This is the current Belt Ranking System

Used by the International Modern Arnis Association

Approved by Grand Master Remy Presas

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As of January 1, 2001 all Rank Certificates must bear the signature of Grandmaster Jeff Delaney and include an IMAF Certificate Number..

Affiliated Schools only can award rank through Green Belt if rank fees are paid to the IMAF and numbered certificates are issued directly by the IMAF. Rank of Brown Belt and above can only be awarded at Summer or Winter training camps and Certificates will be issued by the IMAF bearing the signatures of Grandmaster Jeff Delaney and at least one other member of th I. M. A. F. Board of Directors. Certificates awarded by organizations other than the I.M.A.F. and not bearing the signature of Jeff Delaney and an IMAF certificate number will not be considered valid. To test for Rank of Brown Belt or above you must be a current member of the I.M.A.F.


  • Antas Isa             Yellow Belt
  •  Antas Dalawa       Yellow Belt
  •  Antas Tatlo          Blue Belt
  • Antas Apat           High Blue Belt
  • Antas Lima           Green Belt
  • Antas Anim           High Green Belt
  • Antas Likah           Brown Belt
  • Likah Isa              1st Brown Belt
  • Likah Dalawa        2nd Brown Belt
  • Likah Tatlo           3rd Brown Belt
  • Lakan (Male) Probationary Black Belt

  • Dayang (Female) Probationary Black Belt

After Probationary Black Belt the rank increases from First Degree Black on up to Tenth Degree.

All Rank Certificates Through Lakan are Valid for Two Years

Lakan Isa and Higher Certificates are Valid for Four Years

Expired Certificates can be renewed by attending a Winter or Summer Training Camp and having a current IMAF membership.

For More information contact Jeff Delaney


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