foot work he acquired under the tutelage of Guro Brown. Joseph Durette from New Hampshire demonstrated grea

Joseph Durette from New Hampshire demonstrated great skill throughout Camp with foot work and body positioning that was both effective and powerful. Bill Garton reported ‘never getting enough of this training’ and ‘loving getting tossed around like a rag doll by 110 lbs of Professor McManus.’ Jonathan Lewis experienced first hand the power of a well placed blow to the jaw and committed to make that technique ‘his own’. Saturday evening Grandmaster Delaney treated camp goers to pizza after training. Students shared stories and experiences while enjoying a special visit from the grandmaster’s wife, Robin. Sunday morning review was followed by the usual celebration of knowledge. It was amazing to witness some of the newest people able to go through all the forms as lead by the New Jersey Team.


This Camp was yet another in the great experiences provided by the team of Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, Professor Lisa McManus and Guro Chester Brown. This team, truly a team in all senses of the word, come together to empower each student on the floor. Their leadership and skillfulness coupled with their dedication to their students have made their events some of the most successful in the United States.

Many thanks to Ed Engalan, Camp photographer. Ed was voted IMAF parent of the year 2006 for the incredible support and enthusiasm he demonstrates for his son and his son’s love of the Arts. Mr. Engalan shall receive his award at this Summer Camp in New Hampshire. Well done, Ed!

For future events, please see the seminar/camp section of this website.

For more pictures go here: http://www.modernarnis.ca/Pictures.htm

Fall in BC with Modern Arnis and CMATS!

For the 2nd time this year, GM Jeff Delaney has journeyed from Texas to share his wealth of knowledge of the art of Modern Arnis.  The honoured group of Attendees consisted of advanced, intermediate, beginner martial artists and even "newbies"!  As the 18 participants settled in from traveling from all parts of the island to attend, anticipation filled the air and without dismay GM Delaney stepped on the mats and began the seminar with basic ideas of footwork, combined with blocks.  The principles laid out seemed to compliment both the novice and the advanced.  With a guiding hand, he led us thru disarms and reversals to disarms that can easily be applied.

The host of the seminar "Jordan Dellabough" would like to thank Jenny and Kira for assisting with the admin duties and welcoming everyone with "smiles" :  ) CMATS would also like to extend a sincere appreciation to "Alphonso Davis", who was on-board taking the seminar photos.  Capturing unique perspectives, yet walking in the shadows, so not to disturb the learning process.  View all photos here!  For anyone interested in having an event photographed, just e-mail me for Alphonso's contact info.

Thru demonstration upon demonstration by GM and his Student, all the pieces of the puzzle started molding together.  As he walked the floor, he was more than happy to answer questions and "share the feeling"!!  Attendees got first hand knowledge and appreciated the one on one attention.

"Thank-you" to Tyson, Bill, Jade, Don, Mark & Ed for sharing with their partners to help everyone succeed with their new abilities and understandings.  Their patience, humbleness and ability to have fun assist in creating a healthy environment to learn in.

As for the "Newbies"--Erik, Ian, Mark, Gil, Ross, Brian-- they all left with smiles, new friendships, and teachings to take home and practice.  On behalf of everyone, we "ALL" look forward to the spring when GM Delaney will return!

- Slow and Gentle (over & over & over)
- BIG Mark
- Alphonso laughing at GM demonstrating on Jordan (stimulation)
- Ross's Sticks....invisible
- Guitar Player and Son
- "Kissing" technique from dope trap

Arizona Summer Camp Success!

Guro Chester D. Brown, Jr. hosted his first Arizona Modern Arnis Summer Camp this year along with the help of the incredible IMAF team that continues to spark growth in the Art. Sensei Dean Romanelli, Guro Kevin McManus, Guro Jordan Dellabough, Johathan Shapero, Adam Marcus, Jason Watts, David Friedman, Guro Marcia Gobeil and Steven Hanni provided expertise and enthusiasm to the crowd led by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus.

Camp experiences with the IMAF team are most often described as “celebrations of the art and of people”. Grandmaster Delaney began camp with the basic changing hands drill and took that lesson expanding to submissions and locks. Professor McManus isolated the foot work and stances of basic two-on-one drill injecting enthusiasm throughout. The Philadelphia team, Muriel Hons, Lee Welsford, Tony Dibello, George McDermott and Dr. Cindy Dembofsky worked enthusiastically with everyone including our friends from Canada, Jenny Dellabough, Kira Laing, Tyson Schenk and Bill Garton. Guro Marcia commented on how wonderful it was to work with Bill Garton who despite his size and strength had excellent control and finesse! Way to go, Sir! The Penn club brought Nicole Gilmore, Shira Fix, Jonathan Gaynor, Debbie and David Pajerowski, and Andrew Kortina to celebrate their knowledge and share with the other participants including: Sensei Jerry Shaw, Jeff Harris, Marlene Harris, Phil Hoge, Robert Farris, Vangee Nez, Scott Smith, Richard Heston and Joanne Traina. Vic Fredlund, Julie Fredlund, Jonathan Lewis and Gilbert Chavez traveled from Texas to train along with the more local crowd: Cindy Collier, Barbara Austin and Marne Austin. Seon Sook Park enjoyed her first Camp experience as led by the skillful Scott Smith both Seon and Scott had been well prepared by their teacher Guro Brown.

Each morning the team arrived ready to train. As usual, Professor McManus had already invigorated and prepared students lining them up with capable partners to begin the training session. Grandmaster Delaney delivered material relevant to all levels so the training sessions flew by. After the last session of the day, the participants rallied around the pool to share beverages and snacks and unwind. This camaraderie has become a welcome part of the Arizona event. Saturday evening Grandmaster Delaney assisted by Guro Brown and Guro McManus worked with the senior advanced students on the chair drill while Sensei Romanelli taught initial tapi-tapi using strikes 1-5 block, check and counter. Sunday students arrived refreshed and ready to train. Grandmaster Delaney covered some new material and some review. Following the review, the test commenced. It was exciting to see how much expertise there was on the floor. Scott Smith wowed the board with his skillful presentation of Modern Arnis as did many of those participating in the test. Congratulations to all for an excellent demonstration of skill!

Given the incredible success of this event, Guro Brown agreed to host the event again next year. Great job, Guro Brown! See the seminar section of www.professorpresas.com for further details.

N.H. premier Camp! 

Forty-eight people assembled in Nashua, New Hampshire to once again celebrate the art of Modern Arnis as instructed by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus.  This Camp, hosted by Professor McManus and her N.H. staff, Sensei Jerri Bruno (Sarge) and Kim Compo remains the premier Modern Arnis Camp for attendance and enthusiasm.  Grandmaster Delaney presented curriculum material and fine-tuned foot work throughout Camp. His flow and spirited delivery made the time fly….leaving students anxious for their next lesson with the Grandmaster.   Professor McManus engaged the students with her vigorous yet precise delivery of two-canes to one, trapping hands and left-on-right tapi-tapi.  Her creative approach and love of the art make learning easy and fun for all.  Coined “The Dynamic Duo” last year, Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus along with their well-trained staff create the optimal environment for learning Modern Arnis.   

Joseph Durette of Manchester, NH made this event a family affair with the attendance of his nephews:  Nicholas, Peter, Jeffrey, Nathan, Brody, Thomas and Brian.  The ‘Durette Clan’ arrived well prepared and ready to work.  Master Willie Wilson, recipient of the ‘Golden Achievement Lifetime Award 2005 from the WKU Hall of fame, and Master Melbert Lee, also a recipient of that award in 2003, traveled from Tennessee be a part of the event held at the Sheraton, Nashua; one of the most impressive hotels in the North East.  These Master’s of Isshinryu Karate exemplify fellowship and devotion to others while teaching and learning side-by-side with newcomers to Modern Arnis.   Dr. Laurie Farrell, Laoshi Hugh Muir, Richard Healy, Jonathan Menard and Guro Brian Hubbard, Sensei Jerri Bruno’s Newport team, provided support and expertise to all participants at Camp.  Dr. Laurie also provided refreshments for the group.  Thank you for your incredible generosity, Dr. Laurie. Guro Marcia Gobeil devoted all her efforts to the youth at the Camp; her gentle manner and total attention afforded each partner she trained the opportunity to excel.  Dr. Cynthia Dembofsky trained enthusiastically with all her partners including Victor Fredlund from Texas and Sensei Les Kiersnowski from New Jersey.  Jacqueline Rickson from Massachusetts, enjoyed being the ‘big dude’ while demonstrating ‘trapping hands’ with her aunt, Professor Lisa McManus. Her brother Michael Rickson had a the time of his life training with Master Willie Wilson and so many other fine martial artists present.  Martin Beatty, Jonathan Donahue and Eric Aquino witnessed ‘the flow’ of Grandmaster Delaney.  “In 20 minutes he changed our view of what the Art is about,” reported Jonathan Donahue, “We were amazed at what he can do and want to be a part of it all.” Jonathan received high praise from all the youth at the Camp; his experience as a Phys. Ed. Instructor made him one of the camp’s favorite partners.  Steve Hanni, one of the New Jersey team’s brown belt instructors, received high praise from everyone with whom he partnered.  He was referred to as, “a real gentleman”, “totally focused on his partner”; bravo to you Mr. Hanni!  Walt Drissel IV and Brian Tillinghast, also from the New Jersey team shared in the excitement of this 2nd annual N.H. Modern Arnis Camp.  Ed Loomis and Michael Burch lent great support to Camp staff creating a wonderful environment for everyone to work.  “Uncle” Ed and Mr. Burch also received many positive comments from the children in attendance.  Lyman Prior and Robert Kobell both from Maine representing some of the most senior students in Modern Arnis present worked diligently throughout the Camp.  Master Jack Redmond, Sensei Joe Sherwood, Matthew Chaves, represented more of the Manchester, NH area at camp while Guro John Connors and Sam Zolin represented the Vermont contingent at this Modern Arnis celebration.  Guro Brian Hubbard and Greg Viera earned the “Kids Award” for their expert performance of techniques at Saturday night’s session.  Greg’s father, Sensei Joseph Viera, another fine gentleman, enthusiastically embraced each partner and gave them 100% of his attention and expertise.  Thanks Sensei!

