Modern Arnis Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question, please email Modern Arnis and check back later.

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1. Whose website is this and who maintains it?

This is the official website of the IMAF and Grandmaster Remy Presas.  The purpose of the page is to share with you a piece of Filipino culture, and to serve as a resource for Modern Arnis.  It will also provide you with the Modern Arnis camp and seminar schedule so you too may experience "the flow" as taught by the Grand Master successors and Master Instructors.  This website is maintained for the Professor by Jeff Delaney, the IMAF Chairman and Grandmaster.

2. Where can I study Arnis?  Are there any schools in my area?

To find a school, first look on the Schools page.   If no school is listed in your area go to Events page and look for a seminar in your area.   The instructors hosting the seminars usually teach Arnis at their schools.   Attend a camp or seminar in an area nearby.  Those who teach Arnis in your area will probably be there but to find them you will need to ask around.  You can email me at Modern Arnis and I will tell you if there are any other schools close to you registered with IMAF. 

If you want to register your school, see the IMAF page, school membership section, or email Modern Arnis if you have any questions. 

3. How do I get my web page listed on the Links page?

All links must be approved by the IMAF.  The Links page is for active students of GM Remy Presas, who are IMAF members.  You should make sure your IMAF Chapter dues are paid.  See the IMAF page for details. Then email or write a letter to Jeff Delaney stating your request with the address of your web page. 

4. How can I order products?

Go to the Products page and follow the instructions given.  You may view most of the available products from there by clicking on them.  Payment should be made via check or money order.   Make checks payable to: International Modern Arnis Federation, Inc..  Credit cards are accepted. Most orders are sent by Parcel Post.  You should have your order within 2 weeks.   During the holidays, it may take longer.

5. There is a seminar/camp I want to go to.  How can I find out the details?

All the camps and seminars are listed on the Events page.  The name, address, and phone number of the person or school hosting the camp is listed with each event.  To get the most accurate and up-to-date information, contact that person.  Sometimes an email address is also provided.  Note: The Events page may not list every seminar and camp.  I do get most of them but I may miss a seminar.  It is the responsibility of the person hosting the event to notify me.  However, I do verify all information and I try to keep up with things on a regular basis.

6. There are no seminars or camps in my area, how can I get someee one to do a seminar here?

Most of the people that host camps or seminars have their own school.  If you do not own a martial arts school, you will need to speak with your instructor or the person willing to host the seminar.  They in turn will need to attend a seminar or camp and talk to the me.  Please be patient with the scheduling process because seminars are often booked up to two years in advance. For more information contact Jeff Delaney

7. I am hosting a seminar and the details on the Events page are incomplete or incorrect, how can I get them updated?

Send a letter or email to Jeff Delaney with all the information you would like listed.  For seminars, the information that can be listed includes: location, date, contact name, address, phone number, email, and if there is anything different about your seminar, a short sentence explaining what it is.  For camps, all the above information can be included plus a short description of what you've planned for the camp.


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Last Updated 3/2/2003