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Volume 21: Two Sticks Vs. One, 55 Min by Jeff Delaney and Lisa McManus.

Modern Arnis Self Defense by Master Lisa McManus. This Two Part Video Series Covers Modern Arnis Self Defense Techniques Against Armed and Unarmed Attackers. "What your Mother Should Have Taught You."

Volume one:: Covers Modern Arnis self defense techniques against an unarmed attacker. 55 Min

Volume Two: Covers Modern Arnis Self Defense Techniques against an armed attacker. 55 Min.

Volumes 16 through 20 Feature Grandmaster Jeff Delaney

Volume 16: Arnis de Tranka: Dumog Applications, Part 1. This tape focuses on how to turn your opponents attacks into disarms, chokes, takedowns and submissions. 45 Min.

Volume 17: Arnis de Tranka: Dumog Applications, Part 2. This tape continues with more disarms, throws and submissions.45 Min.

Volume 18: Arnis de Tranka: Dumog Ground Submissions. This tape deals with techniques used to control and finish your opponent once you have him on the ground. 60 Min

Volume 19: Arnis de Tranka: Entering and Takedowns. This tape explores how to successfully enter and close the distance from long to short range to disarm, choke or finish yur opponent. 40 Min.

Volume 20: Arnis de Tranka: Tapi-Tapi Dumog Applications. This tape explores chokes, disarms, locks and submissions from within the continuous motion of Tapi-Tapi. 30 Min.

Volumes 1 through 15 Feature Professor Remy Presas

Volume 1: Mano de Tranka: Introduction to Tapi-Tapi 42 Min.

Volume 2: Mano de Tranka: Tapi-Tapi Right Hand 32 Min.

Volume 3: Mano de Tranka: Tapi-Tapi Left Hand Part 1 36 Min

Volume 4: Mano de Tranka: Tapi-Tapi Left Hand Part 2 27 Min.

Volume 5: Mano de Tranka: Tapi-Tapi Advanced Disarming and Locking Techniques 29 Min.

Volume 6: Mano de Tranka: Tapi-Tapi Combat Applications 29 Min

Volume 7: Mano de Tranka: Knife Techniques 44 Min

Volume 8: Mano de Tranka: Advanced Finger Locking 29 Min.

Volume 9: Abecedario: Locking and Trapping Applications 42 Min.

Volume 10: Palis-Palis: Advanced Disarms and Traps 42 Min.

Volume 11: Abanico Corto: Advanced Disarming, Locking Applications 33 Min

Volume 12: Single Sinawali: Advanced Empty Hand Applications 27 Min.

Volume 13: Sinawli Boxing Drill: Advanced Takedowns and Control 27 Min.

Volume 14: Abanico Corto Double Action: Combat Applications 37 Min

Volume 15: Figure Eight and Banda Y Banda: Advanced Disarming and Trapping Applications 43 Min.

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Tapes will Ship in 2 to 3 weeks.

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