 Speaking of exceptional gentlemen, Sensei Dean Romanelli, IMAF team leader, guided each of his partners to a new level of assurance.  Hailing from the Detroit area, Sensei Romanelli, known for his expertise in leading forms, demonstrates the true spirit of Martial Arts: respect for self and others, dignity and humility, hard work and dedication.   

This Camp with its large number of youth in attendance was one of the most enthusiastic and energetic Camps ever.  The young people kept pace with the most vigorous adults attending every session and working side-by-side with them.  The IMAF staff instructors at this Camp afforded each participant to reach a new level of ability.  As an aside, one of the other organizations at the Sheraton that weekend shared the hall space with our students.  The organizer of the event told Professor McManus that he never saw a group of such “polite and respectful people in all his life”.  Congratulations to all for being recognized in this fashion and for creating an experience to remember at this IMAF premier Camp.  Given the great success of this event for the second year, plans are being considered to hold two N.H. Camps annually.  See www.professorpresas.com seminars and events section for further information.

3rd Annual Tennessee Camp 2005

April 15th was not just another important day for the IRS but another great event in Knoxville, Tennessee for the International Modern Arnis Federation. Master Wilson, Master Lee, Master Mason, Sensei Daryl Cox, Sensei Jon Whitehead, the Karate 5,  hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus for another fabulous event. Twenty-eight people
enjoyed the southern hospitality of the Knoxville crew and the dynamic teaching styles of Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus.

Training in Knoxville began on Thursday evening with Sensei Stephen Liegghio and Sensei Dean Romanelli leading Form 1 and then the bunkai for that form.  Students from Karate 5 enjoyed the training run by these IMAF team leaders from the Detroit Area.

Friday through Sunday Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus lead this excitable group through Modern Arnis curriculum.  Jason Guillion and Lucas James Hughes from West Virginia enjoyed their first exposure to Modern Arnis.  Shihan Dan Strickler from Florida assisted many of the newer people like Angela Bayard and David Choate while Joseph Durette
and Master Bill Barker hammered out some advanced tapi-tapi.  Master Butch Hill and Master James Ogle renewed their enthusiasm for the Art as did Mitchell Roberts, Dave Boyer, Barry Houchins and Anston Wilson. Evenings following training Master Mason treated the group to his music. This time was special and Shihan Strickler and Christopher Barker accompanied the singing of Master Mason.  The fellowship at these Tennessee events is unbelievable.

Sensei Jon Whitehead's wife made her now famous homemade breads for the coffee breaks....thank you Mrs. Whitehead!  Master Mason created fine canes Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus along with medallions for all the participants of the Camp.  The event ended with participants enthusiastic about future events and plans for next year's event!

Please see www.karatefive.com for additional photos and info about this exciting Tennessee event.

Media hosts the Dynamic Duo in March!

Twenty-eight people from Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maryland and New Jersey came to enjoy the skillful and energetic training as offered by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus. Jonathan Shapero, Adam Marcus and the students of Bodyworks in Media once again hosted Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus for a two day event at their location. Jason Watts, Dave Friedman and Joseph Durette were incredibly supportive of everyone on the training floor. Gwen, Tony, Muriel, George, Lee, Jackie, Jorge, Steve, Larry, Cindy, Joe, Angela, George, Geoff and Jean enjoyed yet another vigorous session of throws, chokes and traps; while Mark, Alex, Kyle and Dennis experienced their first taste of a seminar delivered by Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus. Mr. Shapero worked advanced knife passing and disarms with Grandmaster Delaney and Adam Marcus, the Pennsylvania Team Leader from Bodyworks, enthusiastically accepted intense staff training with Professor McManus. The seminar included a great deal of baiting, chokes and takedowns that were being skillfully delivered by the seasoned students by the end of the event. One of the students at the event commented that “Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus’ teaching styles complement each other very well and that they have become the ‘dynamic duo’ of Modern Arnis. The students from Mr. Shapero’s school worked diligently to empower each other. Their attitude and work ethic make the seminars held at their school enjoyable for all. Great job Bodyworks team!

See the seminar section of this site for future event.

San Antonio Winter Camp 2005

Forty-two people from Canada to New Mexico traveled to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate the art of Modern Arnis with Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney, Professor Lisa McManus and Guro Chester Brown. Held at the Clarion Hotel in San Antonio, many of the attendees enjoyed dinner along the River Walk and a tour of the Alamo but by far the most stimulating part of the weekend was the blend of the dynamic and skillful instructors. Grandmaster Delaney, Professor McManus and Guro Brown received tremendous support from their staff; including Sensei Steve Liegghio, Sensei Dean Romanelli, Sensei Les Kiersnowski, Joseph Durette, Steve Hanni, Walt Drissel, Jordan Dellabough, Laoshi Hugh Muir and Dr. Laurie Farrell. Lifetime martial artist, Shihan Dan Strickler also contributed generously to the team and was acknowledged for his lifetime of training and was awarded the prestigious title of “IMAF Instructor of the Year 2005”.

Time flew at this event as material from basic to advanced was presented by Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus. Diana Estrada who had no previous experience expressed sheer delight with all the partners who patiently assisted her through Camp especially Jenny Dellabough from Canada. Nice job, Jenny. Tim Love, age 17, enjoyed his first Arnis event and expressed his joy at the warmth and skillfulness of Guro Brown, Joseph Durette and other staff instructors as did his father, Joe Love. Bill Garton reported being ‘hooked on the Art’ because of the incredible martial artists who inspired him, especially Dr. Farrell and Shihan Strickler. He spoke of the leadership of the IMAF as the essence of a true martial artist. He said that he felt included and immediately accepted because of the way Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus ran the event. During the meal breaks, Guro Brown conducted sparring sessions which were enjoyed by Sibok Dan Suchon, John Cluse and many others. David Belanger and Shawn Briggs smiled throughout their Camp journey as they honed their skills; Vic Fredlund, Jonathan Lewis, Greg Harris, John Demattia and Gilbert Chavez added extraordinary vigor to the floor while learning and then teaching and bonding with the newcomers. Sensei Romanelli, Sensei Liegghio and Christian Engalan instructed Forms on Saturday evening. Their presentation of the forms was exciting and dynamic. Shihan Strickler and Ed Loomis, veteran martial artists, commented on the skillfulness and exceptional demeanor of Christian, age 10. Christian’s father Ed, the Camp photographer, is also a true gentleman and man of honor. Many positive comments were made throughout camp about this wonderful father and son from the Detroit area. Steve Hanni and Walt Drissell provided incredible support throughout Camp and assisted in the Forms section of training as well. Sensei Les’ team including Steve, Walt and Bryan Tillinghast were coined “New Jersey” and praised for their work ethic and dedication. Dr. Laurie Farrell and Laoshi Hugh Muir received an honorary membership to “New Jersey” for their sustained energy and commitment to that team and the IMAF team.

As for the late night recreation, the contest between the Canadians and Americans continues with America in the lead and in possession of the coveted ‘Pool Stick’ for 2005. Canada’s representative, Jordan Dellabough, vows to reclaim the ‘pool stick’ in 2006 but for now, USA representative, Steve Liegghio has possession of the prize!

Debbie Genoway, Karen Lemons, Darrell May, Lezanne Amow Ali, John DeMattia, Felipe and Diana Estrada, Christopher Walker and Noel Villareal trained enthusiastically throughout the event. Saturday evening Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus treated the group to Pizza in the training hall. Sunday morning review found Professor McManus enthusiastically delivering Windmill review and Palis palis. After a short break, the celebration of knowledge (test) was administered by the Grandmaster assisted by Sensei Romanelli. During the forms segment of the test, Sensei Romanelli and Sensei Liegghio lead the students to a noteworthy synchronized performance of the forms. It was fantastic. After the test, those achieving black belt status were applauded for exceptional in their delivery of technique. Sensei Kiersnowski, Darrell May and Jordan Dellabough all earned their 1st Degree Black belts. Grandmaster Delaney spoke of the level of commitment required for advancement in the IMAF; he listed patience, selflessness, dedication and loyalty to the team coupled with skillfulness and sincerity as prerequisites for consideration beyond 2nd degree black belt. A standing ovation from the entire Camp validated Grandmaster Delaney’s appointments of Guro Chester Brown to 3rd Degree Black Belt and Professor Lisa McManus to 6th Degree Black Belt.

The events presented by Grandmaster Delaney continue to grow in number. This success is proof of the commitment that he and his staff have to the people who come to train in the Art. Congratulations Grandmaster Delaney on another successful event. For information on future events, please see the seminar section of this website. Pictures coming Soon!

Karate 5 Takes Modern Arnis to Nashville!

Master Butch Hill of Nashville, Tennessee hosted Master Willie Wilson, Master Frederick Brabson, Sensei Daryl Cox, Sensei John Whitehead and Brian Johnson for a Modern Arnis seminar on Saturday, January 29, 2005. Despite severe weather Master Wilson and the members of Karate 5 traveled to Nashville and arrived just in time to introduce the 14 Nashville students to the art of Modern Arnis. Present at the seminar were: Roy Vaughan, Sandra Strong, Randall Butler, Lance Willowby, Niki Faulk, Gary Flatness, Tim Williams, Tony Williams, Justin Lankford, Donald Cripps, Tim Spurlock, Ryan Mishlar and Carson Serna.

Karate 5 is Hosting Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus for their Annual Modern Arnis Camp in April. Please see the events page of this site for further details.

Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus Headline In Detroit

December 4, 2004 was an exciting day for the Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team. Not only was Professor McManus in for her sixth time this year, she was joined by Grandmaster Delaney for the final event of the year. Joseph Durette, joining Professor, Grandmaster Delaney, Sensei Romanelli, and Sensei Liegghio for breakfast at 6 a.m. got the day started off just right. Upon arriving at the seminar location, The College of Martial Arts (a special thanks to Sensei Combs for use of his facility), there was already a lot of positive energy in the air as DAMAT members old and new prepared for the upcoming training.

Forty people were at the event representing a number of schools led by our DAMAT team leaders including Sensei Romanelli's Dojo, Master Barker's Dojang, Sensei Liegghio's Dojo, and Sensei Perkins Dojo. There were many independent students making their first appearance at one of our events including John McGough and Bob Mobley. Many of the regulars were present including the Khalil family, Christian Engalan, Gerrud Noonan, Frank Mitchell, Rob Szczypinski, Dawn Liegghio, Tony omanelli, Jeff Jakubowicz, and Kelan Akers. There were also many first timers who I'm sure had a fantastic time as well as many youth students who were openly embraced by the entire team. Some of our youth in attendance were Nick Modzinski, Elisabeth and Jack Silver, Yana Plausiuk, and Emma Liegghio.

Grandmaster Delaney started off the day with some exciting drills that got the students pumped up for the day. The teams willingness to work with everyone continued to emphasize the philosophy that the newest member is as important as the highest ranking member. Grandmaster Delaney led by example as he jumped in whenever he got a chance to work with different individuals. After a quick lunch at the dojo, many students couldn't wait to get back on the floor training. Professor McManus took the lunch break to work one-on-one with some of the instructors. She taught the afternoon session further exciting the students who were still trying to digest all they had learned in the morning session. It was an excellent day of training. One of the highlights of the seminar was that as it concluded, most people moaned in disappointment that the day had gone by so quickly.

After the seminar, Christian Engalan was awarded his level five green belt and Grandmaster Delaney was presented a plaque by the entire team expressing their gratitude for all his hard work and effort. Grandmaster Delaney was pleased to see the growth of the Detroit team and the depth of their knowledge. He congratulated Sensei Liegghio, Detroit Area Team Leader and the other instructors for the display of skillfulness that he recognized as a direct result of their commitment to their students under the guidance of Professor McManus. An examination followed, led by Sensei Liegghio and graded by Professor McManus with a number of students working towards achieving higher rank including Angela and Karin Divitio, Nicole Mulkey, Emma Liegghio, and Frank Mitchell. Their awesome partners helped them to shine and Rob Szczypinski did such a great job he was awarded his level four blue belt because of his performance and skillfulness even though he didn't know that he was testing. After a short break, the leadership team gathered for a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse (to make Grandmaster Delaney feel at home).

Sunday's training was strictly staff development including only the area leaders and instructors. Some advanced techniques were taught with much time spent on the finer details of what most would consider basic techniques. Another five hours of training later and everyone was off to the airport. The weekend was a huge success and left everyone excited about the first Detroit Area Modern Arnis Camp in October 2005 to be instructed by our Modern Arnis instructors: Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus. Hope to see you all there.

Modern Arnis in British Columbia!

October 2nd, 2004 was the second time this year Sidney played host to another CMATS Modern Arnis seminar led by Grandmaster Jeff Delaney and accompanied by Jordan Dellabough. The excitement and eagerness of the seminar became very apparent the moment you approached the building. Some participants had gathered an hour and a half early and patiently waited outside in the sunshine for the arrival of the Grandmaster and his Student.

This seminar brought 28 participants together, people from as far as Coal Harbour on the island and Maple Ridge on the mainland. Overall, 9 different martial arts were represented by good hearted, humble teachers and students, as well as attendees who had never practiced martial arts before. A special "Appreciation" goes out to Puckett's Noble House of Karate for creating an environment that everyone admired and enjoyed and making the training hall accessible.

The cool feel of the mats on your feet was quickly warmed as Jordan Dellabough began the seminar with a group courtesy bow to GM Delaney. From that moment on GM Delaney led us on a journey thru blocks, baits, traps & submissions using Jordan Dellabough to demonstrate on. Did someone say Jordan "Sir" was a "contortionist"? Watching the two work together brought thoughts of, "Dang...that's gotta hurt!" to seeing an understanding of respect and safety. All in all, the instruction was, as always, effortless. Their hands on approach of guiding where to step, strike, pull, push and "go with the flow" made learning easy and memorable.

Practitioners such as Bill Garton, Andrew Hory, Jade Stevens, Don Randall, Andrew Finley and a few others attended their second CMATS seminar. Each taking home a little more understanding of Modern Arnis and a few new friendships! Thank-you to Jenny Dellabough, Denise McDonald & Kira Laing for welcoming everyone with warm smiles and setting a positive tone for the seminar. Thanks to Jenny Dellabough, some memorable moments have been captured and added to the PICTURES page.

One welcoming addition to the fall seminar was the feeling of family. There was Deb & Tyson Schenk with 9 year old daughter Page, Zane Yarosloski with 9 year old son Kody & Bert Harper with 9 year old son Braydon. What a great time for the youngsters to toss "Dad" to the ground a few hundred times (visa-versa)! It was fantastic to see the energy radiate from these children as they grasped even the most difficult of techniques with ease. Their laughter, giggles and keenness were contagious and appreciated.

Friendship was also a key factor to the success of the seminar. Thru word of mouth, Chris Cook III brought his close friends, Mike Glendale, Steven Mah & Alex Gilchrist, to participate in this exciting art. It was great watching their camaraderie and drive to perfect what they were learning.

Ty Hunt, Rick McCully, Pat Massin, Dave Grove, Ian Uittenhout, Tony Manifold & Ed Ursuslom all ranked in their own system of martial arts brought an "open arms" professional approach to the training. Not only grasping the techniques taught by GM Delaney but willing to pass on some of their own insights & knowledge with the partners they trained with.

Expressing many thanks and gratitude, then, to Grandmaster Jeff Delaney for being the integral part of this seminar and to Jordan Dellabough "Sir" for hosting & willing to always lend a guiding hand. They bring out the best in people and make learning this amazing art, created by Professor Remy A. Presas, exciting so that it piques your interest for more.

Attend the next seminar and thoughts of "Don't drop the stick, Don't drop the stick" will change to "Hey---I know you!" See you there!!

Kevin McManus headlines in New Jersey!

Guro Kevin McManus, age 15, taught Modern Arnis in Cinnaminson, New Jersey hosted by Sensei Les and Renee Kiersnowski for four days, August 17 through 20th. McManus arrived on Tuesday and taught his first of four events Tuesday evening. He taught a variety of stick and knife drills to students of all levels. Most of the techniques covered were fundamental techniques like palis palis and Abanico Corto as taught to him by the founder of Modern Arnis, Grandmaster Remy Presas. During his events, young McManus shared his art with 40 students from the New Jersey area, adults and children. This four day tour mark the first of McManus’ scheduled travels to teach in that area.

McManus, the son of Dr. Richard and Professor Lisa McManus, began his studies in Martial Arts at age four. He has developed his teaching skill for over a decade under the tutelage of Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and his mother, Profwessor Lisa McManus. Sensei Les Kiersnowski, the New Jersey team leader for Modern Arnis, is currently planning a schedule of events to include more children in the art. “Our goal is to build a program that welcomes children and encourages them to learn self-discipline, respect for others and control through the art of Modern Arnis,” said Sensei Kiersnowski. “Kevin McManus is a role model for the students and a perfect example of what the organization, the IMAF, provides for them. He maintains straight A’s in school, he is dynamic, skillful and yet humble,” reported Sensei Les, “my students loved having him teach and work with them individually.” Kevin’s success as an instructor demonstrates the value in the pursuit of martial training for children of all ages. In addition to teaching a program geared specifically for children, Sensei Les, along with his Modern Arnis staff, Steve Hanni and Walt Drissel, already provide classes including sign language to accommodate deaf students.

For future events or more information, contact Sensei Les Kiersnowski at American Karate and Arnis Academy at 856-829-4800.

4thAnnual Arizona Summer Camp!

Arizona Summer Camp, hosted by Guro Edgar and Maggie Cordova was a big success with 53 participants! Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus energized the group with basic to advanced material from the Modern Arnis curriculum. Arnisadors from around the country and Canada came to enjoy the camaraderie that is unique to the team developed by Delaney and McManus. Sensei Jerri Bruno, Sensei Steve Liegghio and Sensei Dean Romanelli staffed the event, creating an excellent atmosphere of training for newcomers to the art. Guro Kevin McManus, Guro Roberto Yroz, Guro Marcia Gobeil, Guro Daniel Khalil, Guro Mateo Merrill, Guro Fred Wegner, Master Chris Mitter, Jordan Dellabough, Johathan Shapero, Adam Marcus, Dr. Keith Khalil and Joseph Durette also devoted most of their time to assisting others at Camp. Johathan Shapero’s group, including: Adam Marcus, Anthony Dintino, Lee Welsford, Andy Terrell, Gwen Soffer, George, McDermott, Muriel Hons, Bob Dickerson, Tony Dibello, Cynthia Dembofsky demonstrated that Modern Arnis is alive and well in Philadelphia, PA. Master Bill Barker brought along his main team players; John ‘Perpendicular’ Doss, Bob Gray, Chris Dancer and Mary Jaggers who are part of the Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team along with Sensei Liegghio, Sensei Romanelli, Guro Khalil, Elysia Khalil, and Dr. Keith Khalil. Jordan Dellabough, Canada’s Modern Arnis team leader, brought along his two most devoted students, Jenny Dellabough and Kira Laing who expressed delight in training with the entire Modern Arnis staff. Guro Chester Dean Brown, Louie Velasquez, and Jun Saguid were a tremendous help at Camp; enthusiastically assisting throughout the event. Sensei Jerry Shaw, Jorge Muniz, Dax Morrow, Aaron Morrow, John Canny, Michael Burch, Duane Kight, Gloria Durgin, Sean Ballentine and Natasha Ballentine represented the warmer climates at Camp and enjoyed the camaraderie and expertise of all on the floor. Scott Smith and Scott Litewski honed their Modern Arnis skills together, while, Maggie and Andrea Cordova, wife and daughter of Guro Edgar Cordova, flourished under the guidance of many of the instructors on the floor who, by the way, thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

A tremendous amount of material was covered at this fabulous event, including; two canes against one, left-on-right tapi-tapi, windmill applications and Abanico Corto. On Saturday evening staff members came out to shine with Sensei Dean Romanelli teaching the largest group Anyo Isa; Sensei Steve Liegghio teaching a large group the first five techniques in the advanced tapi-tapi sequence (ATTS); Guro Daniel Khalil instructing Anyo Dalawa; Sensei Jerri Bruno reviewing Anyo Apat and Anyo Lima; and Guro Edgar Cordova giving one-on-one instruction to some of the advanced students. During that Saturday night session, Grandmaster Delaney with the assistance of Guro Kevin McManus and Joseph Durette, conducted staff training via the chair drill as taught to him by Professor Remy Presas.

Each evening participants convened by one of the two pools to enjoy the warm Arizona night air and the atmosphere of friendship and fellowship that prevails throughout these IMAF events.

Sunday morning began with a brief review and testing concluding with the traditional circle of friendship that was the trademark of events of Grandmaster Remy Presas. Arizona Camp marked another successful event devoted to the students of Modern Arnis through whom the Art of Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas lives on. Many thanks to Guro Edgar and Maggie Cordova for hosting this event and to all the IMAF staff who make training a wonderful experience for all!

Camp Chronicles was written by Lisa McManus. If you have any questions or comments regarding the contents, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com.

First Annual New Hampshire Modern Arnis Camp Sets Attendance Record!

The first annual New Hampshire Modern Arnis Camp was a resounding success with 61 participants from Maine to Texas. Co-hosting the event with Professor Lisa McManus, were Sensei Joe and Denise Sherwood who created a fabulous atmosphere for training and camaraderie. Grandmaster Delaney, successor to Grandmaster Remy Presas and Professor McManus organized and taught a comprehensive program with assistance from the Modern Arnis Team Leaders: Sensei Steve Liegghio, Sensei Jerri Bruno, Sensei Dean Romanelli, Sensei Les Kiersnowski and Miss Darcy Richardson along with other Modern Arnis veterans including Guro Kevin McManus, Guro Brian Hubbard, Guro Alan Rawson, Sensei Dave Friedman, Dr. Bryan Ehrlich and Jason Watts. The Camp, held at the Raddison in Merrimack, New Hampshire was the perfect location with plenty of space and beautiful surroundings. Sue Marston, a close friend of Sensei and Denise Sherwood, worked the registration table, making everyone feel welcome.

Thursday evening Joseph Durette took Grandmaster Delaney, the McManus’, Sensei Bruno, Guro Gobeil and the Detroit team, to an all-you-can-eat meat restaurant in the heart of Manchester. Sensei Liegghio and Sensei enjoyed the rare meat which was described by the waiter to be ‘raw but warm’!!!!

On Friday a full day of training was enjoyed by every Modern Arnis student. Joshua Hutz, Jake Levy, Andrew Rivenbark, Andrew Saunders, David, Nicholas, Peter and Thomas Brigham. Christian Engalan, Paul Boucher, Tracey LeFrancois, Ross Abramowitz, Shira Fix, Brenda Forsyth, Jonathan Gaynor, Michael Hartman, Andrew Kortina and Tony Lastowka, Lyman Prior, Sherry Weller and Bryan Tillinghast all renewed their love for Modern Arnis while Sensei Steve Liegghio, Keith Miller, Joe Durette and Sensei Dean Romanelli inspired the children: Mike Spinnola, Destiny and David Higgins. Ed Engalan, our Modern Arnis photographer was on hand the entire camp taking photographs for the team.

Saturday was another full day of training that concluded with forms and advanced training. The forms segment, headed up by Sensei Jerri Bruno, was well received with a large group learning Anyo Isa from the talented and skillful Sensei Romanelli. Team Leader Richardson taught Anyo Tatlo, Guro Hubbard taught Anyo Apat and Guro Rawson Anyo Lima. Sensei Liegghio taught a small group of adult students basics while Grandmaster Delaney conducted advanced training for the black and brown belts.

Sunday morning enthusiasm was high as Grandmaster Delaney tied together many techniques and added new ones to an already energized crowd. Richard Healy remarked how this was the best event that he had ever attended and his remark was seconded by Laoshi Hugh Muir from Weare, New Hampshire. After a brief snack, the Camp evaluation began. It was thrilling to witness the skillfulness of Guro Kevin McManus, Sensei Les Kiersnowski, Sensei Romanelli, Joseph Durette, Darcy Richardson, Keith Miller, Sensei Friedman and Jason Watts as they performed advanced tapi-tapi for the crowd. Steve Hanni and Walt Drissel also caught a few eyes with their powerful and precise Sinawali especially given Walt’s wrist in a full cast. But possibly the most impressive thing to witness was the teamwork between Sensei Bruno and Sensei Romanelli as they lead the Forms group through a synchronized performance!

The closing ceremony was a joyful celebration of friendship and a short prayer by Joseph Durette. Grandmaster Delaney thanked everyone who continues to support the team with special thanks to Sensei Joe and Mrs. Sherwood for arranging a wonderful event for us to share. Well done Modern Arnis team…..see you next year for the 2nd Annual New Hampshire Modern Arnis Camp! Pictures Coming Soon!

Modern Arnis Takes Root in New Jersey

Sensei Les and Renee Kiersnowski hosted Professor Lisa McManus for her first of three official seminars in the New Jersey areas for 2004 on May 28 and 29. Sensei Kiersnowski, the IMAF’s official New Jersey team leader, packed his school with students excited to experience the dynamic and energetic teaching style of Professor McManus. Sensei Les began his journey with Professor McManus years ago, now they look to the years ahead for the ever growing New Jersey Team.

Sensei Kelly Mariano, David McNair, Jacqueline Georgi and Bill Brennan received a tremendous introduction to Modern Arnis while Patrick Shay, Zack Hanni and Michael Hartman honed their skills groomed under the tutelage of Sensei Les. Sensei Peter Liciaga sampled the efficacy of the steel arm as enthusiastically demonstrated on him by Professor McManus. Joseph Durette, Steve Hanni, Walt Drissel lV and Bryan Tillinghast assisted younger, les experienced students. Sensei Joe Sherwood and Dan Sherwood from New Hampshire Modern Arnis also made to trip to New Jersey for the Friday night session.

Friday night Professor McManus observed as Sensei Les taught his Kenpo class. She then demonstrated the same techniques found in Modern Arnis with a cane. The students loved it! Friday night Renee made snacks and a wonderful tray of fresh vegetables for her guests to enjoy with the assistance of Michael Hartman, who also assisted in the photography at the events. Saturday began with basics and quickly went on to advanced moves. Five students tested for rank: Walt Drissel IV and Stephen Hanni were promoted to level 5, green belt along with Brian Tillinghast. Patrick Shay and Zack Hanni earned their promotion to level 2, yellow belt.

The students then asked Professor McManus and Joseph Durette to sign their belts. Mr. Durette has been training aggressively and traveling with McManus for the last 12 months and has become an integral part of the Modern Arnis teams throughout the United States. Following testing Professor McManus and Sensei Les conducted staff development followed by a wonderful Italian dinner and more fellowship at the Kiersnowski home. “Sensei Les brings a vigor and enthusiasm that is like a shot of adrenalin in the bloodstream of his students,” said McManus. On Sunday morning Ed “the truck driver” Tillinghast and his wonderful family, Sandy and Brian, arrived at 6:00 a.m. for breakfast with McManus and Kiersnowski and then it was off to the airport.

In addition to two more visits from Professor McManus in 2004, Sensei Les will be hosting Guro Kevin McManus as guest instructor for one week in August. For more information, see the Events section.

Detroit Camp Shorts

I just came back from the recent Detroit seminar hosted by Sensei Liegghio on May 16th and 15th. Thirty-four people came to train at Professor McManus' second of six trips scheduled Modern Arnis events for 2004. This was my first trip to Detroit and my first meeting of most of those that attended but the atmosphere at this camp was that of meeting old friends. Everyone was friendly andextremely courteous. I have been to different events and still felt like an outsider when I left, but not so here. The comradarie, hospitality and friendship were the best. I really was made to feel like a part of the team. I especially want to thank Master Barker and Guro Carlton for putting up with me on Friday.

I arrived on Friday afternoon and was picked up my good friend Master Barker. We went and trained together until the rain forced us to go to Guro Carlton's at 5 PMwhere I met Guro and Chris Dancer and was able to train with them and two of Guro Carlton's other students until 9:30pm. At that time I was treated to supper where we had a chance to get to know each other better. Prof. McManus was also being taken care of by Sensei Liegghio and was enjoying an evening of friendship and supper with her group.

Saturday was the official Modern Arnis event. We all got together for a day of training and fun at Sensei Wasilina's dojo. (Prof. and I had an opportunity to observe a session of Sensei Wasilina teaching his youth group and we both agree that he is one of the best at what he does.) The Modern Arnis seminar was a mixture of very young students who had never touched a stick to the seasoned veterans. What was most impressive to me was watching adults working with the children and never complaining about it It was evident that they loved what they were doing. Sensei Liegghio, Sensei Romanelli, Guro Khalil, Guro Carlton, Sensei Wurm, Sensei Wasilina, Master Barker, Chris Dancer, Tony Romanelli, Mrs. Liegghio, Elysia Khalil and the other adults all took a turn working with the children. They all said that the children are the future of Modern Arnis. Frank Mitchell, Neal Rifkin, Philip, John, Andrew, Nicole, Bob, Jeff, Dan, Mr. Noonan, Jack, Emma, the other Jack, Maria Wurm, Christian England, Keylan Ackers, Suzy and Lauren all enjoyed the friendship and enthusiastic teaching of what is known as the Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team (DAMAT).

Prof. McManus's teaching was as exciting and demanding as ever. She kept the students moving and motivated and has the knack of being able to sense what each individual needs.The beginners and the advanced people all went away with something Including smiles and the feeling that they had learned and accomplished something. Most important was that everyone left feeling loved and part of a group.

Saturday was finished by the evaluation of 5 students who performed fabulously. Again, the DAMAT team and Professor McManus were supportive and enthusiastic; those evaluating left feeling tired but successful. Sunday was a fast paced time of non-stop training where various students that had a chance to work with Prof. McManus, myself and Joe Durette. Prof. McManus and Sensei Liegghio arranged private lessons and staff development that kept us working from the moment we stepped into the dojo to the moment we left. If you travel with Prof. McManus, be prepared to work; her work ethic is second to none. We trained with Master Barker, Sensei Romanelli, Tony Romanelli, Chris Dancer, Frank Mitchell, Suzy, Lauren, Christian, and Guro and Elysia Khalil. We than were again treated to supper before stopping at Sensei Liegghio's to shower, change and give our final goodbye's and be expertly driven to the airport by Sensei Wurm. I am looking forward to a return trip to Detroit. Sensei Jerri Bruno

May Day in New Hampshire

Sensei Jerri Bruno hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus for the annual spring Modern Arnis event in Newport, New Hampshire. Twenty five people came to experience the energy and expertise of Grandmaster Delaney, successor to Grandmaster Remy Presas. The seminars were attended by many advanced Modern Arnis practionners, including Sensei Dave Quinlan’s “Green Team”: Guro John Connors, Darcy Richardson, Keith Miller and Brenda Forsyth. Also in attendance was local talent including Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro Brian Hubbard, Guro Alan Rawson, Joseph Durette, Laoshi Hugh Muir, Dr. Laurie Farrell, Sensei Todd Savage, Barbara Dziura, Kim Compo, Lyndsey Currier, Sensei Joe Sherwood and Tracey LeFrancois and Richard Healy. Guro Kevin McManus was also on hand to add his youthful energy to the mix.

Many techniques off the absorption block were covered in these seminars building from the basic to the more advanced. Sensei Dave Quinlan taught an advanced Sinawali drill followed by a demonstration by the Green Teams’ Guro John Connors and Keith Miller. Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus kept the team working and excited for the entire day.

Darcy Richardson, a member of Sensei Quinlan’s Green Team, was commissioned “Modern Arnis Team Leader” for the state of Vermont. Plans for an annual Modern Arnis event in Vermont are now being discussed. Following training the group was invited to the McManus home to celebrate the engagement of Darcy Richardson and Keith Miller; who incidentally met while training in Modern Arnis. Grandmaster Delaney, Dr. Richard and Professor McManus hosted this group to an evening meal, beverage, a little stick fighting by the pool and a few games of basketball.

What a great day of training and fellowship on the 1st day of May, 2004.

For details about the upcoming New Hampshire Modern Arnis Camp, please see the seminar section of this site.

Fellowship, Fun and Food - Karate 5 hosts April Camp 2004

Southern hospitality reigned supreme once again this April in Knoxville as the team of Master Wilson and Karate 5 hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus for the annual Knoxville Modern Arnis Camp. Grandmaster Maurice Msarsa, Master Willie Wilson, Master Melbert Lee, Sensei Daryl Cox, and Sensei Jon Whitehead were on hand to attend to every need of their guests.

Thursday evening the people at National Fitness got a preview of Modern Arnis with Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney. The younger students enjoyed his light hearted teaching style and the more experienced students appreciated the efficacy of his technique. The working Masters of Karate 5 were present and (as usual) working. Grandmaster Msarsa, Master Wilson, Master Lee, Sensei Cox, Sensei Whitehead along with Anston Wilson; Instructor Cox and Instructor Lee worked with a variety of people during that evening event.

Friday morning Modern Arnis training camp officially convened. Again, Master Lee and Sensei Whitehead manned the coffee and snacks to insure maximum comfort for the guests. (Mrs. Whitehead’s homemade bread was enjoyed by the entire crowd; thank-you Mam!) Guests from the New England area included: Laoshi Hugh Muir, Dr. Laurie Farrell, Joseph Durette and Sensei Les Kiersnowski. Kirk Freeman came from Indiana to experience Modern Arnis Camp for the first time. Shihan Dan Strickler, a regular at this Tennessee event, and another working master, once again enjoyed the southern hospitality and skillful teaching characteristic of this event. Jessica Whitehead and Rick Murray worked with many of the people on the floor; while Barry Houchin and Delbert Todd spent much time under the fine tutelage of Laoshi Muir and Dr. Farrell. Denis Martin and Master Butch Hill enjoyed working with everyone at Camp; especially their one-on-one with Grandmaster Delaney and Joseph Durette. Robert Suarez worked with many skilled practionners at Camp but I believe this dog lover’s favorite partner was our Veterinarian from New Hampshire, Dr. Laurie Farrell. Greg Monroe worked tirelessly with many partners at Camp and also provided the energy for group dynamics along with Sensei Les Kiersnowski. Their efforts along with the boundless enthusiasm of Professor McManus kept the group’s energy high and the training exhilarating. Grandmaster Delaney, another working Master, worked with everyone at Camp at some time during the 3 day event, beginner to advanced; living the philosophy of the IMAF, teamwork and personal investment in all who come to train in Modern Arnis.

Karate 5 is unique in that its leadership team takes the time to recognize others who have enriched their lives and their martial arts training. Annually, Master Wilson and Karate 5 select accomplished martial artists in their area to honor. On Saturday evening Master Wilson presented two awards for lifelong devotion to the martial arts and cross training to two talented and devout martial artists: Master James Ogle and Sensei William Mason. He also presented Karate 5 t-shirts to Shihan Strickler and Sensei Kiersnowski for their continued support of the Tennessee events. It is easy to see why Karate 5 has an incredible reputation throughout the state. Of all the things that come to mind about the Tennessee Camp, the limitless hospitality and concern for those participating make this a unique event. Master Wilson, Master Lee and Sensei Cox with a great deal of help from Sensei Whitehead go out of their way to insure their guests every need. The weekend flew by with so many techniques and so much fellowship. It seems that way when we are having fun and working hard, the 3 days of Camp seem more like one. This was truly an event of fun, fellowship and food. Laoshi Muir got hooked on the Cracker Barrel breakfasts in Tennessee and vowed to go to the one in New Hampshire after 3 days of fine fare. “I’m definitely coming back,” said Laoshi Muir. When Master Wilson, Master Lee and Sensei Cox arrived at 4:30 a.m. on Monday to take us back to the airport, Joseph Durette was shocked. “They got up this early to take us to the airport, he exclaimed. These people really take hospitality to a new level.” With a short prayer from Sensei Cox at the airport, we were on our way home; exhausted and exhilarated. Great job Karate 5!

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience southern hospitality first hand; attend the annual Tennessee Modern Arnis Camp hosted by Karate 5; next year’s event is planned for April 16, 17 and 18……….mark you calendar!

Jonathan Shapero Hosts April Philadelphia Seminar!

Pictures Coming Soon!

Spring Mini-Camp 2004 at MLK Self Defense Academy

Sensei Joe and Denise Sherwood hosted Professor Lisa McManus for their annual Modern Arnis Spring Mini-Camp. Sixteen people attended the mini-camp that was staffed with Modern Arnis black belts: Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro John Connors, Guro Brian Hubbard and Guro Alan Rawson. Members of ‘The Green Team’, Sensei Dave Quinlan’s Martial Way students: Darcy Richardson and Keith Miller were on hand to lend their expertise to the event. Jim Aversu came to participate in his first Modern Arnis event. Lynda Vermillion, also one of the newer members of the team, enjoyed one-on-one with Sensei Jerri Bruno and Professor McManus. It was amazing to see how much material Lynda was able to absorb at the hands of the skillful instructors at this event. Joe Durette and Dr. Laurie Farrell shared their expertise with Krystie Sherwood and Amanda Kazakis and vise versa. Krystie and Amanda both displayed incredible prowess with the Sinawali drills. Denise Sherwood, our hostess and a most enthusiastic martial artist, playfully tossed Shihan Mark McPherson while Paul Boucher and Guro Connors explored follow up techniques. Guro Hubbard, Guro Rawson, Miss Richardson and Sensei Sherwood dedicated their time to each individual on the floor which enabled Professor McManus to cover a great deal of material including an advanced drill of two canes against one.

On Saturday, the hostess provided a wonderful lunch of sandwiches and other treats with coffee supplied by Joseph Durette; once again demonstrating what ‘northern hospitality’ is all about. Testing was held during the afternoon portion of the mini-camp. Sensei Joe Sherwood earned the rank of Antas Lima, level 5, green belt. Tracey LeFrancois and Paul Boucher tested and received their rank of Antas Tatlo, level 3, blue belt. Following testing, Guro Connors shared some judo and Kempo techniques with Joe Durette. The event concluded with coffee and snacks. It was a warm and friendly atmosphere enjoyed by all in attendance; a real team event.

For information regarding future events in the Manchester, New Hampshire area; including the first IMAF New England Summer Camp in New Hampshire, please see the seminar section of www.professorpresas.com .

McManus receives Distinguished Service Award

Professor Lisa McManus, founder of Military Arnis and Executive Director of the I. M. A. F., received aDistinguished Service Award at a ceremony held at Norwich University on March 30, 2004. McManus, who has been on staff at NROTC Norwich University for four years, was recognized by Commander Mark Farley, USN, Colonel Robert Beaudoin, USMCR and Colonel Mark Costa, USMCR for her leadership skill and selfless devotion to the students at NROTC. Her award marked the culmination of four years of training for her students and the promotion of the first four Military Arnis black belts in the United States Navy. Ryan Mount from Angola, Louisiana; Steven Johnson from Springfield, Missouri; Ross Abramowitz from New Rochelle, New York and Kevin Wong from Newark, California all received their black belts and instructor certification from Professor McManus and Commander Farley, USN. As a part of their studies, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Officer Candidates at NROTC Norwich learn leadership and communication skills through the practice of combative aspects of the Art in a program developed and implemented entirely by Professor McManus. Plans for next year's program are already underway. Congratulations Lisa!

Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team Grows More in 2004

Professor McManus made her first visit of 2004 to Detroit for a 1 day, 2 clinic seminar on Modern Arnis. The meeting was like a family get together. Most of the familiar faces were there to welcome Professor back to Detroit, as well as some new people to the family. Ms. Nicole Mulkey did her first Arnis clinic and was very impressed with Professor and her empowering way of teaching all levels. Nicole's grandparents were spectators and really enjoyed the energy and excitement in the group. "She is a wonderful instructor" was said often by them.

Mr. Shelby Perkins, of Guardian Martial Arts, a Kenpo and Ryu Ku Jitsu black belt, also joined our group. His knowledge of pressure points really validated all that Professor was teaching. He was uncertain how much he would be able to participate, as he was supposed to teach a Kenpo class, but enjoyed himself so much, he never stopped training, and delegated teaching responsibilities to other black belts from the club.

Master Jeff Jakubowicz and Mr. August Garrett of Michigan Moo Duk Kwan also made this their first Arnis clinic. They both picked up techniques effortlessly and really enjoyed the friends they made. Rebecca Uribe, an Isshinryu student and new Kenpo Student from Guardian Martial Arts hit it off well with everyone and was very impressed on how well it all made sense and came together. She was one of the lucky ones as she got to spend a great deal of time working with the very skillful and multi talented Joseph Durette, who came out with Professor to help teach the clinics. Joe is an Honorary DAMAT member!

Our New Probationary black belts in Modern Arnis, Sensei Steve Liegghio, Sensei Dean Romanelli, and Guro Daniel Khalil were on hand and ready to help everyone have a good time and learn the Professor's art. New Black belt in Modern Arnis, Guro Enoch T. Carlton was also there to lend his knowledge and love of the art to all who got to work with him. The talent in the room is always TOP NOTCH with these fine gentlemen!

Chris Dancer, Neal Rifkin, Bob Gray, and Mr. John (perpendicular) Doss, from Progressive Tactics, came to grow their love of the art and show support to Professor McManus. Our Team Photographer, Ed Engalan and Christian were on hand to keep everyone smiling and having a great time. Christian is an excellent example of a martial artist, and amazing he is only 9 years old! We appreciate him and his father very much. Sensei Tony Romanelli and Kelan Akers of International Martial Arts also shared in our special day of training; both very talented arnisadors.

Because of the difference in skill level at this particular clinic, Professor had to scrap her plans, and 'go with the flow' to get everyone working and growing. Not an easy task, but She did a superb job. From 9-12 everyone got a good basic flow going on different drills and disarms. We broke for a 2 hour lunch at the Neighborhood bar and ate some pizza and salad and got right back to training.

For the rest of the clinic, Professor McManus tied together all the basics techniques we had been working on, into variable application drills with many different options to work from. Everyone was empowered with the information and energy they received from this clinic.

Seminar shorts by Master Bill Barker

Sidney Seminar Filled With Enthusiasm!

The first CMATS Seminar held Saturday, March 13th, 2004 in Sidney BC, was fantastic! The day was sunny, warm and enthusiasm from attendees filled the air. The numbers revealed this,twenty-two in tota,from as far as Campbell River BC, and from a variety of disciplines such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Escrima and Kung Fu to no martial art background at all.

It was Modern Arnis for four-and-a-half hours of non-stop practice with a fifteen minute break-and food-in between. The pace was easy to follow. Grandmaster Jeff Delaney (traveling from Texas) gave instruction that was precise, simple and clear. He managed to make complicated techniques, normally done a full speed, make sense and look easy without being real flashy. Trying to follow his example, however, was another story! For those who had trouble, he or his student - Jordan Dellabough were always on hand to further instruct or literally move the students (bodies) through the process. It was nice to know that guidance and a watchful eye were always close by. As one Attendee wrote, "Grandmaster Jeff Delaney was amazing and truly a humble individual which was certainly well received. He is a great teacher...".

Kudos to Jordan Dellabough for taking techniques from Grandmaster Jeff Delaney that were obviously painful (a.k.a. winced facial expressions) yet still managed to get back on his feet smiling and having fun. Really, watching the teacher and student take the speed up a notch was amazing and truly inspiring. Jenny & Jordan Dellabough, students of Grandmaster Delaney, were the consummate hosts. They made everyone feel very welcome from their warm and cheerful disposition during registration to their bevy of snacks and beverages at break and invitation to dinner at the end. It was one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a day: grunting, locking, throwing and falling, to people talking and closely interacting...or just from the jubilant laughter and smiles on everyone's faces and eyes. The seminar even brought in curious on-lookers, one of whom took part in practice at Jordan's request until having to return to the vehicle with her little brother(!).

Thank-you to Kira Laing, Denise McDonald, Carl Herbert, Bill Garton, Rick Walker, Mark Bergsma, Jade Stevens, Don Randall, John Thornton, Dan Thornton, Dustin Silvey, Greg Fraser, Fraser Rankin, Mike Cliff, Rob Sinclair, Emma Abecia, Andrew Finley and David & Elaina Konoby Sinclair for attending and adding to a fun, safe and healthy atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere the training hall was the perfect setting. CMATS rented Puckett's Noble House of Karate which provided a professional martial art backdrop (with new mats) to the seminar. Thank-you to Leslie & Mike Puckett.

CMATS would also like to thank Grandmaster Jeff Delaney for his dedication to Professor Remy Presas' Modern Arnis and guiding it into the future. All in all, the first CMATS seminar was an undeniable success with revved-up excitement for the next!

....check out Seminar Pictures

San Antonio Winter Camp Draws 40 Talented Participants!

What is fun? Three days of playing with sticks and attentive training under the tutelage of Grandmaster Jeff Delaney, assisted by Professor Lisa McManus - now that's FUN! Just as exciting was meeting a wonderful group of Americans who not only joked about our Canadian accents - eh, but made us feel at home from the moment we arrived. Technically speaking, training was supposed to begin at 9:00am, but when you arrived 15 minutes prior to class even starting, you knew you already missed a half hour of training. Classes were intense, charged and playful -- is that possible? Absolutely!

Grandmaster Delaney has a real gift to teach the art in such a way that everyone is able to comprehend even the most dynamic of techniques. Professor McManus brought a driving, spirited energy to her style of teaching, that it was inevitably contagious and motivating. These two really compliment each other. Another bonus to the camp was having Guro Chester Brown and Sifu Edgar Cordova close on hand to assist or train with. Applications taught or shown were disarms, windmills, tapi-tapi (left on right, right on right), abanico corto, palis palis and absorption...providing valuable details that make each of the techniques work.

Phrases to remember - I love this Art / Celebrate / International Contingency / Coke is better than Pepsi!!

To our new friends, our sincerest & heartfelt gratitude for giving your time, bodies, excitement, camaraderie and encouragement - Thank you. A Few Pictures

Modern Arnis Has A Home In Tucson!

Sat Dec 6th Grandmaster Jeff Delaney returned to Tucson for his annual visit. The seminar, hosted by Sifu Edgar Cordova, had students of all levels in attendance. Among those were, Sifu Edgar Cordova, Guro Chester Brown, Master Chris Mitter, Guro Fred Wegner, Guro Mateo Merrell, Guro RobertoYroz, Sensei Marlene Harris, Sensei Jeff Harris, Sensei Jerry Shaw, Eddie Perez, Bob Dickerson, Art Soto, David Rodriquez, Matt Garcia, Alex Garcia, Jun Saguid, Michael Burch, Segerio Garcia, Jeff Mont Eton, Gyle Bumanglag

The seminar began at 1:00pm with GM Delaney teaching an absorption block off angle # 1. Once everyone got comfortable working that block Grandmaster added a center bait with the punyo end of the cane and the counter grab by their partner. After working with that for a bit Gm Delaney added a variety of techniques after the bait, including little wheel, big wheel, and various locks and traps. Then for the final touch we worked those same techniques off angle # 2.
This was a particularly successful seminar mainly because of GM Delaney's step by step approach, which made it a fun learning experience for all.

After the seminar we dined at El Melon Del Cobra restaurant for great Mexican food and fun conversation.
After dinner Sifu Cordova his wife Maggie, GM Delaney and several others headed to the theater to see the Last Samurai.
Great way to top off a Great seminar

Detroit Modert Arnis Team Continues to Flourish!

"Honor, Courage and Commitment to Others"; the motto of D.A.M.A.T has never been more evident as it was on December 6,2003 as new and oldmembers alike gathered in Metro Detroit for an awesome day of seminars conducted by the dynamic and powerful Professor Lisa McManus. Thirty people gathered at the newly opened Butoku Karate Dojo in Macomb, MI as Sensei John Wasilina brought his school into the IMAF family in stunning fashion.

Professor McManus was on fire as she presented a dazzling array of techniques for the D.A.M.A.T (Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team) as it continues to grow in numbers and flourish in skill. First time seminar attendees included: Frank Mitchell, Tom Richter, Jack Ventimiglia, Joby Clark, Brian Hunt, Suzy and Lauren Notoriano and las but certainly not least Deborah Carlton, wife of the ever skillful Guro Enoch Carlton, who was also in attendance.

Starting off bright and early in the morning, Professor McManus was assisted by Sensei Dean Romanelli and Guro Daniel Khalil in presenting several windmill techniques. As the students quickly assimilated that information, Professor McManus moved on to the changing hands drill. Emma Liegghio and Lauren Notoriano were an asset as Professor used their energy and enthusiam to continually spark the group. In addition to Emma and Lauren, several other young people not only participated but showed they were hard working martial artists. Included in that group were Gerrud Noonan, Tom Richer and Christian Engalan. Chris Dancer, one of the IMAF regulard, commented that "working with Christian and Gerrud and developing some flow with them was the best part of the seminar for me." The D.A.M.A.T leadership team, consisting of Sensei Stephen Liegghio, Sensei Dean Romanelli, Guro Daniel Khalil, Master Bill Barker and Sensei Wasilina worked well together to put on yet another incredible event. They continue to grow as martial artists and leaders and are an excellent asset to the IMAF family.

Following a delicious buffet lunch in which the majority of the group stayed together, training continued in the afternoon with the focus shifting to the 7-7-12 drill, incorporating the windmill techniques as well as left-on-right tapi-tapi. Robert Gray, Dr. Keith Khalil, Paul Burdick and Kelan Akers continued to show their improved skill as they willingly worked with some of the newest members.

When not training, the D.A.M.A.T loves to eat and a group of twenty joint together for the dinner meal. Special guests at dinner included Mrs. Laura Khalil, Gianni Khalil and Mr. Ed Engalan (our team photographer). Good food and great conversation took place as new bonds were formed and old friendships were renewed. After a quick break, it was back to the dojo for evaluation. Eight students were evaluated and performed at an exceptional level. Much of their success can be attributed to the fine work of their testing partners including, Guro Carlton, Master Barker and Sensei Romanelli and these new levels were achieved: Frank Mitchel-Antas Isa; Gerud Noonan, Elysia Khalil, Dawn Liegghio-Antas Dalawa; Robert Szczypinski, Christian Engalan, Chris
Dancer and John Doss received their Antas Tatlo. Just when these students thought they had their fill, another two hour training session ensued with Professor McManus focusing on some of the more advanced applications of tapi-tapi. Those in attendance for the late night session definitely left with a full cup. After the session, Elysia Khalil said, "Even though a great amount of information was presented, it was done in a way that it was not overwhelming. I can't wait for the next event!"

After a whirl wind on one-on-one training sessions on Sunday, Professor McManus was wisked off to the airport by her favorite taxi, Sensei Ken Wurm. A special thanks goes out to these individuals who helped make the weekend the success that it was: Mrs. Dawn Liegghio, Sensei Waslina, Joby Clark and Ed Engalan.

Seminar Shorts was written by Sensei Stephen Liegghio, owner of Liegghio Family Martial Arts and the team leader for the Detroit Area ModernArnis Team. "They don't care how much you know until they know how
much you care!"

I.M.A.F. Growth Continues in Philadelphia

Sensei Dawd Muhammad and his incredible wife Kamilah hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney for his annual November visit to Philadelphia. Sensei Muhammad owns and operates Muhammad’s Martial Arts Academy, an impressive, large facility in Philadelphia’s old Mill district. Over thirty people joined to celebrate the art of Modern Arnis as instructed by Grandmaster Delaney whose special guests included Guro Carl Minkel from Maryland, Sensei Les Kiersnowski from New Jersey and me.

Jason Watts and Bryan Ehrlick, Kateri Snyder and Stephanie Heminger came prepared to work hard and did just that throughout the seminar accompanied by their instructor, Sensei David Friedman and Miss Shira. Jean Gable and Geoffrey Anders, Modern Arnis veterans, perfected techniques while Pamela Ebaugh enjoyed the Modern Arnis experience for the first time.

Guro Carl Minkel brought several of his students including Harry Sansaricq, Chris Bernido, Rob Kobell, Sandra Peters and Bill Louden. Kevin Kuliga, Lucy Ho, Richard Wade, Sandra Peters, John Price, Patrick Morrison, Chris Bernido, Hector Nieves, Sidi Gomes, Marston Goodale, Tony Lastowka, Jonathan Gaynor, Dave Pajerowski, Gary Russell and George Klinedinst also came prepared to enjoy the enthusiastic and practical teaching style of Grandmaster Delaney. With his usual flare, Grandmaster Delaney presented traditional Modern Arnis techniques evolved into advanced techniques with follow up takedowns and chokes

The incredible, dynamic and extraordinary Mrs. Muhammad with her million dollar smile, attended to every detail of this event cheered on by her devoted husband Sensei Muhammad. This phenomenal team hosted the seminar and treated each guest like special a special guest providing a meal and beverages during the break. It was a memorable event with exceptional people. Well done Sensei and Mrs. Muhammad! See the seminar section for dates of future events hosted by Sensei and Mrs. Muhammad.

This edition of seminar shorts was written by Professor Lisa McManus of NROTC Norwich University, New Hampshire Modern Arnis and Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team.

Proud to be IMAF School in New Jersey!

The opening of our new school in Cinnaminson, New Jersey was one of the highlights of our life. The excitement intensified with our anticipation of hosting Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and our teacher, Professor Lisa McManus, for our first official I.M.A.F. testing. We wanted to be a part of the I.M.A.F. headed up by GM Delaney and Professor McManus because of the values these two individuals represent by choosing to have the art serve the students: students always first.

We and our students were nervous but Grandmaster Delaney was quick to put us at ease. Eight of our students presented for testing on Friday, November 14, 2003. Two of the students are strictly Modern Arnis students at our school; Sensei Peter Luciaga and Walter Drissel IV. Sensei Peter holds several black belts in other arts and currently owns and operates his own Christian Martial Arts School. We were quite honored when he came to study Modern Arnis with us. Marla Flaer, Steve Flaer, Steve Hanni, and David Hopkins are all students studying both Ed Parker’s Kenpo System and Modern Arnis. Diane Otto studies both arts and co-teaches the Cardio Kick Boxing program at our school. The students had worked hard to prepare for this big event and it showed. Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus applauded their efforts and delivered their promotions at a brief ceremony after testing.

Following the test we went to our home to enjoy some delicious Thai food prepared by Diane and some homemade Polish food. It was a wonderful feast following a fantastic event. Our closing remark is merely to thank Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus for their dedication to the Art of Modern Arnis and to us as their students. We are proud to be an I.M.A.F. affiliate school in New Jersey!

This edition of Seminar Shorts was written by Sensei Les and Renee Kiersnowski of Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

Modern Arnis Finds a Home in London!

On Sunday afternoon, November 2, 2003, Victor Ktorakis of ZendoRu Karate hosted Grandmaster Jeff Delaney for a Modern Arnis Seminar at Island Fitness Center in Enfield. Over fourty people attended from all over London to learn and experience the art of Modern Arnis.

The day began with an absorption block off strike #1 and continued with a counter attack with the puno or butt end of the stick. As the opponent blocked the strike five countrer techniques were examined including little wheel ane carry over traps. The techniques were then performed with empty hand nagainst stick and empty hand against empty hand.

After lunch break Master Paul Bowman, Dillman Karate European representative and Master Kieth Gray introduced the attendees to the art of pressure point striking and knock outs. Afterwards, Grandmaster Delaney explained how to pass a #2 strike across the body in order to counter with strike #1 techniques. Victor Ktorakis, Bob Ethridge, Brian Saker, Kurt Knowler and Dion Bowles all helped in making sure everyone understood the techniques presented.

Victor Ktorakis and Bob Ethridge both recently received their Black Belts in Modern Arnis at the recent Phoenix, Arizona Modern Arnis camp and are actively teaching and promoting Modern Arnis in the UK.

Detroit Modern Arnis Team Continues to Flourish!

Fifty individuals from all walks of life gathered in Fraser, Michigan at the College of Martial Arts (C.O.M.A). Leaders of the D.A.M.A.T.. Master Bill Barker, Sensei Dean Romanelli, Guro Enoch Carlton and Sensei Stephen Liegghio had worked together diligently to bring these people together to study the wonderful art of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas, Modern Arnis, under the expert tutelage of Professor Lisa McManus of NROTC Norwich University and New Hampshire Modern Arnis.

The energy and enthusiasm was at a fevered pitch for the many seasoned martial arts veterans, including; Randy Nichols, Mark Barr, Ken Wurm, Dr. Keith Khalil, Daniel Khalil, Paul Burdick, Ron Vaughn, Shayna Kechego, John Doss, Tony Romanelli, Gil Foust and Sensei Kelly Combs. All of these fantastic black belts fully understand the team’s motto of “Honor, Courage and Commitment to Others” as they gave of their time and energy to help make the day a huge success for the many first time seminar participants and beginner martial artists.

Professor McManus came “fired up and ready to train” as she presented a wide variety of skills in the morning session. Starting off with the basic disarms the group quickly advanced to Espada-y-Daga drills. After just a short time, everyone was performing the drills like an old pro.

Following the morning session, the entire team gathered at a local restaurant to share in a feast of pizza and salad. The camaraderie of the group was further solidified as they shared a meal together as well as stories from the past. “I really felt like I was part of something special. Not only were these people skillful, I also discovered they were genuinely concerned about the welfare of others,” commented Dawn Liegghio after lunch. After the lunch break, it was back to C.O.M.A to battle the food coma that had set in and to continue with training. More Espada-y-Daga drills followed as well as the cane comfort drill and a review of some windmill techniques. All in all, a large amount of material was covered in a short period of time. By the end of the afternoon session, many of the newer members of our team, including; Chris Benvenuti, Aaron Dean, Paul Soulliere, Donald Whitt, Debbie Wivo and Jim Typinski were performing as if they’ve done it for years. “The Professor’s teaching style makes the process of learning so easy. She has a great command of the material and obviously loves to share it with others,” said Mr. Soulliere.

A couple of special thanks are in order. The first is to Sensei Kelly Combs for the use of his great facilities. The second is for Dr. Khalil and his wife Laura for opening their home to the D.A.M.A.T leadership team for a special after-training meal and bonfire. New bonds were made and old relationships were renewed; a great time was had by all.

This edition of seminar shorts was written by Sensei Stephen Liegghio, Team Leader of the Detroit Area Modern Arnis Team

Modern Arnis Growing in Tennessee Thanks to Karate 5!

Master Willie Wilson, Master Melbert Lee and Master Frederick Brabson along with their team from Karate 5 hosted Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor Lisa McManus for a 3-day Modern Arnis Mini-Camp October 17, 18 and 19, 2003. Grandmaster Delaney kicked off training on Friday afternoon with Master Wilson, Master Lee, Sensei Daryl Cox, Instructor Junior Lee and several others from the Karate 5 dojo. Friday evening Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus worked with the group with additional students of Karate 5, including Anston Wilson, Instructor Lee Sloan, Sensei Jon Whitehead, Jarred Cox, Daniel Cox, Delbert Todd and Brian Johnson. Frederick Brabson, Jr. with the encouragement of McManus, jumped in to train as well. It was an evening of great training and camaraderie.

Saturday’s events were held at Instructor Lee Sloan’s National Fitness Center. This state of the art fitness facility provided a wonderful atmosphere for our training. The Karate 5 team came prepared to train and entertain. They brought food and beverages for break time, canes for guests who had none and their hearts full of enthusiasm. This group really has ‘hosting an event’ down to a science. Sensei Daryl Cox manned registration and saw to the many details of making guests feel welcome. Sensei Jon Whitehead, Barry Houchins, Brian Johnson, Delbert Todd and Master Greg set up and did most of the clean up after the seminars with the able assistance of Jarred and Daniel Cox. It was a real team effort!

Professor McManus taught the first portion of the seminar demonstrating the efficacy of the ‘windmill’ techniques within Modern Arnis. Grandmaster Delaney intrigued the group with the many applications from the ‘little wheel’ and empty hand tapi-tapi. Master Denny Shaffer and his team were eager learners who demonstrated the true meaning of ‘martial spirit’. Scott Harmon, Instructor Lee Sloan and Jason Anzur quickly grasped the techniques and were soon assisting others on the floor. James Gavin, Dan Dye, Leon Scott, Eli Rhodes, Dennis Martin, Uriah Wood and Pete Simmons worked diligently to perfect their techniques. Master Denny Shaffer enjoyed some one-on-one training with Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus. Master Shaffer, like the Masters of Karate 5, is a working Master. He didn’t stand around and judge, he jumped right in and performed the techniques taught and then demonstrated a ‘special technique’ of his own. The crowd delighted at Master Shaffer’s sense of humor and his willingness to learn and participate. At the end of training, Master Denny Shaffer presented Master Wilson with a plaque in recognition of the uniqueness of the Masters of Karate 5. In his words with reference to his long time friends, Master’s Wilson and Lee, Master Shaffer called them, “Working Masters!!! The ability to receive and express pure joy from working at your art seems to be the common thread, as well as one of the consistent definitions of a working master.” He commended them for pioneering ‘cross training’ and for their ability to ‘get things right the first time.”

Master Wilson presented Master Shaffer with a special Karate 5 t-shirt in recognition of his support and their long standing friendship. Master Wilson also presented Karate 5 t-shirts to Grandmaster Delaney and Professor McManus for their dedication to their Art and to all the people. It was a great day of training and friendship.

Saturday evening after dinner, Grandmaster Delaney returned to Karate 5 to work with the leadership team once again. Masters Wilson and Lee presented him with a one-of-a-kind photograph in a special frame as a token of friendship and loyalty. Later that evening Master Wilson and Master Lee presented Professor McManus with a beautiful hand carved cane representative of the State of Tennessee. Rumor had it that Master Wilson carved it himself!!! The Karate 5 as a team is noteworthy. Their generosity and eagerness to demonstrate ‘Southern hospitality’ make their events special. They plan, prepare and deliver some of the best seminars in the United States. See the seminar section for information regarding the Knoxville Spring Camp 2004!

Sensei Sherwood’s Successful Mini-Camp

Sensei Joe Sherwood and his incredible wife Denise hosted Professor Lisa McManus for her first mini-camp in their area. Thirty-three people joined at the Sherwood’s school, MLK Self Defense Academy in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday, September 20th and Saturday, September 21st to learn the fascinating art of Modern Arnis as instructed by Professor McManus. Sensei Joe Sherwood, Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro John Connors, Guro Marcia Gobeil, Guro Alan Rawson, Shihan Mark McPherson and Sensei Bob Bronson, members of the New Hampshire Modern Arnis leadership team, provided great support and generated positive energy throughout this mini-camp assisting students from those new to the art to veteran martial artists.

Friday evening’s training began with the introduction to the absorption block from the #1 strike with direct follows and takedowns. Master Jack Redmond, Andreas Zibart, Robert Cowan and Jessica O’Meara all from the area of Derry, New Hampshire arrived eager to train and share in the Art. Barbara Dzivra enjoyed the patient teaching style of Mr. Charles Petra from Burlington, Vermont while Laura Durant received skilled instruction from Guro John Connors also from northern Vermont. Tai Chi instructor Hugh Muir and Laurie Farrell worked diligently to assimilate the material presented by McManus; Paul Boucher, Joe Durette and Richard Malloch also worked up a sweat through the course of the evening. Sabrina Svard benefited from the talents of Guro Marcia Gobeil while Shihan McPherson and Sensei Bronson took turns assisting the younger students on the floor, Sean Brasley and Eddie Cole. This was truly a ‘team event’. Lenny Demers and Robert Cowan reunited with McManus and made plans to bring Modern Arnis to their location in Derry. Sensei Demers told Professor McManus that he had been using techniques he had learned at the first Modern Arnis seminar she taught at Sensei Sherwood’s school last year. He said that he and Mr. Cowan saw the value of integrating Modern Arnis with their Kempo training. Stephanie Brown displayed excellent focus and stayed on task the entire seminar and demonstrated the value of that focus with her instructor, Sensei Joe Sherwood, while performing advanced techniques for the group. Denise Sherwood, who also spent a great deal of time working with Miss Brown, performed the kick-over armbar for the group with a capable assist from Guro Connors. Following training part of the team went to Cactus Jacks for good food and conversation.

Saturday morning training included a variety of techniques including two canes to one; block, check and counter and Grandmaster Presas’ basic knife drill. Sensei Hugh Muir quickly developed skill with the two-to-one drill working with Professor McManus and was soon assisting others on the floor. At the lunch break, Sensei Sherwood treated the group to a wonderful lunch of freshly made sandwiches, cookies, pastries and coffee. Mr. Connors commented positively on this practice of providing lunch for seminar attendees. He remarked that this practice of genuine hospitality is a trademark of the New Hampshire Modern Arnis team; one that is greatly appreciated by all in attendance.

When training reconvened, McManus reviewed the absorption block with follow ups and then the windmill technique that ends in the same follow ups as the absorption block. “You know this already just in a different context from your own martial arts,” McManus explained. Dennis Cregier, another veteran martial artist, explored the similarities of his arts and Modern Arnis with Guro Alan Rawson and Guro Marcia Gobeil. Tammy Parent expressed enthusiasm for Modern Arnis while under the caring tutelage of Sensei Joe Sherwood. Ray Vienneau, Eddie Cole and Joe Durette benefited from the expertise of many of the instructors on the floor. The enthusiasm of this group was great and the feeling of ‘family’ was definitely conveyed throughout this mini-camp. Congratulations Sensei and Denise on a very successful mini-camp adventure!

Please see the seminar section for future seminars and events and watch for the first New Hampshire Modern Arnis Summer Camp to be taught by Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney and Professor McManus and co-hosted by Professor McManus, Sensei Joe and Denise Sherwood in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Newport Mini-Camp Features Advanced Excitement

Grandmaster Jeffrey Delaney brought some fresh ideas to the Newport Mini-Camp which was attended primarily by advanced Modern Arnis practionners. Sensei Jerri Bruno, Guro Marcia Gobeil, Guro John Connors, Guro Brian Hubbard, Guro Alan Rawson, and Sensei David Friedman enjoyed the adaptations and ground fighting from Sinawali Boxing Drill as skillfully delivered by the Grandmaster. Shihan Mark McPherson, Sensei Todd Savage and Sensei Todd Walker received one-on-one with Modern Arnis black belts as did Belinda Hathaway, Charles Petra, Shira Fix, Melony Mallen and Mavis Lizotte. Professor McManus covered some of the basic curriculum of palis palis. Advanced students perfected their techniques while enabling those new to Modern Arnis.

Grandmaster Delaney shared his philosophy on the purpose of the IMAF with the team. He also awarded Sensei Jerri Bruno “IMAF Instructor of the Year 2003” for her devotion to the students at IMAF Camps and events. Sensei Bruno was selected for her commitment to helping others, especially beginners, to quickly assimilate the techniques of Modern Arnis as well as making everyone feel comfortable and included at events. She is always willing to do whatever needs to be done and gives herself and her time to assist others. Congratulations Sensei Bruno!

In typical “New Hampshire Modern Arnis” fashion, students were treated to meals and hospitality of Dr. Richard and Professor Lisa McManus. Thank you Dr. McManus!

Seminar Shorts are written by Lisa McManus. If you have questions or comments, please contact her at mcmanusl@srnet.com.

GuroChester Dean Brown Jr. Inducted into UMA Hall of Fame!

On July 12, 2003, Chester Dean Brown Jr. was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Houston, Texas. The Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame is an organization dedicated to the growth of the martial arts. Inductees are recognized for outstanding dedication and contribution to the martial arts by unselfishly promoting the growth and prestige of the martial arts in their communities. Mr. Brown is also the Technical Director of the International Modern Arnis Federation and is a popular and inspiring instructor at all I.M.A.F. events. Congratulations Guro Brown!